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When I first saw Sobia Hussain’s collection of products, I instinctively felt they were natural and that there must be passion for artisanal soap making behind the collection at The Olive Tree Soap Company.

I hadn’t yet tried the products but I knew I had to. During our first conversation, her passion for the making of all-natural beauty products was more than evident, as she’d wanted to make the same products she would use herself.

I was really surprised by the creative variety of soaps and other beauty products I’d always wanted ever since I had a very serious bout of eczema nearly 15 years ago. Ever since then I have stopped using anything with harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulftate and even parabens, a group of petrochemicals linked to possible carcinogenicity and banned in many parts of Europe as a preservative in cosmetics. She has also started carrying things like deodorant (sans aluminum, of course), organic Argan Oil (which should be regarded as an international treasure) and the best lip balms my lips have come into contact with.

A sneak peak at the all new men's collection.  Coming soon!  Inspired by the Islamic Golden Ages, it is fittingly named The Alchemist.

A sneak peak at the all-new men’s collection. Inspired by the Islamic Golden Ages, it is fittingly named The Alchemist.

I interviewed Sobia to learn more about how she began her soap business and why. Her answers are heartfelt and encouraging to read, making it evident there really is hope in the world for good to replace things that are harmful and people passionate enough to make it happen- and available to the rest of us…

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Tell us more about your business and how you got started.

At The Olive Tree Soap Company, I offer artisanal skin care and body care products.  Like all businesses, it too has a story of wonderful beginnings.  The Olive Tree story consists of a series of life experiences which evolved into what it is today.

Growing up, I had always been very passionate about science and art.  Most of my life the two interests ran parallel to one another, never intersecting.  Meanwhile, I had also been fairly eco-conscience, striving to live a more holistic life. Connecting with nature was very important to me.  It was my means to feed the body and soul with much needed nourishment.

However, I learned first-hand how important it was to monitor what is applied on our bodies as much as what goes in our bodies when my son developed eczema at the tender age of 2 months.  It persisted until he was 18 months.  During this time, I researched immensely and ventured into finding a gentler natural skin care regime.  I was determined and I was not going to give up until I found something of benefit.  Anyone who has experienced eczema knows very well how this feels and understands the importance of the search for an effective solution for skin relief.  Alhamdulillah, this  experience ultimately led me to create my own therapeutic blends for personal use.  Through this process, I also learned to acknowledge and appreciate the natural elements which Allah had given us to heal and rejuvenate.

Several years later, I came across the art of soap making.  Just so you know, soap making is actually pure chemistry!  The idea of turning natural oils into moisturizing soap was so fascinating and I instantly knew this was meant for me!  I dedicated my time to learning the science, mastering my own formulas and applying my creativity to the finished bars.  The final product was a luxurious artisan soap which I was so very excited to share with others.  I wanted everyone to benefit from the natural goodness of handcrafted soaps.  And so, The Olive Tree Soap Company was conceived!

My very first product was the unscented castile soap called the Oliva Soap.  It was intended for Umrah and Hajj pilgrims as I personally had a hard time finding cleansers which were 100% fragrance-free during our trip.  Over the course of the next few years, my collection of Olive Tree products expanded.  I now offer a wide variety of natural products such as artisan soaps, natural deodorants, lotion sticks, lip balms, organic argan oils, and other body care items.  All of my products are free from animal-sourced ingredients, harsh chemicals, phthalate, paraben, and SLS – just the way I like it!

Is your business your passion? If so, why or why not? Why do you do it?

The Olive Tree Soap Company has become a great passion of mine.  I love everything about it.  From soapmaking, melting oils and butters, working with beeswax, dried flowers and other natural ingredients to designing the labels and eco-friendly packaging – it encompasses everything that matters to me so very much.  It is my creative outlet.

Soap making in particular is a fine marriage of science and art, and that gets me very excited!  It’s truly a therapeutic and holistic process for me.  My natural soaps are not filled with chemicals and junk.  They are made with pure nourishing oils and healing ingredients.  I feel grateful to be given this opportunity to create products which are not just good for the body and aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also safer for the planet.  I want to offer everyone an experience rather than just a bar of soap or random product.  I hope to provide a natural alternative, and offer my users a means to appreciate nature and what it has to offer us.

Just recently, I discovered that the very process I use to create my soaps was in fact perfected by the chemists during the time of the Golden Ages of Islam.  That just so happens to give me a greater sense of purpose and inspiration for what I do.  It’s an ancient craft from the 1200’s which I feel connects me to a part of our glorious history where science and mathematics progressed and prevailed.   The discovery was such a “eureka” moment for me that I decided to dedicate a new men’s line of products to this era called The Alchemist.

Who is your customer?

