Nara Foods: Mediterranean Products You Should Know About

Though longtime readers of my blog might already know this, but it bears repeating: I absolutely love, love, love Mediterranean food. I grew up with it, not really understanding that it had a title, other than Sicilian, but I had no idea that many other parts of the Mediterranean would expand my love for the twists and turns on Mediterranean foods that I did not grow up with. 

With wonderful combinations of flavors that often toe the line between sweet and savory and filled with choices that make being healthy not seem like a tradeoff, indulging in Mediterranean food allows you the pleasure of fine eating without the guilt and the mindfulness of taking care of yourself without your food tasting like cardboard.

Nara's Hummus
Nara’s Excellent Hummus Dip

Recently, I had a chance to sample a wide variety of Mediterranean inspired dips and spreads from an up and coming food company called Nara Foods. Nara makes a commitment to provide its customers with a healthy and delicious selection of gourmet dips using both authentic Mediterranean recipes and the highest quality ingredients without preservatives and artificial flavors– that’s very important. And, with options ranging from simply plain but delicious hummus to more intriguing varieties that include roasted garlic, baba ganoush, and roasted pepper, everyone in the family is bound to have their favorite to clamor over.

Nara's Hammara Dip
Nara’s Hammara Dip

In addition to their staple hummus product, Nara also offers Hammara; a Syrian inspired dip that is made of roasted red peppers, crushed walnuts, and just a splash of pomegranate juice that is unlike anything you have tried before. How unique and good does that sound?

While all of these products work well as a traditional dip for veggie crudités platters, chips and crackers, I want to challenge you all to think a bit more outside the box in figuring out new and unique ways to serve these spreads. For instance, instead of serving the kids just another peanut butter and jelly sandwich for school lunch, how about packing them a humus and cucumber sandwich instead? Rather than using mayonnaise in a chicken or turkey wrap, substitute a spread of roasted garlic or baba ganoush hummus for less calories and even more flavor. Be brave, feel inspired, and take risks with these products which will allow you to create new family favorites and possibly open up your taste buds to new and excited flavors.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Nara’s spreads, you use the website’s “Where to Buy” interactive map to find the closest retailer to you. Also, be sure to follow Nara on Facebook for the latest flavors and news about upcoming company events and promotions.


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