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Patchi Chocolate Giveaway: In Celebration Gold Gift Box

This week’s giveaway from Patchi is the third out of four the chocolate company is generously offering My Halal Kitchen readers. How did they know we all love chocolate so much?


Week 3 Giveaway:  In Celebration Gold Gift Box

A fun folding box features 17 chocolates, most of which are wrapped in Patchi’s special Ramadan stickers. A sweet and simple gift!

I’ve tried them personally, every night of Ramadan. After Iftar my husband and I take a walk for a little exercise and fresh air. I look forward to the special treat and rich taste that leaves my sweet tooth very satisfied (although there’s always room for one more piece)….


Tell us who you could make feel really special by giving this golden gift box to as a gift.

To enter, please read our  Official Giveaway Guidelines page first then add a relevant comment in order to be entered.  Entering indicates you have read them. Giveaway ends at 12:01 am on August 15, 2012.

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  1. I’d give them to my 7 year old daughter because I think she’s wonderful and I would love to see the look on her face, she would feel so, so special <3

  2. I would love to give this as a gift to my aunts.

  3. The look on my seven year old’s face would be priceless,when I gift this……would have a golden moment then:)

  4. I would give it to my mum, she’s done so much for me and the family this Ramadhan, preparing all the food for Suhoor and Iftaar, I think she deserves a treat :)

  5. What a sweet gift this would be, literally! My children’s eyes would be wide open looking at these delicious treats! The presentation is very beautiful.

  6. I would give this box to my sister, because she is just as obsessed with chocolate and candy as much as i am. but i would definetly make her share with me :-)

  7. I would give this to someone who would not have access to or afford such treats and they would really appreciate this and give me duas.

  8. My younger brother (who is much much younger) ; he has a little cupboard that he puts his chocolates in and he takes a little every night–and every friday, I usually give him a sweet treat to add to his little collection- inshAllah I would love to give it to him .

  9. My mother in law. She loves chocolate and this would be a special treat for her since she can’t eat too much sugary sweets anymore.

  10. my uncle. for his never ending duas he always sends my way.

  11. My mom. She always loves to try new things and I think she would love these!

  12. My husband! He’s been such a trooper this Ramadan – we’re expecting our first baby and with the all-day sickness [wish it was only morning sickness!] he’s had to handle way too many suhoors and iftars on his own. He deserves a special treat.

  13. I would give them to my mom cause she’s sacrificed so much for us kids and my mom slaves away in kitchen for 3 hours before iftar.

  14. I would like to give this sweet box of Patchi chocolates to my husband. It’s his birthday later this month and I’d like to make it special with this sweet giveaway.

  15. This special box would go to my love. I would like to thank him for all his support, patience and endless love he showed me all of these years. I will dedicate him my love and to top it I will add these delicious chocolates :):)

  16. Actually I would dedicate it to visitors comming to our baby shower
    Which is going to be this month , I think it would be special surprise
    To every one coming and it would make my day so special :)

  17. I would give it to my mother, ever since I moved away for work I can tell she misses me, this would be a nice i miss you too gift to send her

  18. I’d gift this to my mother

  19. I would most definitely..without any doubt, would love to make my sweetest mom feel really special by giving this sweet golden Patchi chocolate gift box as a gift!I am sure this will make her very happy & surprised indeed :)

  20. Honestly my first thought would be to give them to myself. I’m 9 months preg and Im always craving sweets. This wold be so perfect ESP for someone who is expecting. But since I have to decide who to give this to it would be of course my husband. He has put up with ALOT these past months. And has been great this Ramadan :)

  21. I haven’t tried these chocolates yet. I would definetly like to taste these myself and would love to share with my family too.

  22. I would give them to my husband, and make him share :)

  23. wooow,,,
    i prefer to keep it to myelf and my chocolate addict my 2year old boy
    i made me want to grab it from the photo!!!

  24. woooow
    i prefer to keep this box for myself and my chocolate addict, my 2 year old boy
    i made me want to grab it from te photo

  25. I’m love to win this and give this to my mother

  26. I would attend the Eid party that I am invited to with these chocolates in hand to give to the Family hosting the party. Insha’Allah!

  27. would give them to my mom, and make her share it with my dad caz i love them so much .

  28. would give them to my family , and make them happy with patchi chocolate it’s my family favorite chocolate .

  29. I would definitely give these to my sister for an Eid present because she’s a chocoholic! :)

  30. I would gift this to my mom, who hosts a wonderful and delicious Eid breakfast every year for the family!! She deserves it!!

  31. Thanx Yvonne and Patchi for another giveaway. I will take these chocolates as Eid gift for a family who is hosting an Eid get together.

  32. I would share them with my entire family…if their are any after I satisfy my inner sweet tooth (:

  33. I’d give it to my precious 2 year old picky eater whose eyes sparkle and mouth drops open when mommy hands him a sweet peice of chocolate. He says ‘ mommyyy, thankuuu’. It melts my heart every time to see his appreciation for the special treat. Alhamdulillah.

  34. I’a. If I get this, I will have to share with everyone!

  35. My older sister is probably the only person I know who is more obsessed with chocolate than I am. She’d definitely appreciate a box of chocolates as an Eid Present. (Thankfully she’s good at sharing). But her 3 year old daughter is starting to hoard all the chocolate in the family…..wonder where she got such strong genes from =)

  36. I would gift it to myself ^-^, WHY? because I’m obsessed with Patchi chocolate. Of course, I would not forget to share them with my parents.

  37. I love to gift patchi chocolate to my parents. I’d love to see the look on their faces, since I have been away for a while.

  38. i would give this box to my daughters, since they are all chocoholics!

  39. We are mothers and we know how to sacrifice. We give our best to everyone and make do with less. I would gift this box to myself for a change. I am a mother and I deserve to applaud myself.

  40. I would give them to my boyfriend’s two sisters. They just moved here this past year, and this has been their first Ramadan away from the rest of their family. They have worked so hard this past month preparing delicious iftars for their brother, and I would like to honor them with this beautiful, special treat.

  41. My mom would feel really special if I gave her this golden gift box as a gift.

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