My customers are generally people looking for natural alternatives to their chemically-laden skin care and body care products.  We have too many commercialized products out on the market which are filled with ingredients our skin just simply doesn’t need.  This leads to struggles with skin problems which could possibly be avoided.  Many customers are also very enthusiastic about supporting local eco-friendly businesses which to me is something to feel good about!

Currently, majority of my customers are women from the ages of 25 and beyond.  However, I’m seeing an increased interest in natural skin care products from men, too.  So, with this new men’s line, I am hoping to cater to their needs with more masculine fragrances.

Why do you think the readers of My Halal Kitchen will enjoy your products- what is it about what you’re selling that is useful to them?

The readers of My Halal Kitchen are people who care about a wholesome halal living.  They not only enjoy fine natural sustainable ingredients but appreciate the entire process of creating and making beautiful things.  At The Olive Tree Soap Company, I also strive to provide quality artisanal products made with natural, vegan, and sustainable ingredients.

Palm oil, for example, is one of the main ingredients in my soaps.  I ensure that it is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified.  This means that sustainable methods are being used to harvest the palm oil I use which in turn helps reduce the devastating deforestation of precious rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia (the major world producers of palm oil).  I also offer a fair trade soap which helps the women in the communities in Ghana.  It’s careful measures like these that make a big difference in the Olive Tree philosophy.

I feel that my products compliment the wholesome halal lifestyle of the readers at My Halal Kitchen – inside and out!

What’s your goal or vision for the future of your business?

My vision for The Olive Tree Soap Company is to expand further and go beyond body care products.  I want to offer the Olive Tree lifestyle that is consistent with its philosophy of holistic sustainable living.  I love working with textiles and appreciate design.  So, I would like to incorporate these into future products in areas such as home decor, children’s wear and everything in between! Inshallah, I have hopes that this can grow into something greater which will help people connect to nature and ultimately its Creator.

To purchase Sobia’s products, please visit her Etsy shop here.


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The Olive Tree Soap Company is giving away to one randomly-selected winner (with mailing addresses in the U.S.A. or Canada) some of the most popular products available (a $45 value):

  • 1 FIRE Artisan Soap from the all-new Men’s Collection, The Alchemist
  • 1 Citrus Pomegranate Artisan Body Soap
  • 1 Daily Avocado Facial Bar
  • 1 Watermelon Shimmer Lip Balm
  • 1 Organic Argan Oil
  • 1 Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion Stick

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  1. I was curious about the person behind the Olive Tree Soap Company after seeing their products carried at Kaamilah in Toronto. Thanks for providing some background on this business and featuring awesome products.

  2. I love that this product is all natural because it very rare now days to find a truly all natural product that is effective. The process linking back to the ways of golden Islam time is just the cherry on top!!

  3. i am glad to know abt the olive tree soap company. i was looking for organic products and oils for skin care online and just by chance came to know abt this company through halal kitchen

  4. Amazing products
    Can not wait to try some !!
    Interview was very intresting
    Halal products is just what all Muslims need!
    Going back to the old ways of Muslims using organic products
    Great company

  5. Jazak Allah Khair! I came across The Olive Tree booth at the RIS 2013 convention a couple of weeks ago, and the creativity in the bars of soap was so nice to see.
    I picked up a face & body soap bar-avocado with activated charcoal; which is apparently the best to detoxify and cleanse the body and colon of toxins.
    Also I had recently read that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) used activated charcoal three times in each eye before he would sleep to detoxify and bring clarity to his vision. (Rabbi zidni ‘ilma, and correct me if I am misinformed).
    What really attracts me to your company Sobia, is that you are hand crafting with care and having complete control of what goes in to your products. I find a lot of products which are even carried in “Organic/Natural” body shops are green washed, and find myself having to use the website: (environmental working group), in which I still find toxic ingredients in a lot of toothpastes and other hygienic products like deodorant.
    Your products are to the point, with essential oils instead of fragrances and ingredients which are in it’s natural form and not chemically altered.
    Can’t wait to visit the store again soon, and if you have online ordering, I will be able to pick up these items even sooner (since I live in Ottawa).
    Insha’Allah 🙂

  6. Assalamualaikum to both the amazing ladies. I have met sobia at a fair already. Used a soap bar as well. I loved it n realy appreciate the effort u put in ur products. I wish u both all the very best.

  7. I was thrilled to find halal items. They are so hard to find. The interview was lovely as well. It was nice to learn more about the company and the people behind it.

  8. I would love to sample her products. She has the right vision and attitude for her company. It is a reflection of her values. May she succeed in all that she does. Too many soaps are pork based fats and people don’t know about it. While you don’t eat it, 60% of what you place on your skin is absorbed by it.

