CLOSED: Patchi Chocolate Gift Box Giveaway

Patchi has done it again- this box of chocolate sounds ah-mazing! Coming from one of my favorite chocolate producers ever, I’m so glad you’ll get the chance to try these wonderfully-made products for Ramadan or Eid!

About the Giveaway

Patchi chocolates is giving away this gorgeous gift box which includes delicacies that will bring sweetness to your guests or host after a long day of fasting. It’s also a great Eid gift, too!  It’s a special once-a-year treat! The gift box includes:

  • 6 Hazelnut bits coated in White Chocolates
  • 6 Hazelnuts bits coated in Milk Chocolates
  • 7 Dates filled with Gianduja Cream and Dipped in White Chocolate
  • 7 Dates with an Almond center and dipped in Milk Chocolate
  • 7 Dates filled with Orange Peel paste and dipped in Dark Chocolate

Item is valued at $68.00 USD

To Enter the Giveaway

Leave a comment below about why you think chocolate can be such a great holiday gift and what are some other unique ideas and ways it can be given to someone special?

Please read the MHK Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering, as entering indicates you have read and agree. 

Giveaway ends July 26, 2014 at 12:01 am CST.

Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Winner will be asked for shipping information, which will be shared with sponsoring company. No P.O. Boxes accepted. U.S. shipping addresses only.  

This giveaway is sponsored by Patchi.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Pam C, the winner of this giveaway! Please contact us with your shipping information.

60 thoughts on “CLOSED: Patchi Chocolate Gift Box Giveaway

  1. Chocolate is a great gift to give because you don’t have to know sizes or color preferences. The variety in the box means you can please almost everyone. I like it when chocolate gifts are made up in baskets or mock sundaes. Flower pots that use chocolates for the flowers are cute too.

  2. Patch chocolates are the ideal gift for loved ones. Not only are they presented with such elegance, but the have variety perfect for every taste and personality. it can be presented near the dessert table buffet, with iftar, or just given out to guests with their tea. This is surely an item anyone would be proud to serve and gift.

  3. For the first time mine and my husbands siblings are on all different ends of the continet and won’t see each other for Eid. This would make a great gift to send to family who you’re not able to see, because who doesn’t love chocolate and dates!

  4. Chocolates are for everyone, and the most perfect gift for EID, my niece and nephews would love it inshA!
    Personally i feel Islamic calligraphy decals or prints are very unique as house warming gifts, and they remind us of Allah!

  5. These Patchi Chocolates sound like an excellent gift because they are high quality, come in assorted special flavours with different types of chocolate and nuts! Everyone loves nuts!

    Chocolates like these are wonderful when cellophane wrapped with other great accompaniments like good quality hot cocoa, matcha green tea powder, fine espresso powder and other sweets like butter cookies, jars of caramel sauce. It’s a great gift to give to women or men who are going through hard times and need the comfort of fine chocolates; anyone suffering a loss.

  6. Chocolate are excellent gifts.. These patchi chocolates are high quality n will be wonderful gifts… These chocolates can be an amazing gift when gifted along with some eid cards and frames,…

  7. Chocolates are always an amazing gift to give! Who wouldn’t love to relax after a long day and let a tasty piece of chocolate just melt in their mouth. I would give them as an Eid gift!

  8. Chocolate seems to be one thing that most people enjoy put may not treat themselves to. Offering at family gatherings is always fun, to see how excited one gets trying to pick that one chocolate they will like best. Always brings a smile.

  9. Chocolate is a total stress-free! to share something so sweet and edible during Eid with your family is a special time and such little sweets like that go a long way

  10. Where do I start!!! The words that come to mind when I think of chocolate are: adventure, love, addictive, joy, fun, unexpected, relaxation, creativity! Especially Patchi chocolate reminds me of home!!! New flavors, green tea with milk chocolate, rasberry with milk chocolate! Dreamy!!!!!!!!

  11. Everyone loves chocolate; kids, adults, parents, everyone! It’s very hard to go wrong when giving chocolate as a gift. I’d love to give this box of chocolates as an Eid present.

  12. Chocolate a blessing that puts a smile on old and young. Life happen and Chocolate helps. There is nothing better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with a box of chocolates. The best way to give chocolates for some one especial is wrap it up along with their favorite hobby for the cook in the family give it with a fondue set, for the reader bundle it up with their favorite book, for the athlete give it along with a sport memorabilia. These were just a few ideas but always remember a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands. Enjoy!

  13. I think chocolate is a great gift I’ve only met 1 person my whole life that does not like chocolate! Chocolates gift wrapped such as these Patchi Chocolates are presented so beautifully and then when you bite into them I’m sure it’s like having many gifts inside of a box!

