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CLOSED: Noor Kids Books Giveaway

The authors of Noor Kids books have a lot of experience working with Muslim parents and their children to try and determine their needs in a society where an Islamic education is not ready accessible or prevalent outside of the home. They find themselves responding to questions like, “How will my little Muslim child fit in?”, “How will she maintain confidence in her religious identity?”, “How can I make Islamic education relevant and exciting for my child?”

To answer these types of questions, Noor Kids is in the business of Crafting a Light (Noor) for Little Muslims!  They address the first problem, or question, “How will my Muslim child fit in?” through the Noor Kids Islamic Activity Books.

Through their playful characters – Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira – their mission is to engage little Muslims with 1) Islamic education: to utilize reason in helping educate children on fundamentals of Islam; 2) Muslim culture: to ensure children understand the breadth of diversity within the Islamic faith; 3) American integration: To build confidence in our children’s religious identity.

Characteristics of each of the books:

  • Features Islamic inspired stories and activities for 3-8 year olds
  • Created with help from 60 parents around North America
  • Designed to build confidence in religious identity for children
The key characteristics that make their books so special:
(a) Characters:s – Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira – serve as role models for successful integration for children while also making Islamic education more relevant and engaging for children.
Parent-Child Engagement: They create content, such as discussion questions and interactive activities, to spark in-depth conversation between parents and children about faith. (An example of this is the “In the Kitchen” series)
Critical Thinking: They stimulate children to use reason (i.e. their brain) to internalize Islam. Instead of focusing on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of faith (i.e. “What is salaat and how should I perform it?”), we focus on the ‘why’ (i.e. “Why do I perform salaat?”). (An example of this are the discussion questions)
Quality Design: They partner with world-class designers to create products that are comparable with other children’s media (i.e. Disney, Nickelodeon) to make Islamic education fun and exciting.
Progress of Noor Kids to Date

Alhumdulillah, their seven books have entered over 25,000 homes internationally! They’ve sold books into 25 different countries across the globe and have received initial support from the Harvard Business School and also received recognition from the American Muslim Consumer Conference and the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut. 

UPDATE:  Congrats to winner Um_omario please contact MHK as soon as possible with your name and mailing information. 

About the Giveaway

Noor Kids is giving away 7 books at $7.95 each to one randomly-selected winner. 

Giveaway ends on July 28, 2014 at 12:01 AM CST.

This product will ship directly to the winner. Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Winner will be asked for shipping information, which will be shared with sponsoring company. No P.O. Boxes accepted.

How to Enter

Leave a comment about why these books would be so important for your family and your children, even if you don’t have children now but would like to have them in the future, insha’Allah.

Please read the MHK Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering, as entering indicates you have read and agree. 

If you’d like to purchase Noor Kids books… 

Once subscribed to Noor Kids, you’ll receive four professionally designed activity books delivered per year. The cost

$19.99 + Shipping at If you use the code ‘MHK10’ to purchase Noor Kids books, they will get 10% off their order. 

To learn more about Noor Kids Books:

Check out the Noor Kids website.

Noor Kids on Facebook

Noor Kids on Twitter (@NoorKids)

Noor Kids on Instagram

If you have more questions about Noor Kids, contact the authors:

Amin Aaser – or Mohammed Aaser-


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  1. My kids love the CDs and this would make a great addition to the small but good Islamic book collection the kids enjoy

  2. My kids love stories specially Islamic books!

  3. My son loves to listen islamic stories after prayers.

  4. I don’t have children yet but I do believe that Allah will bless me with children when the time is right in the meantime I stock and prepare these would make a great addition to my little stock of stuff for my future children

  5. I recently met some sisters that home-school their kids. They recommended these books to me. I have been reading for my two year old since the age of 3 months. He always pick up a book for me to read before bed and I want him to choose from these books. I want him in sha Allah to be able to read books with Islamic values and Muslim characters.

  6. My two year old loves to read. I am sure he’ll love to pick up one of these colorful and eventful book that aims to making Islamic education. Books that are quick and fun to read and also contain vital lessons on Islamic morals, values would be a wonderful Eid gift for him.

  7. As salam o alaikum …. thanks for the info about the Noor Books. I never knew about it. I have 3 kids aged between 8 and 6. I would love to have these books for them. which would really help them understanding about our religion and culture.

  8. I have an 18 months old son. He loves to read his nursery rhyme books with me. Would love to have these in our house so that I can read them out to him and make him familiar with Islamic culture and values. Thanks a lot.