  9. Mashallah!! Mabrook on your success! I have been looking for natural+halal beauty products for a long time now.. I got married a year back and between all the makeup and staying dolled up as a new bride I have really lost my natural glow that I used to have. Also I have allergies to most beauty products. your products with natural ingredients have come as a lifesaver!! Congratulations once again!!!

  10. I love Olive Tree Soap Company – the products are amazing and gentle on the skin. Also makes a great gift 🙂 Sobia is mA an amazing woman with great customer service. Keep up the good work!!

  11. Brilliant article. MashaAllah. May Allah swt bless you with lots of success.
    Can’t wait to try out these products, inshaAllah .

  12. Heard a lot about sobia n wanted to try the products hopefully I will very soon IA. May Allah give u both ladies barakah in ur work and jazae-khaer….ameen

  13. I love it when somebody finds a passion that is also beneficial to others. I have always been interested in artisanal soaps as well as all natural products and I cannot wait to try these and share them with my family!

    And thanks to My Halal Kitchen for sharing such valuable information. I LOVE MHK!

  14. Chocolate lip balm? Sign me up!!! 🙂 Am heading straight to the website to see what products I can order. Now that I have a little grandbaby, I’m wondering if they have healthy items specifically for children too.

    Yvonne, what a THRILL to see that you now have over a quarter of a million Facebook fans – BRAVO!!!

  15. These products look beautiful, and I love that harsh chemicals are not used. I have a mild case of psoriasis and do try to use products that aren’t drying to my skin. I also am avoiding deodorants with aluminum and I see that the Olive Tree Soap Company makes a deodorant without aluminum.

  16. Alhamdulillah Your products look wonderful. I make soap for my family and it is one of the best things I have ever done. We like to maintain a halal home. Not just with our foods but in every aspect. I make our laundry soap as well. So, I would love to receive products from Olive Tree Soap Company. Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. !! While I have always known about the many pronlems most of today’s big commercial products my knowledge in this area really grew when my son developed multiple allergies and bad, bad eczema as an jnfant. So I totally understand everything she said about having a child with eczema. It was great to lear more about the Olive tree soap company and its founder and i pray Allah swt gives her a lot of success!

  18. Having a daughter that suffers from eczema I can totally understand what sobia went through, hopefully I can use some of these products on my daughter!

  19. It’s great to hear about the beginnings of this company, these days you never know what is being put in our soaps, lotions. Having a Muslim run company is amazing, keep up the good work!

  20. I heard about the Olive Tree Soap Company from your previous post about your favorite products and thought to check it out. I have recently heard of handmade soaps due to a few family members developing eczema, and it was interesting to know that is how she started as well. Great initiative from her side to be Eco-friendly as well.

  21. It was very nice article. I relate with Sobia Need to create these products for her kids. My kids go through with eczema. I would love to try her products. Thanks My halalKitchen and Sobia for this opportunity to win this. InshahAllah Sobia Allah will give you more Success with your company. InshahAllah.

  22. This is just sooooo great. I am a mother of 4, and finding products that don’t have harsh chemicals is so hard. Thank you for making this. If i don’t win, i will still buy in the future most definitely.

  23. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Alhamdulillah, I just came across this website while aimlessly browsing Facebook. Jazak Allah Khayr sister. I’ve heard about this company before from a friend of mine who swore by the products but was never sure if I should try them or not. Your review has convinced me that they are worth the try. The fact that you said you’d struggled with eczema for over 15 years further makes me want to try the products as a person who has and still is struggling with it. I thank you for your post and website and may Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala continue to bless you and Sobia with success.

  24. I love the fact that the product are made from all natural, sustainable ingredients. I also love that Sobia has a true passion for what she does.

  25. I am so happy to see a halal soap company! I am trying to go organic as much as possible and cannot wait to try these products! May Allah bless you on your good work!

  26. I’m just very happy and proud that many Muslims are starting companies relying on natural and healthy ingredients. Our culture, mainly the Sunnah is rich with ideas that help with this direction.

  27. First, kudos to making us read the interview. I admittedly ran to the bottom to just fill out the form. Reading the interview made me even more excited about this product. Being Muslim, trying to live healthy, and being ecofriendly seems like a daunting task, but here is another person showing that there are good people doing good things. I will be trying this products because of her commitment to a halal lifestyle. Thanks

  28. Asalam Alikoum very happy to know about The olive tree soap it is very nice to enjoy what Allah give us and I can’t wait to try your lovely soap,shampoo…

  29. Alhumdulallah that you are following your dreams and that it includes being halaal. Your line of products sound absolutely wonderful and look forward to checking out your site. Thank you.

  30. Thank you for highlighting such a wonderful business! I’ve been looking for natural products and these sound lovely! I’m a big fan of olive and argan oil!

  31. My wife is such a fan of natural, homemade products! In sha Allah I’m sure she’d love to try these prosucts! Perhaps as a gift I will try to buy her some of this after this new baby of ours comes any day now in sha Allah!