  14. Assalam alaykum. I was thinking it would be a great gift for my husband who is in the masjid for last ten days of Ramadan(itikaf) we all miss him already and when I saw the giveaway thout of my husband right away. He loves chocolate. He might skip a meal bit not chocolate….. Have a beautiful eid halal kitchen and everyone else….

  15. Chocolate makes a wonderful gift because everyone loves it. It’s the best thing to share with your loved ones and friends.

  16. Chocolates are a nice gift because they are a simple pleasure that most for a unique way of gifting them i might decorate the box with henna designs

  17. Growing up in Dubai, Patchi chocolates were my favorite! So when I moved to the US two years ago, I was ecstatic to find Patchi Chocolates here! The quality is awesome and the taste is amazing! No comparison! Chocolates make a great gift for people of all ages. Eid is about sweetness and what could be better than chocolates! I love it when we receive chocolates in gift baskets. Another great idea is to have chocolate covered fruits! They are delicious & healthy! I hope I win this box! It will be an awesome Eid Inshallah!

  18. By the end of Ramadan you are cravings a really good dessert to have after the Eid lunch at the park. I think this will be a great gift to share with family and friends on that day and share the love.

  19. Since I am Pakistani, it is traditional to take sweet meats and I, personally, am tired of it! Chocolate is something everyone can enjoy, including kids who arent too fond of sweet meats! We have to start out by having something sweet the day OF eid and what would be better than to giving the gift of chocolate to start out with, that too with dates! How wonderful that would be πŸ™‚
    A unique way to present this would be on a day a child first fasts! It could be given to a child who completes his/her first Ramadan!

  20. I think chocolate can be such a great holiday gift because everyone in the family can share the gift and enjoy it. Another unique way chocolate can be given as a gift are the chocolate roses.

  21. These chocolates make an amazing gift because first of all they look different then the usual store bought ones. And secondly they are Canadian made NOT made in isreal, so no need to boycot!

  22. patchi chocolate will be a great gift to give friends and family because there is no one in this whole world who dont like chocolates,for eid everyone prepares desserts, sweets according to their geographic regions,but chocolates, i can give to my all friends from different countries.and patchi chocolates are completly halal.
    unique way to give gift will be.. on eid day i pretend like i did not made any dessert or any sweet and i dont disclose any dessert.when my family started thinking about why i did not made any dessert or sweets i surprise them with gift box.

  23. Chocolates are the epitome of dessert, celebration and sharing! My first Patchi chocolates were given to my daughter after her surgery. Simply delicious, luxurious, and made her feel loved. When it is Patchi chocolates it doesn’t matter if they served on a platter or boxed. People you share them with are important and nothing less would do.

  24. There’s nobody who doesn’t love chocolate! I personally love Patchi chocolates and think they would make a fabulous gift for the chocolate lover in my life πŸ™‚

  25. Everyone loves chocolate; kids, adults, everyone! It’s very hard to go wrong when giving chocolate as a gift. I’d love to give this box of chocolates as an Eid present!
    Thank you!

  26. Can’t go wrong with chocolate– it’s a crowd pleaser! Would be great for Eid, anniversaries or just to make someone special smile πŸ™‚ They look so delicious!
    Barak Allah feekum

  27. Gift? I’d keep these yummies just for me!!! Although I suppose Ramadhan teaches sharing so… I’ll share with the moms in our moms group … They definitely deserve something sweet after all their hard work this Ramadhan!

  28. Chocolate is always welcome. Great chocolate, like Patchi, is savored with such delight that the receiver knows the gift giver really cares. A treat for the eye, an explosion of good taste, and the comfort of knowing that all ingredients are halal make Patchi a perfect Eid gift.

  29. Chocolate is something everybody enjoys. It makes a great gift for all occasion and all ages. Plus it Is good for you. A great way to gift it would be to include it in a Eid basket with different items such as an eid postcard, bakhoor, a great book, misk, miswak…ect

  30. Chocolates are a treat because they make people feel special. They are great to celebrate with and to share with friends and family!

  31. Chocolates make a wonderful gift. They always bring a smile to my face, and I also like to give them for an everyday treat.

  32. Delicious. Luscious. Mouthwatering. Soothing. Aromatic. Chocolate can be a great delicacy at the end of a hectic day or quick but desirable desert after dinner. It’s an amazing gift to give for a special holiday, like Eid! Most everyone loves the smooth, rich, and creamy taste. They can also share it with their family and guests. They’ll think of you each time they take a bite. Even some scientists have linked the properties of chocolate to feelings of happiness. With chocolate your gift will be an instant hit!

