Patchi’s Final Ramadan Giveaway

If you’ve  been paying attention to the many giveaways we’ve brought to you this season, you know that Patchi has been spoiling us with some incredible chocolate offerings that showcase their delicious varieties catering to our Ramadan and ‘Eid season celebrations. In this fourth and  last giveaway one person will receive 1/2 pound of chocolate in the amber vase pictured below. What a nice gift with a vase that can be used to decorate the home with fresh, beautiful flowers on ‘Eid and beyond…

A modern amber colored vase comes with a 1/2 lb of chocolates and an exquisite Eid favor.

About the Giveaway

Tell us what type of hostess gift would make you feel really appreciated if you were hosting and ‘Eid gathering (p.s. it doesn’t have to be chocolate)?

To enter, please read our  Official Giveaway Guidelines page first then add a relevant comment in order to be entered.  Entering indicates you have read them. Giveaway ends at 12:01 am on August 18, 2012.


51 thoughts on “Patchi’s Final Ramadan Giveaway

  1. I would feel really appreciated as long as it has anything to do with flowers and a vase! I love flowers…and chocolate!

  2. I would love to get Roses or any flowers actually but to top it off if you had a bouquet of roses in a vase! and chocolates! I would be so happy you would think you had just given me something like a gold necklace or something! LOL! bringing sambusa would be nice too! I love them but can’t seem to make them to save my life.

  3. I would like to get some very nice perfume and clothes! of some sort! I would be happy to get that as a gift any day .

  4. My favorite gift to recieve as a hostess is when a guest brings some homemade food, either dessert or anything savory. I love to experiment in the kitchen and often learn new recipes from tasting other peoples’ food.

  5. Hmmm……I would love to get flowers or any decorative item for the house or better still a good kitchen gadget. I would gift these myself to them.

  6. I love French cheeses and Patchi chocolate so anything involving one of both of them would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Just their company and conversation is thanks enough – but who doesn’t enjoy a great chocolate?

  8. Fresh flowers and some traditional homemade food would make me feel so special. And how can a box of chocolate be refused too 😉 as long as it’s halal ofcourse.

  9. I would really appreciate anything and everything no matter how small or how large or how expensive or inexpensive. I really appreciate the gift of just having the people grace my home. It matters a lot to me.

  10. I think the nicest hostess gift would be something for the hostess herself. Spa stuff, nice hand lotion, or of course chocolates—as long as it’s something personal and thoughtful. Otherwise, just bring something yummy to eat later after the guests have left, preferably home-made.
    Please skip the re-gifting route, I always felt a little insulted when I find the forgotten gift card, (addressed to the giver from someone else!) in the ubiquitous box of Tuesday Morning dessert dishes or platters.

  11. a nicr hostess gift for an eid party could be something as simple as some zamzam water!! I love the bottle structure that contains zamzam water masha allah

  12. Any hostess gift is appreciated. Folks know I really appreciate anything they have made with their own to hands, whether its food or a craft or whatever. The fact that you took the time to think about what I might like and them to take the time to make it is the best present to and I cherish those gifts or the memory of hem forever. I still have the letters my baby brother wrote to me when I was in college. Smile

    Chocolates would be icing on the cake.

  13. This vase is beautiful!! I very much enjoy both giving and receiving fresh flowers. Candles are also always appreciated by me, as well as all kinds of sweets! (Particularly chocolate. ;-))

  14. I’d love to receive a good book….perhpas a cookbook or a good read I could curl up with. I’d also appreciate getting some good tea…from teavana perhaps…or any gadget for my kitchen.

  15. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

    Calla lillies (especially the black ones) or a homemade healthy dessert. Either gift implies that my guest knows me and my tastes. And that is really the best hostess gift, spending time with those who are close to you.

  16. Since I just got married recently and am still trying to decorate my new place, any type of decorative piece would be wonderful. I am especially in love with those full length or really wide mirrors with a decorative frame. I would LOVE to recieve that.

  17. I want to say a food item (especially from a different culture) but I think my favorite is something small and artsy that I can keep in the house to remember my guest – a piece of calligraphy or other craft of some kind.

  18. Type of hostess gift would make you feel really appreciated when I’m hosting and ‘Eid gathering would be bringing great smiles, good intentions to help in the kitchen with hostess:
    spa package as gift
    and an invitation to next gathering

    Happy Eid Mobarak everyone, wishing a safe & happy time to celebrate at Eid~


  19. I think my favorite gift is still chocolate… and I’m going to add that Patchi is some of my favorite chocolate. I have a weekly addiction! 🙂 I love the wafer ones the best!!!! YUMMY!!!!

  20. I always appreciate a small homemade dessert when hosting 🙂 It shows the guest cared enough to share something they made on their own. Plus you can’t beat homemade!

  21. Something with personal meaning is always nice, but what I really like are gifts that are either new and innovative (like a new kitchen gadget) – OR things have not much to do with the kitchen, but the hostess herself (like skin care products, make-up etc…)

  22. I grew up in a large, loud, loving & happy family back home. So here, anytime we have people over, the sound of them mingling & enjoying our home, the food and the company is the best gift to me. Oh I know that sounds sappy but it’s true, it just lifts my spirits to have a house full of people who mean a lot to me. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the gift of chocolate is a close second. I have always had a very special love for chocolate and for a few years befor we started our family I was a manager of three Chocolate stores! My absolute dream job!! Now there are other things to spend my time and money on and chocolate is saved for special celebrations and as a special reward to myself!! …(I have been know to celebrate anything and everything once in a while!!) 😉
    If I were considered for the prize, I can assure you that all that delicious chocolate will be respectfully savored and delightfully enjoyed! Also, the vase would look fantastic with the few other orange accent pieces in our living room!! ;-D

  23. I feel uncomfortable receiving gifts just for hosting others to the house, so with that being said its easier for me to accept a food diah. That way it is for all to share!

  24. To make me feel really special on Eid would be to make me feel surrounded by love. As a revert, I don’t get to celebrate Eid with my family, so if I were to host an Eid party what would make me feel special would be to feel loved and included, and not an outsider.

  25. For Eid, its Allah rahmah to receive guests and foster good relationships, whether one’s guests are kin, friends, or acquaintances. Nothing is expected here, but in childhood I always looked forward to receiving some sort of gifts or money. Today, I expect to give money to the children in the festivities. Of course, its also customary to bring sweets to the hostess’s house.

  26. Just about anything I think, but id prefer some thing decorative that is ca proof as I have 2 rambunchious siamese cats

  27. Truly, any gift would be appreciated, besides the love they will give by spending their time in our house and with my family.

  28. Any gift a guest brings is always appreciated. I especially like gifts that I can incorporate into my home decor like plants or vases.

  29. Thanx Patchi for this giveaway. Any gifts that guest is gracious enought to bring. I love house decor, kitchen gadgets or books personally. Chocolate ain’t bad either 😉

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