CLOSED: Modern Wall Art Giveaway

I’m a huge fan of Instagram, mostly because I’m such a visual person. I like to get inspired by scrolling through the feeds of all the people whose photos I find so beautiful, whether they are traveling, eating or creating something special for the home. That’s how I came across Modern Wall Art, a family run company creating special, unique and beautiful Islamic inspired artwork as a family run operation. I met with the founders and family members to learn more and share with you because I think you’re going to absolutely love this.

About Modern Wall Art

Modern Wall Art is very different from other companies selling Islamic art in a few ways. For one, each piece is handcrafted and so no two pieces are exactly the same. This ensures quality, as they do not mass produce. They’re able to provide attention to every item and make it of the highest quality. Second, which I really love, is that all items are made in metal and stainless steal and not the typical wooden pieces everyone is used to seeing; all items are made in modern calligraphy which is not commonly seed today.  They offer custom work, as every piece can be modified to fit your requirements. What’s more is that they can also duplicate any artwork and modify it to fulfill your personal needs. A really cool feature is that all their items are in 3D, giving the pieces a rich and heavy look but at 1 – 3 pounds per piece, they are not heavyweight so won’t take down your whole wall when hanging!  

Modern Wall Art takes Islamic artwork to the next level by really focusing on what their customers want specifically for the spaces they are decorating. When I met with them, I was impressed by the personal contact they made with their customers to understand their space completely and fit the style and form which would make most sense in their space. I even hope to have them over when I’m done with my own home renovations, to help me choose a space and the right piece of artwork for that space.

 I absolutely love the gold pieces, but stainless steel is hard to pass up when you’re upgrading your home to something ultra modern or urban chic. 

They even made a remote operated LED Islamic piece for a customer who requested it, which is the first known of its kind to be made by any other artist in this field. You can see more of their process on their Instagram feed.

Background of Modern Wall Art 

Modern Wall Art (MWA) was founded by Syed Abdul Rahman who resides in Lincolnwood, IL with his family. MWA is a family operated business and primarily run from home. Syed is in charge of managing Sales and Marketing while his parents, Syed Abdul Quyoum and Ayesha Yasmeen, oversee the manufacturing and packaging.  Syed’s wife, Mehreen, also helps with publicity and manages social media for MWA. The company was founded in 2005 when Syed’s family purchased their first home and while renovating it, they realized it was almost impossible to find contemporary Islamic art of good quality in the Chicagoland area. Syed immediately started working on a stainless steel Islamic piece for his home and, over time, made a few pieces for family and friends. However, it wasn’t until November 2013 that the company started producing in greater quantities and serving a larger audience. To help Syed’s retired parents with day to day expenses and stay occupied during retirement, Modern Wall Art turned from a hobby into a full-fledged business. 

About the Giveaway

Modern Wall Art is giving away one piece of artwork to a randomly-selected winner. The giveaway is valued at $139.00. The  winner can choose between silver or gold and the style from one of the photos above. Giveaway ends on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 12:01 am CST.

All you have to do is leave a comment below about where in your home you would place one of the pieces of artwork photographed in this post, and why.

Please read the MHK Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering, as entering indicates you have read and agree. Enter a relevant comment as a form of entry. 

This product will ship directly to the winner. Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Winner will be asked for shipping information, which will be shared with sponsoring company. No P.O. Boxes accepted.

Remember to follow Modern Wall Art on their social media pages, too!

Modern Wall Art Facebook page

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Modern Wall Art Etsy Shop

Note: My Halal Kitchen was not paid to review this product and did not receive the product free of charge. The opinions expressed here are those of My Halal Kitchen and its writers.


Update: This giveaway is now closed. Please join us in congratulating the winner, Anam Saleem!

Anam, please contact us immediately with your mailing address, thanks!


187 thoughts on “CLOSED: Modern Wall Art Giveaway

  1. I would put this in my living room for my mother to see it everyday. Something like this would be a perfect mother’s day gift for her and I know she would love it. My mom had a stroke back when I was 14/15 years of age and alhamdulilah she is still alive today. But she in a wheelchair at the moment because her left leg is weak and needs physical therapy which we aren’t able to afford at the moment. Any gift that I get her brightens her day, whether its coffee from dunkin donuts to taking her out to the spa. But most importantly, I would put this in the living room because she spends most of her day there. I want her to see it and remember her daughter, her faith, and remember to be grateful for everything that happens.

  2. I would place this beautiful piece of art Masha Allah, right in the entrance of my house. That way one would see it and it would automatically remind us to praise Allah upon entering and leaving our home. Having Islamic verses and arts in the entrance and hallway always reminds us to ask Allah to protect our homes when we enter and when we leave.

  3. Fantastic modern art which I would love in every room of my house! I would particularly like the silver Allah at the head of my bed as a constant reminder of His mercy as the last thing I see as I fall to sleep and the first thing I see as I awake to face the new day!

  4. This is beautiful. My baby niece has been a new addition to the family. I would love to give this to her parents as a present for her aqeeqah, to be put in her room. I think the silver would look beautiful with her green walls inshaAllah.

  5. I would love to keep it near my front door as it is a very beautiful reminder of Allah n my family can see n remember Allah every time we come n go out of the house …..

  6. I would place it in my living room where it would be a constant reminder of my Lord. It would serve as a warm welcome for me when I return home from a long day and serve as a piece to make me remember what is important

    • I would Iove this for my bedroom.a constant reminder wen I go to sleep n awake DAT allah is wt me everyday every step of d way

  7. This beautiful piece would go in our prayer room, where I plan to place it right in the center of where I will have smaller framed names of Allah around it. Hope I win! Think it will be the perfect piece! πŸ™‚

  8. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where all the food and energy you create will be eaten and thus gives you livelihood. It is also where the family spends most of the time cooking and cleaning together, so I would put this in my kitchen to always remind me Allah swt is there and He is the provider!

