CLOSED: Patchi Chocolate Giveaway for ‘Eid ul Adha

Chocolate is among the world’s favorite foods. We are inundated with a variety of brands and flavors added to chocolate bars and other chocolate products. The popularity of dark chocolate or chocolates with a high percentage of cacao (ranging from 70-90%) is increasing, as the health benefits are being touted as a great excuse to eat them.

Soft Nougat with Pistachio and beautifully wrapped chocolate by Patchi

If there is ever one occasion or reason to have chocolate it is during a special time- a wedding, the birth of a baby, and, of course, ‘Eid.

Though I am an admitted chocolate lover, I don’t like all chocolates. I like the ones that taste like real chocolate because they are made with natural ingredients and have the addition of things like pistachios, hazelnuts or nougat. This love affair stems from my experience as a child when family members would arrive from Sicily with suitcases full of real chocolate in some form: Baci by Perugina, Ferrero Rocher and of course, Nutella- the now famous in America chocolate spread with hazelnut. The candies were dotted with chopped nuts and had even more decadent chocolate in the middle. No other types of chocolate could match them.

Strawberry Cheesecake chocolate by Patchi

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had such similar tasting chocolate. I’ve gravitated towards other high-end chocolates only to find that they have real vanilla extract (and therefore, alcohol) in them and even settled on bittersweet Mexican baking chocolate as some of my favorites simply because they are so pure (and make great hot chocolate).

But when it comes to gift-giving, there are few companies that adhere to the values of the halal consumer while maintaining exceptional taste, high quality and a beautiful presentation at the same time.

Milk Chocolate with White Cotton Candy and Pistachio bits by Patchi

Until recently, I had never heard of Patchi chocolates. Where have I been?

They’re a Lebanese company that’s been in business for well over 30 years and has recently made their products available in the U.S. I was fortunate enough to be able to taste all of their chocolates and nougat products (tough job, right?) before introducing them to you. With the first bite, I felt like I was either back in Italy tasting the fine European chocolates my family saves for special occasions or somewhere in Paris nibbling at the tastings in the best chocolaterie. Little did I know that these products were well-established and popular in the Middle East, all while adhering to halal dietary standards.

Variety of beautifully-gold and sharp silver wrapped Patchi chocolates- what a wonderful gift to give on ‘Eid!

I just love the unique names and delicious, halal flavors of some of their chocolates:

Milk Praline
Strawberry Cheesecake
Cotton Candy
Peanut Butter & Caramel

Though they also have a Nougat with Pistachios treat that is out of this world- not too sweet and very, very soft. Just the way nougat should  be.


I spoke with Ziad Kurjie of Patchi in the U.S. and asked him a few questions about their products, including an explanation on the difference between chocolate liquor and chocolate liquer, which is often very confusing for the halal consumer in terms of avoiding alcohol consumption.

MHK: What makes Patchi products stand out ahead of other chocolates or desserts in the same or similar category?

Patchi: Patchi products have been, since the founding of the company in 1974, made of premium quality all-natural ingredients. We source our supply of pure Cocoa butter and mass from the top quality producers around the world. We produce our products on demand, so our factories never stock product and only gets produced when the respective stores order them for sale in their respective markets. Our factories are ISO 9002 and UKQAS certified. Our supplies and roasting processes of nuts have been perfected over the years and delicately blends in the various recipes on our menus. Our use of the nuts found along the Mediterranean basin along with techniques in chocolate making traditions in Belgium and Switzerland brings in the edge in our menu where much of our recipes are universal in taste yet rich as unique as they may be. We also introduce delicacies of the “old-world’ into new recipes and concoctions such as Loukoum (Turkish Delights), Almonds (Confetti), Gianduja (Cream of Hazelnut), Feuilletine (French), Pralines, and Nougats. While over the years some chocolate makers resorted to the use of Cocoa butter substitutes such as vegetable oil extracts and the likes, Patchi maintained the standards of use of the premium quality cocoa ingredients for 100% of its needs and thus maintained the taste profile of pure cocoa in all of its chocolates.


MHK: Do the products contain any vanilla extract (w/even a small trace of alcohol)?

Patchi: We don’t use Vanilla Extract. We use organic Vanillin which is an (non-synthetic) compound and is a subset of the “Vanilla Extract” composition of several hundred compounds. Our use of Vanillin does not introduce any alcohol into our recipes.