  9. My boys love reading books, the colours and pictures make it more exciting and they remember more, this would be a great addition to the books they have now and have an even more value to it as they will teach them about Islam and the way of Muslims…InshAllah

  10. I want to win thsee books as books play an important role in maintaining kids personality…and I prefer that Islamic books are the ones to help your child creating a strong bond with quran.,because if they will read stories related tor quran than they will automatically show interest in future towards quran reading. …My son really loves to read books…I bought him my first quran stories book and he really liked it and all the time read that book…May Allah make our kids pious and a good Muslim with health and Iman..Ameen

  11. I love the concepts involved in the making of Noor Kids books! I have been looking far and wide for suitable children’s books which not only exemplify our Islamic values, but also have Muslims as prominent characters, that my children can identify with. There is a sad shortage of these, but it looks like Noor Kids is working to change that, MashaAllah! My three and four year old children love animals and super heroes, and I’m sure these aspects of Noor Kids books will resonate well with them and make the series even more appealing. In addition to important content, the artwork is very well-done and attractive, providing a great method with which to communicate to children to whom it will appeal. I, and my children, can hardly wait to read these books!

  12. I can’t have kids of my own but I am a nanny for a lovely little girl that is just getting into reading. I would love for her to have a wide selection of books for her and her mother to read together and I’ve gotten rid of most of the books from my childhood. Reading is very important to me and I hope to have her grow up to love it!

  13. Asak..! Thanks for this.. These look so appealing for both my son and daughter who I plan to homeschool..

  14. It’s important for my nephews to learn Islamic values and morals through these books

  15. This is such an important lesson for us parents to integrate our little ones with our faith at a young age and books like these really connect with kids by their fun, colorful illustrations that relate to kids and also pass on valuable stories and lessons. Any kid getting this would love them.

  16. MashaAllah such a beautiful gift. Such an interactive way to teach kids about islam. Especially for the people living here in u s. I would love to have 1 just to make the teaching of Islamic easy, entertaining n interactive for my baby.

  17. My kids love to read and watch Islamic videos….This would a great Eid gift for them.

  18. My son & daughter love to read and learn about Islam.. They would love to read these books as well since they are easy to understand for little kids.

  19. My kids enjoy reading and I would especially like them to read Islamic fiction as it wasn’t readily available when I was growing up.

  20. Assalamu Alaikkum ,
    My boys love Noor kids books . As soon as they reach the book store in the masjid , they grab a Noor kids book which they haven’t read and beg me to buy it for them . When they are being good , I reward them with these books . They love all the characters and try to imitate their actions and statements . My proud moment was when my little one came & looked under my feet for heaven after reading about the Hadith from a Noor kids book . Ma Sha Allah ! Jazhakum Allahu Khayr for such a wonderful and educative collection of Islamic books for kids .

  21. Aslm

    I was actually thinking this morning that I would love to source some muslim inspired books tonread to my baby. She is only 8 months but I read to her as it develops their minds. InshaAllah i hopento win this prize and develop her brain islamically.

  22. Would love to give this to my nieces and nephews, and if it’s a success, i’d definitely buy more (maybe as Eid presents)

  23. Bismillah. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. These books would be important for my family and our children in order to cultivate a good Islamic foundation in them from a very young age, in sha’ Allah. I hope be happy to gift them to my nephew. We all would like to keep exposing him to decent Islamic learning material, in sha’ Allah, so that we do not fall short in his tarbiyyah.

  24. love to have it for my grandkids. It is important to teach kids about their religion and have them understand it at the young age.

  25. I have a 3 month old son and I would love to teach him about his background, his religion and disney fairytale don’t do that. Instead of teaching him stories about disney prince and princesses, which teach children that girls are nothing until they meet mr. right, I rather teach him something that will benefit him in this world and the hereafter.

  26. My library should be ordering the series, and I would like to show them these books so they purchase them and help the Aaser brothers continue their efforts. Additionally, I’m approaching the stage of life when I will have grandchildren, and I see myself reading to them from books just like these.

  27. I try to stock up as much as I can on good quality Islamic books. They especially help in the early years when teaching and building cultural identity in children is so important! They also love to spot “themselves” out in the world and books is a great way to show them!

    By the way, are you in one of the books, @Yvonne — My Halal Kitchen? That is so cool! It looks just like you…bella!

  28. I’d love to win these for my sons, they love for me to read to them and it would be great to add these Islamic books to our reading time.

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