    You can make a chocolate tower with boxes of delicious chocolate, all tied together with a ribbon and topped off with a bow. Make a gift basket with a variety of chocolate delights such as Hot Chocolate, Nutella, thier favorite candy bars, wafers, cookies, truffles etc. Wrap it up in clear plastic, tied with a ribbon on top and a personalized note. If your into Do-It-Yourself projects, you can print out personalized chocolate bar labels. Also, you can go to your local crafts store to pick up your friends favorite colored chocolate, then melt it in the microwave and make your own creation using chocolate molds. Decorate these in a an elegant or chic looking box. On the other hand, splurge a little and buy a gourmet chocolate arrangement and pair it with an elegant holiday card. You can also pair your chocolate gift with a thoughtful book for your friend, jewelry for the women in your life, a scented candle or a gift card to their favorite store. Whichever way you go, with chocolate, you can never go wrong!

  33. Chocolate is a wonderful gift because everybody loves good chocolate, and exceptional chocolate is a special indulgence.

  34. Giving Chocolates as a gift during a holiday is one of the simpliest way of showing your love, the taste of a chocolate is sweet and one way to express love and care is through sweetness… Commonly chocolates are given with a flower or a cute teddybear, but if giving a patchi chocolate means the person receiving it is extra special because exquisite fine chocolate like patchi do not need an extra trimmings or additional fancy wrappers because patchi is already unique and special. it is simply irresistable.

  35. As Salamualikum

    Chocolates are great gift to give it to someone special. Everyone enjoys and loves chocolates.A unique way to present this would be on a day a child first fasts or when a child completes the recitation of the QURAN.
    or as Eid Gifts.

    Jazakallaha Khair

  36. Being a chocoholic, i think chocolate defines a holiday ^_^ warm, sweet and enjoyable πŸ™‚ And since i love my family, i was thinking it would be a great gift for my siblings. i could hide the sweets under their pillows (while they were asleep) and when they find it in the morning, i’ll tell them that its a gift from God for being so good during Ramadan ^_^

  37. Besides diamonds, chocolate is a girl’s best friend. I don’t know anyone who does not like chocolate which is why this is a perfect gift for anyone!

  38. Chocolate makes a great gift because it’s quick and easy to pick out. And everyone loves chocolate!

  39. Where do I even begin with chocolate?!? It’s the best gift to give. Everyone loves chocolate and Patchi makes some of the best quality chocolates out there!

  40. Everyone love chocholate. From the Litle one, till the old one. So… It will be the perfect gift, in the special event, like celebrating Eid. With it…. Can showed, how much you care and love for the one. In fact…. Eating chocholate, can make us happy… Because, it has special own taste πŸ™‚ which is really good

  41. I would love to try these! They sound amazing. I was just on their page looking for gifts and was trying to find reviews before ordering when I saw your page. To answer your questions: Why Chocolate… because it’s like sharing sweetness among us. Another good way to share them would be to share with your neighbors.

  42. I would love to win these chocolates, I’ve never eaten them.but they look so delicious! ! They would make a great eid gift along with a beautiful bouquet of roses

  43. I love Patchi chocolate and the last time I had it was 6,7 years ago in Saudi Arabia. I would love to win it for my husband because he adores choclates and wilk give it to him as his Eid gift! πŸ˜€

  44. Chocolate is a great gift because almost everyone loves it, and also it is a consumable – so it doesn’t take up space long-term. It’s also great for sharing, and I love gifts that can be shared!

  45. My first gift from my husband was chocolate. I cherish those days for ever. This would be an amazing Eid gift for him as He is the one that most of the time gifts me stuff. He’s a chocolate lover. Me too, I might end up eating the whole box πŸ˜€

  46. My wife is what I call chocoholic. This could be a wonderful eid gift for her i know she’ll love me even more for it lol.

  47. These chocolates look amazing! What a nice way to combine a food at the heart of our religion, the already delicious date, with even more delectable treats! My husband is sure to love the healthy aspects of this treat, and my kids are bound to love the chocolate. I am sure to enjoy every bit of these decadent-looking morsels!

  48. Bismilah. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. Chocolate can be a wonderful holiday gift because I can’t think of anyone who does not like chocolates. Some unique ways it can be gifted to someone is by wrapping them individually in colored aluminum foil and picking a contrasting marker to draw on the outside. This should be done after wrapping individual pieces.Or one can just make the aluminum foil full of art and then cut it into pieces according to the shapes of chocolates. They can be given on any occasion. One can also place them on a nice shin glass platter, place either plain or colored plastic/saron wrap and then tie a ribbon and create a bow on the top by using contrasting colours. One can also decorate those ribbons with glitter for fabric to make the chocolates look even more presentable.

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