MHK: Do the products contain chocolate liquor or chocolate liquer? Can you explain for the consumers the difference between chocolate liquor and chocolate liquer?

Patchi: Chocolate Liqueur is an alcoholic drink (mostly Vodka) that is flavored with Chocolate/Cocoa, and other ingredients. “Chocolate Liquor” is the purest form chocolate and when it is molded it is what people refer to as bitter chocolate or unsweetened baking chocolate. Patchi never produces any products with alcoholic content or features products of third party packaged alcoholic products.


MHK: Are the products halal-certified or in the process of being halal certified?

Patchi: Patchi was founded in Lebanon in 1974. It has been selling its products in most of the Muslim world since its early days. We have followed the rules of maintaining halal ingredients throughout. Our laboratories and specialists continue to maintain such standards and look into certifications when necessary for its customers.

Now, for the giveaway you should all want to enter….

What are three things you look for when purchasing chocolate to give as a gift (i.e. beautiful packaging, high quality, rich taste) and why? Please explain your answer in detail.


Giveaway Guidelines and Details

Your answer in the comments section of this post will enter you into the giveaway for one Patchi chocolate package, retail value of $46.00

Winners will be randomly chosen from those who follow the giveaway eligibility guidelines. Giveaway ends November 4, 2011 at 12:01 am. Winner will be announced on August 5, 2011. Giveaway prize will be sent to a U.S. address only.

Email addresses will be shared with Patchi. By entering the giveaway you are agreeing to allow your email address to be shared for the purpose of receiving updates and promotions about Patchi products.

To Enter the Giveaway:

1) Leave a relevant comment after this post that answers the question: What are three things you look for when purchasing chocolate to give as a gift (i.e. beautiful packaging, high quality, rich taste) and why?

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Entries (comments plus other requirements) must be received by 12:00 am on November 4, 2011.


Thanks for participating and stay posted for more giveaways from Saffron Road and others during the Hajj and ‘Eid ul Adha season!


40 thoughts on “CLOSED: Patchi Chocolate Giveaway for ‘Eid ul Adha

  1. What are three things you look for when purchasing chocolate to give as a gift (i.e. beautiful packaging, high quality, rich taste) and why?

    As’salaamu alaikum,

    First of all I wish everyone a very blessed Eid in advance. Now to answer the question, the three things that come to the top of my mind when I look at gifting chocolates would be the company and quality of the chocolate because I want the receiver to feel special, and nothing is sweeter and special than a box of good quality chocolates. Secondly, I look at the variety and quantity of chocolates in the box, I want that special person to be able to enjoy all tastes and exotic flavors which leave them with a feeling of contentment. Finally, I look at the wrapping of the box, if I want the person to feel special then I would want them to feel so at first sight! Thanks for the opportunity, hope I get this one. Insha’Allah!

    Wasaalmu Alaikum,


  2. I love patchi..had the chocolate many times in Lebanon where it is considered as top of the line product. When gifting, I look first for a rich chocolate taste, something that makes you think about the taste for hours after eating it, second, the packaging has to look great and last I look for products with little unnatural ingredients and artificial additions. Happy Eid.

  3. I love Patchi chocolates!!

    First thing is taste and quality,
    Second is cost and if it is fair trade chocolate
    Third is packaging and attractiveness.

  4. The first thing every chocolate needs is flavor. If chocolate doesnt taste like chocolate, gifting it is just embarrassment. For me, that rich flavour of chocolate is probably the most important deciding factor. Aside from that variety in chocolate is always appreciated; maybe its a raspberry-walnut concussion or mint-coconut, variety in a chocolate gift always brings with it a little surprise to expect. Lastly, perhaps similarly important is affordability; chocolate is for everyone, not just the elite.

  5. Assalamau alaikom and Eid mubarak!

    Taste of course is number 1. Chocolate must taste like chocolate and make you feel oh so dreamy with it in the mouth and going down. If I wouldn’t want to eat it then I wouldn’t want to gift it to someone.

    Quantitiy and packaging come close for 2nd. I want to make sure I am getting the best bang for my buck while having the most elegant looking package. I wouldn’t give someone a box with just a few pieces or a box that looks shabby. I shop for gifts like I am shopping for myself.

