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My Special Announcement: I’m Coming to a Home Near You!

I’ve been really excited to make this announcement for months. With lots of projects related to food and cooking and much buzz around the My Halal Kitchen blog, I’ve finally decided to launch my In-Home (Halal) Cooking Classes in order to bring you everything I know about making every meal halal. I hope you’ll be as interested as I am excited to share with you what I’ve learned over many years of practice and experience.

Please click the link at the bottom to get the full details about the classes. Here’s a sneak peek at the page:

Learn to Cook Any Cuisine Halal in the Comfort of Your Home 

Sometimes, girls just wanna have fun…alone.  A girls’ night. Or afternoon. A reason to gather.

Food is a great reason.

Learning is another, even greater reason to gather together.

In the comfort of your home, I bring to you my expertise and clear explanation of how to do what you’ve always wanted to in the kitchen.  We can do classes with you and your friends, or even one on one– just you and me*.

For example, you’re not Mexican, but love a good burrito? Can’t eat them too often at restaurants because you’re not sure if they’re halal, right?  You can learn to make them yourself!  Same goes for a good lasagna or authentic Italian spaghetti sauce. Your kids love pizza and you don’t want to feed them sauce from a jar? Learn to make pizza at home and how to involve your kids, too.

Invite me over! I’ve got a lot to share with you…

Click here for all the details about my classes in your home (or place of business or organization).

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