Palm Dates Company Brings Medina Al Munawara Dates to the U.S.

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I recently had a conversation with someone from Palm Dates Co., the first company to bring organic dates from Medina Al Munawara packaged in top quality gift boxes for shipment to the United States. I was elated with the news that they had done all the work to make this happen, as it’s so rare to actually get those wonderful Ajwa dates let alone delivered to your home. The fact that they’re organic and grown in the Aliya gardens of Medina that the Prophet (pbuh) mentions is such a true blessing, as Muslims around the globe appreciate the very high regard for this historic and special place. I’ve had visions of the date gardens in my head ever since- how incredible it would be to visit that place!

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About Palm Date Co. (A note from the company to you)

Tired of dates which are smushed in a poorly packed plastic container? Tired of low quality packaging with poor presentation? Tired of dates that aren’t fresh? Tired of companies which aren’t transparent with the location of their farms? Palm Dates is here to solve all of those issues, priding ourselves in providing the best products with the best presentation at the most affordable prices. We are very proud that all of our farms are in Medina Al Munawara and we have the proper certifications from the local governing bodies. All of our dates are organic, hand picked, individually wrapped and placed into our exclusive Ramadan themed box. We wanted to create a product that American families can buy for their loved ones. We wanted to create a product that American Muslims would be happy to share with their neighbors and colleagues. We wanted to create a hassle-free platform where consumers can feel confident about the quality and authenticity of their dates. With Palm Dates Co. you’re buying straight from the source.

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Palm Dates Co. has partnered with a leader in the dates industry (Al Majdool) to ensure all of their dates are up to standard.  The dates are regulated by governing bodies in Saudi Arabia and are registered with the FDA. Prices are inclusive of all shipping and handling costs from Medina Al Munawara to the destination within the U.S.A. 

Hadith on Ajwa

Did you know the following ahadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him) about the Ajwa date?

The Messenger (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, “If somebody takes seven ‘ajwa dates in the morning, neither magic nor poison will hurt him that day.” [Sahih Bukhari, Book #71, Hadith #664 (also 663, 672)]

Referring to eating seven Ajwa dates, the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “He will not be harmed by anything until he reaches the evening.” [Sahih Muslim (2047)]

Narrated Sa’d: The Prophet said, “If somebody takes some ‘Ajwa dates every morning, he will not be effected by poison or magic on that day till night.” (Sahih Bukhari)

The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Ajwa dates are from paradise.” [Tirmidhi (2068) he said hasan Saheeh]

Sayyidda A’isha RA reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: “The ‘ajwa’ dates of ‘Aliya’ contain heating effects and these are antidote in the early morning.” [Sahih Muslim, Book #023, Hadith #5083]

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Quick Facts About Palm Dates Co.

  • All of our dates are grown in Medina Al Munawara, they are organic (certified by the ministry of agriculture), hand picked and individually wrapped with the highest quality packaging.
  • All of our dates come in our exclusive 2016 Ramadan themed box and assembled in Medina Al Munawara
  • Our Ajwa dates are grown specifically in the gardens of Aliya of Medina Al Munawara
  • We have an Ajwa dates box and a Mixed Dates Box (Rabea, Safawi, Khudry, and Suqae dates) which come in 1 pound (50-55 dates) and 2 pound boxes (80-85 dates)
  • All prices include shipping and handling

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What’s Included in the Ajwa Dates Box: 

  • Available in two sizes: 1-pound box (50 dates); 2- pound box (80 dates) 
  • 1-pound box is $39.00/2 pound box is $63.50
  • Grown in the Aliya gardens of Medina Al Munawara
  • Price includes Shipping and Handling from Medina to your doorstep

What’s Included in the Mixed Dates Box:

  • A blend of Rabae, Safawi, Khudry, Suqae and other organic dates
  • Available in two sizes: 1-pound box (50 dates) and  2-pounds box (80 dates) 
  • 1 pound box is $34.50/2-pound box is $55.50
  • Grown in Medina Al Munawara
  • Price includes shipping & handling From Medina to your doorstep

How to Order:

Simply place your order at and we’ll ensure your box arrives in Ramadan (when ordering by May 6th). Dates of Medina and Ajwa, in particular, are considered to the baraka (blessing) of Medina and now with Palm Dates you and your families can open your enjoy and share that baraka, too.   

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Our Process:

Our boxes aren’t assembled till the order is placed. When a customer places an order, the information gets forwarded to our farm, where the dates are handpicked, thoroughly prepared and individually wrapped. After the dates are ready, the box is assembled and preparation is complete. We are very proud to share that, from the dates to the box, all aspects of our assembly line are based in Medina Al Munawara. 

Together we can help spread the Baraka of Medina across the globe!

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  1. Assalam alaikum va rahmatullahi va barakatahu
    I started my own e commerce bussiness so I want to sale palm dates In my website how it’s possible can u help me
    Jazak ALLAH khair

  2. Walaykumassalam Wa RahmatAllahi Wa Barakatuhu!

    We truly appreciate your interest in our business, JazakAllah Khair! At this time, we are only selling and distributing our product within the United States. If you have any businesses within the States, we would be delighted to work with you! Please feel free to submit any queries at

    Best Regards,

    Palm Dates

  3. I’m going to order these for my in-laws! And maybe myself 🙂 I just feel bad that so much plastic is used in the packaging. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. I am definitely sending these as a gift. I never knew dates weren’t supposed to be dry and fiberous until I met my Iraqi husband who schooled me on their delicious reality.

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