    I am a chocolate lover of extreme proportions and I would really love to win this box. I would share it with a few special people who enjoy chocolate as I do. If it is as good as I believe it is, I will probably be spending a pretty penny on more!

  6. As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahe wa barkaatuh!

    Wow, masha’Allah! I do hope to win this giveaway since I’ve never tasted Patchi before and never seen those selling here in Canada!

    The three things that I look for when I buy chocolate for my loved ones are:
    – first and foremost the PACKAGING – presentation is key and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, lol! I buy the ones that especially look like gift-wrapped boxes and fancy writing.
    – In second comes the taste of course! I always buy the ones that I’ve already tasted and are a favourite of mine. If it’s something I’ve never tasted before, then I usually ask the sales people how it tastes and if they have sampling available. If not, then I buy some for myself to taste it before I buy it for other people….. or I just go ahead and buy it anyway hoping for the best lol.
    – And third, well it comes down practicality: how much can I get for the price that it’s selling for. I can’t buy a few pieces for a huge price that I can barely afford. If I buy good chocolate, I would like to share it with a big crowd, so I need a big box, and not think about big hole in my wallet lol.

  7. My Halal Kitchen email subscriber, like Patchi on FB, follow Patchi on twitter !@maynekitty.

    [What are three things you look for when purchasing chocolate to give as a gift (i.e. beautiful packaging, high quality, rich taste) and why? Please explain your answer in detail.]

    1. The appearance of the package and will it need to be wrapped. Prefer something that doesn’t need wrapping or can be placed in a gift bag.
    2. Ingredients: Must not contain anything artificial or with an ingredients that are know to everyone.
    3. Have I tasted the brand & is it a good value for the price. If it is a brand I’m unfamiliar with: does it have an overall good reputation.

  8. As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuhu.

    The three things that I look for in selecting are:
    1. taste
    2. packaging
    3. price

    Thanks for sharing about this company!

  9. For me, taste is the most important thing. Chocolate should be intense and somewhat decadent! If it doesn’t taste good, pretty packaging won’t make it better. That said, if it’s going to be a gift, I’d like it to look appealing as well. Both the box and the candy. And lastly I look at value. Is it worth what I am paying? Not is it cheap, but is it worth it. If it’s expensive it better taste incredible, or be very good and have other benefits (like being fair trade). So taste, appearance, and value would be the three things I focus on.

    And thanks for the contest! Never tried Patchi before but would love to.

  10. What are three things you look for when purchasing chocolate to give as a gift?
    Asalaamalaikum, first of all,
    1. A reason to celebrate with love ones ( my daughter’s first Eid as married)
    2. Quality & flavour & shape (newly weds love new flavors added this time on Patchi, e.g. Pistachio bits by Patchi, Soft Nougat with Pistachio, pistachios, hazelnuts/nougat
    3. I simply love the Patchi wrap, it sets the appetite to indulge into biting into the flavour that tastes like no other, & Patchi stands by its name & products that safeguards Patchi’s name.
    I love Patchi chocalates …

  11. When purchasing chocolate for a gift, I look for rich taste, quality and price. I love giving chocolate as gifts because I know some of my friends like chocolate as much as I do! The taste has to be good because there are some chocolate gift boxes out there made by companies that don’t seem to mind if their chocolate doesn’t taste good at all.

  12. I look for quality chocolate and price. And most importantly taste- variety is always nice. Thank you for a chance to win these chocolates- I have never had or heard of them before but they look de vine.

  13. So great to find out about patchi! didn’t know there was a halal chocolate brand that tastes good also 🙂 !!!

  14. So great to find out about patchi chocolates, I did not know there was a halal chocolate brand in existence!!!

  15. I look for a great tasting chocolate, usually dark. Beautiful packaging is definitely a plus, especially if it has colors matching the occasion. Lastly, I look for good quality ingredients.

  16. I look for the best chocolates. I believe chocolates are just like perfumes, when you find the one that you like the most.. you’re likely to stick to it for a long time. I never heard of this brand before but I would really like to give it a try especially the soft Nougat, they looks so delish!! Every packaging is different, be it in a fancy tin box with lots of frills and bows or just a simple and yet elegant, all chocolate speaks for it’s own rich, sweet and bold taste. I love chocolates!!

  17. The three things I look for when purchasing chocolate to give as a gift are:

    1. Is the chocolate fair trade?
    2. Does the packaging look as though I value the recipient by giving them quality chocolate?
    3. Is there a variety of flavors available to satisfy all tastes?