  32. As salaamu alaikum I wanted to say all I have ever used was natural soaps and body washes and etc I order mine through this company called soap hope I am looking to move on to another due to there major price increase which is sad for me because I hve recently ran out of soap and purchase dove let me tell whoever is reading this that dove soap leaves your skin feeling soft HOWEVER is horrible soap it leaves residue behind and that turns into blemishes on my face because of clogged pores I am very sad that because of natural soap being so expensive tht I had to lower myself to that chemical soap .. Insha’allah I will get a chance to try out your soap

  33. Hello ladies!
    I have personally been struggling with acne for years now and have really sensitive skin. I have such a hard time finding skin care products with a minimal amount of chemical products that will react well to my skin and that I can actually benefit from, I am so happy to find out about my halal kitchen as well as the olive tree and even happier that it’s in canada! I cannot wait and really looking forward to try out the products! Thank you for sharing and wish you all the best 🙂

  34. So wonderful to hear about a new and successful Muslim business that has products for ALL people. Looking forward to searching and trying the soaps, lip balms, etc. Thank you Yvonne for introducing this company to us!

  35. My son had eczema as well and it was hard watching him scratch and cry while his skin burned. I wish I knew of olive tree soap company then.
    Now my second born is using some of the soaps and alhumdulillah doesn’t have eczema.

  36. It is wonderful what both of you ladies are doing for our community! Thank you for promoting healthy living. I have been waiting for someone to make halal organic products!

  37. Salams, I have heard wonderful things about this company and the owner, unfortunately I didnt have the pleasure to try any of this great products. I’m getting excited about the thought of trying them.

  38. Soap making is science and art. I love that combination to unlikely but produces such beautiful results. It’s like the creation of Human beings science and art!

  39. Wow, what an inspiring shop! I can’t wait to try some of her products, esp. with Argan (I agree about its amazing powers) and African black soap, which I love. I have very sensitive skin, so this looks perfect for me! 🙂

  40. Ma sha Allah. This is the second time Sobia’s products were brought to my attention.
    I personally have started eliminating all harsh chemicals and try to use only natural and halal products.
    Beautiful and inspiring, we should all actively promote this and support by buying products.
    I also LOVE how they look. Such a nice design! Looks so soapey 🙂
    I’d love to try em!

  41. This is so awesome, Alhamdulillah. Products we really need provided by a sister who applies all ofthe islamic principles to her work. They are halal, carefully made, good for our bodies…didn’t Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encourage being neat and presentable, and didn’t he love scents? I love this company 🙂 🙂 may Allah protect it, ameen.

  42. Masha Allah… These products are precious gems I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Each product is created with love and passion. An everyday necessity.

  43. Like Sobia I’ve always tried to find a balance between my two loves: arts and sciences. I’m very happy she’s found a way to incorporate both. I look forward to using her products. 🙂

  44. Salaam! It’s always great to see Muslims creating halal products! Would definitely be interested in trying out the brand, iA!

    • I think the time feature on this blog is inaccurate. It was about 7:15 pm CST on Jan 13 when I posted my comment above but it says it was posted at 1:15 am on Jan 14.

  45. Asa, these products sound wonderful! I’ve been meaning to order for awhile now, so this interview providing more info about the background has motivated me to place an order. It is so important for all of us to go back towards a natural lifestyle that is better for us, better for the environment, better for our future. (inshAllah). Thanks for sharing!

  46. I love how she leads a holistic life and I strive to do the same. It’s wonderful to read about such an enterprising young woman. A lovely example for us all. I look forward to ordering and trying some of her products! Wonderful interview, thank you!

  47. Salam!
    Wonderful interview of a wonderful personality and budding business!
    Having used products from the Olive Tree Soap Company, and recently purchased products from the new Mens’ line (perfect for a gift!), it is great to know more about the beginnings of this company and entrepreneur. Businesses like Sobia’s provide an essential alternative for healthier and holistic living and a source of pride for the Muslim community. We should definitely encourage upcoming entrepreneurs and support Muslim businesses with such fantastic motivations and drive!

  48. Excellent interview! I have never tried these products and really hope to some day. I shall drop by Kaamilah at some point to see these beauties!

  49. These are beautiful. So great to see Muslims in business. I will buy these products and tell all my friends to support a fellow Muslim.

    • @Mounia- I also love to see Muslim women in business and support them as much as possible. It’s so important to do so and we can all benefit from the creative minds of other women.

  50. What a coincidence!! I recently started to research about natural soaps and skin products for personal use on amazon and ewg. Mashallah it’s nice to see a halal product on the market now! The olive tree soap company should start listing their products on amazon too! I would love to buy these natural products!

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