Noor Vitamins Halal Children’s Gummies & More Giveaway – CLOSED

One of the most common questions I get from moms is whether or not there is a halal brand of children’s vitamins. Some may wonder why this would even be necessary- what could possibly be in a vitamin product to render it haram (impermissible) in a Muslim’s diet? Well, for one thing, when you get into chewable products, most often times the cheapest ingredient in them to make them ‘chewy’ is gelatin, based from pork. Gelatin can also come from beef or fish, but it’s usually more expensive and if you’re not sure about the source of that animal product in terms of how it was raised and processed, do you really want that in your child’s vitamin or snack?

I go a step further and say, not only should we find something halal, but also something that is free of chemicals, harmful preservatives, colors and dyes. Additionally, this should be available for children and adults! 


In comes Noor Vitamins…


I came across Noor Vitamins several years ago when they first came out as a new product, but I’ve only recently tried them for myself- yes, I tried the children’s gummies vitamin. They’re not only delicious and fruity, but they’re vegan, so free of pork-based gelatin, they’re also gluten-free and preservative free, too. I wish these were around when I was a kid, but I’m so glad they’re available now for children- and I think it’s great that they’ve partnered up with Noor Kids (the awesome book series that teaches Islam in a fun, colorful and interactive way), to make their products fun and appealing to kids and their parents. 


Insha’Allah we’ll talk more about Noor Vitamins in the future, particularly the women’s vitamins, but for now they’re kicking off our #5DaysofGiveaways this March with an incredible giveaway for one randomly-selected winner, valued at $50.00 USD.

  • 1 Noor Vitamins Children’s Gummies
  • 1 Noor Vitamins Women’s Complete 
  • 1 Noor Vitamins Water Bottle
  • 1 Noor Vitamins T-shirt
  • 1 Noor Vitamins bag 

Available to those with US and Canadian shipping addresses only.


To enter, simply leave a comment about what you look for when selecting vitamins and supplements for your child/children and/or yourself. Is there something not on the market specifically for the halal consumer that you’d love to see? Let us know in the comments section below. A winner will be selected on Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 12:01 AM CST, insha’Allah. Check back at this page to see who that is.

Please read our Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering. Thanks!

Follow Noor Vitamins on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and CEO Mohamed Issa on Instagram for more details and information on their products. Use #5DaysofGiveaways to share this valuable giveaway with your friends and family!

[highlight color=”yellow”]UPDATE: Congratulations, Sana (, you’ve won! Please respond to our email inquiry within 48 hours to claim your giveaway.[/highlight]

29 thoughts on “Noor Vitamins Halal Children’s Gummies & More Giveaway – CLOSED

  1. Halal of course is the most important thing. I also look to make sure that the right amount of vitamins and nutrients are included, not too much, not too little. So great to know that there are great halal vitamins out there now!

  2. Honestly, the gelatin factor when searching for vitamins is, for lack of a better term, annoying. At this point in time I rely on nutrient-rich foods to try to meet my intake levels, but I have a little one who is a picky eater. This is the first time I’ve heard of Noor Vitamins and am very interested, would be great to try them out. And thank you for bringing awareness to this vegan brand!

  3. Halal and organic! These are the first priorities for our kids. My kids love gummies and all kind of jellies and thats what I would love to see in the market if they come as halal and healthy. Good to know about noor brand and would love to try them.

  4. I look for Halal vitamins from a reputable company. I have seen some 1 or 2 vegan gummies but I would prefer if there were a wider selection. I am glad I got to learn about this company as I had not heard of them before.

  5. I’m so glad there is a halal vitamin option out there! i just wish there were halal iron supplements. I know a lot of women, myself included, have low iron and would love if there was a halal option! It’s very difficult to find halal iron supplements that do not have gelatin in them.

  6. i look for halal vegan multivitamins for the whole family. I really want to find vitamins that are free from artificial flavours and preservatives and that can be of the purest form as can be. Also that are readily absorbed in the body.

  7. I look for halal and vegan ingredients without artificial flavouring agents in the multivitamins. Now a days finding halal mutivitamins that too the ones which kids would love are impossible. I am glad now we have Noor halal Multivitamins to help us with this.

  8. i look for natural products. I also check to see what kind of gelatin. My kids will be thrilled to finally be able to have gummy vitamins!

  9. I look at whether the vitamins have gelatin or not and if they are halal then that’s a bonus. I think the halal gummy noor vitamins are great. My son loves them.

  10. Honestly, I have looked everywhere for vitamins that are beneficial for my two year old. I have a very picky eater on my hands, who won’t even drink her milk anymore…let alone meals! I was on the hunt for vitamins that did not contain gelatin or other ingredients of questionable manner. Luckily, I found out about Noor Vitamins through their books. I tried it only once and they are amazing! I recommend them to everyone I know. The quality is amazing and the vitamins are very kid friendly too! I’d love to see an adult version of the gummies for us adults who forget to take their pill versions of vitamins. That would be amazing!

  11. Assalam o alaykum, as mentoned by other comentators….. gelatin is the first and foremost ingredient to look out for. Other than halal the vitamins should also be free of the top 10 allergens robe auitable for my kids. Noor vitamins seems like a good option as they are vegan and halal too. Btw I subscribe to noor kids mag…. awesome for kids

  12. I look for a chewable vitamin that doesn’t have gelatin and artificial sugars. My young girls take their vitamins religiously so it’s nice to know that they’re ingesting vitamins that aren’t chock full of the bad stuff. Also it would be great to find a chewable vitamin for my active adolescent daughter too!

  13. Looking for halal gummies is hard. Especially since there isn’t really a good source to find them. Aside to that finding the ones that have the right amount of nutrients and less in sugars. My daughter is super picky so finding something that she will be willing to eat alone is a blessing

  14. Basically they should be halal, organic, dye free multivitamins. I really want to find vitamins that are free from artificial flavours and preservatives and that can be of the purest form as can be. Also that are readily absorbed in the body with no artificial flavoring.

  15. The abundance of gummy vitamins has increased in the last several years, but most, if not all, are of the non-halal variety. There are some vegan sour gummies for kids that I don’t know if we should try. Mostly we order through amazon. Didn’t know about Noor vitamins. Would love some for adults too, especially adult gummies for this who cannot swallow the large multivitamins! Where can we buy Noor vitamins?

  16. There are two factors I look for 1)make sure the vitamin does not have gelatin and 2)made with natural ingredients. I hope to buy the Noor vitamins and would love to try the adult version! I will look out on where to buy Noor vitamins.

  17. Salaam dear sis! You’re so inspirational! I was ecstatic to hear about these halal vitamins! I need to order some for my kids ASAP! But Pleaaaaseeeee pick meeeeee!!!!!! I would be SO SO SO happy if I won! lol

  18. Haven’t tried Noor Vitamins but my kids LOVE Salaam Nutritionals. They are also halal certified, vegan, all natural, and use no preservatives. All of their products are gummies. I swear my kids are the pickiest eaters but since these gummies taste like candy my kids ask for them as a snack, LOL. Love supporting good muslim companies. They have a FB page too!

  19. Anything to help with diabetes or high cholesterol. My husband has been struggling with these and diet change is difficult for him but he is doing it 🙂
    A vitamin would maybe be a boost 🙂

  20. My kids love gummies! But i haven’t been able to find halal ones anywhere. So glad to see these noor vitamins. Will order them soon.

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