    If the answer is yes to the above, I’m much more likely to purchase that chocolate as a gift!

  18. Assalaamu alaykum

    Eid Mubarak in advance!

    When purchasing chocolate to give as a gift, I look for the following:

    1) Appearance – It should look presentable with fancy wrapping, nice packaging etc.
    2) Taste – it should taste rich and delicious
    3) Cost – even if it looks and tastes amazing, I still need to mind my budget!

  19. 1. Price and quantity. I won’t pay $12 for 4 pieces of chocolate.
    2. Quality and variety. Quality and variety of ingredients guarantee a rich experience for the taste buds as well as an excuse to buy a box for yourself to try every single piece!
    3. Brand name repute and attractive packaging. The company should have a reputation where the mere mention of the name symbolized quality. Also, I prefer beautiful, distinctive packaging if I am giving it as a gift. I still have fond memories consuming Quality Street chocolates in my childhood.

    Premium quality, rich, pure, melt in your mouth, silky smooth chocolate can turn anybody into a chocolate lover!

  20. Patchi is awesome! I’ve had their chocolate often while visiting Lebanon.. Good stuff! As for the question below are the things I look for in gifting chocolate:

    1- Taste: If it tastes good, nothing else matters
    2- Brand: A nice brand adds some “spice” to the gift
    3- Packaging: A nice packaging give a nice first impression

  21. First, I look at uniqueness. I don’t like giving “everyday” chocolates, the most common I’ll go is Godiva. I frequently get chocolates and candy from out of town or state (sometimes even internationally).

    Second, I look at interesting tastes. Chocolate comes with anything in it now, from rose petals, to sea salt and pepper, to bacon. I like a variety of strange combinations in with the classics.

    Lastly, I look at price… to see if it’s cheap enough to get a box for me too!!

  22. Firstly, I’d look out for the ingredients. Halal ingredients would be my choice. Liquor, gelatine, animal-based enzymes are all turn-offs. Secondly, I go for the taste. High amounts of cocoa-butter would certainly get a thumbs-up from me. Thirdly, and as important fair trade and sustainability in producing the chocolate. Thank you.

  23. I’ve celebrated many happy occassions over the past decade with Patchi chocolates (engagements, weddings, and births of my children).

    The criterion I look for before purchasing chocolate as a gift are:
    1. clean, sleek and modern packaging, including the crinkled wrapping
    2. rich, smooth and moderately sweet taste that lingers after the chocolate has finished
    3. lastly, the option to customize the box of chocolates with selecting milk/dark/nuts with chocolate is awesome. this way you know you will be giving a great gift that will satisfy anyone’s taste.

  24. Salaam Alaikum,

    First of all, thanks so much for this article!! I learned the difference between Chocolate liquer and liquor (which I didn’t know previously!).

    Now the contest… I first look for all halal ingredients. A lot of high quality chocolates have several in variety boxes that contain alcohol fillings. I made the mistake once of giving a good quality chocolate box to family members without reading the ingredients and none of us realized it had alcohol centers until they bit into them 🙁 Secondly, I look at the packaging. I like when the are tied up pretty and look fancy. Finally, I look at the variety. I LOVE chocolate covered cherries, so I try to get ones that have those 🙂

  25. Salaam,
    Wow, these Patchi chocolates look beautiful and sound like they taste amazing from the description! Great job My Halal Kitchen and Patchi!

    3 things I look for when purchasing chocolates as a gift:
    1. Taste- of course they have to taste great and be made from natural ingredients.
    2. Packaging- very important so that the recipient is happy getting it as a gift.
    3. Price- the company has to be practical and make sure their products are affordable for the average consumer to purchase.

    Thanks and Eid Mubarak! 🙂

  26. 1. Check Whether is it Halal or not
    2. observe whether the chocolates looks edible or not
    3. check the price, that also means whether the quality of such a product is in direct correlation with the price.

  27. wow quality halal ingredients, taste i prefer some place that allows you to taste test, and third the way they look are they creative i hope someone starts selling them in Dearborn again

  28. Asalam o Alaikum,
    So glad to hear about Patchi chocolates. Haven’t come across them yet so looking forward to trying some.

    While buying chocolates as gift, I look for:
    firstly, if it’s halal .. a lot of fine quality chocolates have alcohol centers or have vanilla extract as an ingredient..
    secondly, being a chocolate snob, high quality natural ingredients are a must … I stay away from artificial flavoring … not only they don’t taste good but also not good for health …
    Lastly, while giving present, attractive packaging always catch the eye and looks good ….

    Looking forward to trying patchi …

  29. I had never heard of patchi before either. i cant believe they have been around for so long. The pictures look absolutely delicious!

    what are the three things I look for when buying chocolate as a gift? Good packaging because its a gift. Variety because people like chocolate and different kinds of yummy chocolate is better than just one kind and taste because chocolate has to taste good.

  30. While purchasing chocolate I look for?
    Let’s face it, if the packaging isn’t attractive then it’s not going to catch my attention.
    Quality of ingredients, preferring all natural and things I can actually pronounce.
    Then cost and also if it’s fair trade, it’s all the better and I am willing to spend more.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. Salamwamkum,

    Eid Mumbarak everyone. I pray everyone has a great Eid! For me the most important is the taste of the chocolate.Nobody wants chocolate that is to bitter or to sweet. Also what kinds are in the box. Some of the boxes come with pieces in them that no one really enjoys. I try to look for the boxes that have the flavor everyone will enjoy. Second is the packaging. Does it look beautiful. Can I give it as is, or do I have to wrap it. It’s much easier if I can just put it in a gift bag. I do look for boxes of chocolate that are already wrapped and look beautiful. Nobody wants to give or receive a plain old box of chocolate. If it’s presented beautifully then the receiver will feel more special. Third is the price. Since I have a lot of people to buy for I can’t spend a fortune on each family. I look for the best deal for the money.

  32. Salaams.. I was introduced to patchi choclates when my brother brought me back a lovely gift box full of chocolates from his holiday in Cape Town. I loved every one of the flavours that were in the box, and ate the entire stash away from any prying eyes., I hide the box in my wardrobe, and I would eat aa piece a day, trying to make the divine taste last as long as possible. I now know what charlie from charlie and the chocolate factory felt like when he took a tiny nibble from his chocolate each day, i the hope that it would not get finished too soon. I love Patchi, and the next time I’m in Cape Town, I will definitely stock up on this delicious treat.

  33. When I purchase halal chocolate to give as a gift, three things I look for are:
    1. High quality/delicious chocolate [I buy some to try some to make sure 🙂 then buy some for the gift.]
    2. The packaging must be professional/beautiful or I buy beautiful wrap and wrap it myself.
    3. It must be affordable! I don’t want gifts people can’t afford, neither can I give gifts I can’t afford. Gifts come from people who care! I wouldn’t want to “put out” anyone who cared enough for me to give me a gift… and I don’t want to feel bad about a gift I couldn’t afford. ***EID MUBARAK***

  34. Salaam,
    I look for taste, cost, and ofcourse packaging because I want the person that I am giving the gift to to feel special. Also if it looks good, it usually tastes good! 🙂

  35. When purchasing chocolate I look for:

    1)A European/Non American brand-lets face it..American chocolate is not nearly as good no matter how many chances I give it! I live in SF where the US’s best chocolate Ghiradelli is local and am still not a fan!
    2) Praline or Wafer inside the chocolate- I am am huge fan of both.
    3)Great packaging for gifts or to feel like I am indulging when I eat the chocolate.

  36. Hi there!

    Thank you for this giveaway.

    When purchasing chocolates as a gift I feel two things matter most, firstly the packaging, as its a gift, it should look really presentable as this would be the first impression of the gift. This brings in quality packaging as an aspect. I prefer packaging that looks elegant and sleek.
    And the second aspect would be quality of the chocolate, I would want my gift to very impressive and hence quality would be of prime importance!

    Thanks again,

  37. When purchasing chocolate to give as a gift, I look for high quality, beautiful, delicious chocolate. 🙂 I want the recipient to feel honored by the gift, so the brand, packaging and ingredients should all be of a very high quality. I also would like for both the packaging and the chocolates themselves to be attractive and pleasing to the eye– almost too beautiful to eat! Finally, and most importantly, I want to give chocolate that tastes delicious because the taste is what makes chocolates such a delightful gift! 🙂 I have never seen or tasted Patchi chocolate before, but from this article and all the amazing photos, it sounds and looks like it would excel in all three of these areas. 🙂

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