  9. I would hang it in my diningroom as everyone uses this room and it is a good reminder to share. MashaAllah they are very well done.

  10. I will hang it on the wall in my entry way so whenever anyone enters… especially my kids, they will b reminded of Allah ((swt) and all his blessings He has bestowed upon us and as a reminder to give thanks and always take HIs name.

  11. I’ve been looking all over for modern styles of Islamic art! I would love to win this! I need a few pieces for our living room and I would love to display this on our focal wall!

  12. I would place it in my family room. The glass one would go perfect with the other decor. It will remind us to mention Allah name every day for everything he has given us and be thankful.

  13. I love this art because it’s so unique. I would hang it in my living room, such a wonderful focus point!

  14. I would love to place it in my living room where it can be a constant reminder to me of the beauty in Islam and so that it will also invoke curiosity in the people who enter my home. Also to help my niece see beauty in Islamic art and not just pretty prayer rugs. There is so much beauty in this art, it is bound to draw people.

  15. I would hang this in my living room as a reminder of how my life has changed. I have been living in a one bedroom apartment with a very active baby for a long time now with an almost-absent father (it’s not his fault, he’s a surgery fellow and has crazy work hours). Things have been tough for us but inshallah bi’ithnillah we are finally moving into a townhouse in July where I’ll have more space and my baby can have his own room. This wall piece will serve as a constant reminder to me for staying humble and grateful and remember our hard times when we have better days inshallah.

  16. Bismillaah, there is a wall space facing my front door that I really would love to hang it there. It would be a great reminder that whoever enters the house would be reminded that in this house live the worshipers of ALLAAH, The Only God deserved to be worshipped. Baarakallaahufeeki.

  17. I would hang it in my family room since we spend the most time in that area. It’s beautiful & bring us to remember Allah at all times!

  18. These are just indescribably beautiful! I would love one steel piece for the landing in my new home where I have placed a lonely birch tree branch.

  19. AA,
    I would put it in our living room where we spend most of the time. It will be a constant reminder to myself and my family. We are always teaching our kids and remind a ourselves that no matter where we are we have to be conciliar that Allah(swt) is watching us. So don’t act differently when you are among people and when you are alone. Whatever we do, be mindful of Allah(swt).
    This wall art will kind of represent that teaching.


  20. I would love to win this it will be a great great gift for mom as she always reminded us of Him and how great He is. And that would definitely make her happy

  21. Well done on these pieces, very modern and at the same time a great reminder of our Almighty Allah swt, would love to hang it in my living room, would make my living room shine and a great reminder to everyone entering our room, thank you I wish I win :):)

  22. If I won I would not put this in my home, I would give it to my mother-in-law to hang in her home. She gives to everyone and every organization that is in need. When she found out that the children in Egypt were cold because of the rare storm that hit the Middle East back in December, she was the first to run out and buy blankets and collect donated clothing to ship out.

  23. I would hang it over the mantle above the fireplace in our living room as a reminder to all who enter who we serve in our home

  24. I’m finally able to purchase furniture for my apartment and I am looking for some nice artwork and the beautiful gold Allah would go perfectly in my living room & match my colors. I like this piece because when I look at it what else do I think of but God. Rememberance of Allah & great discussion piece.

  25. I would love to win dis piece of art as it has caught my eyes on fb and I have d perfect namaaz room for such a stunning piece. I would really love to win it as d price to purchase is abit high for me.

  26. Asalamu Aleikum,

    My husband and I just moved into our first house Alhamdulilah. This artwork is beautiful mashaAllah. I would put it in our living room, above our corner fireplace which has a big shelf/mantle above it. It would be seen from our kitchen while prepping, as well as our dining room. It would be a constant reminder to anyone coming into our home from the front door as well.

  27. I would love to out it in the family room of our new we embark on a new stage of our worldly life, it will serve as a reminder that our focus should never stray from Allah(swt) The One and The Absolute! May Allah (swt) guide all of us!

  28. I would put it in my bedroom for a constant reminder that Allah is watching! plus i love that kind of decor and the gold one goes perfect with my decor! hopefully I win Ins Allah

  29. I’ve decorated my living room with my kids’ art work. My daughters do beautiful calligraphy and one of the wall displays their work. I will display this art on top of the fireplace, away from my daughters’ art to have its own space and not overshadow my kids’ work.

  30. In sha Allah if I win it then I would definitely put it on my bedroom wall. Beacuse then it would be the last thing to see before I go to sleep and first thing to start my day with.

  31. Assalamo alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakathu

    I would choose the black one because it’s such a deep colour and I would hang it on the wall I see as I enter my house reminding me it is bythe grace of Allah I have returned home from being outside and it would remind me to read my duas as I enter the house.


  32. I would place it in my living room above the fireplace because I would like it to be a focal point. And also my granddaughter has just learnt to say Allah. So it would be for her too. She has just turned one.

  33. SubhanAllah Beautiful piece of Art work.. Hats off to you..
    InshaAllah if i win, will def put it up on my living room, as we spend most of our time there.. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚

  34. So beautiful! I would in sha Allah place it in the center of my apartment (main/living room), for it has the most traffic and the most activity. Every person who will come through my door will have the ability to see it and in sha Allah be inspired. I also do most of my studying/other work/downtime in my main room and being able to take a second to look at this will inspire me and never let me forget <3


  35. I am expecting and would love to put this in the baby’s room so he can wake up to this beautiful piece of art.

  36. Any wall or room would be enhanced by this beautiful art. It would remind you that everything begins and ends with Allah swt.

  37. Very nice piece of calligraphy art, I would love to place on the entrance wall which is bare right now so I could see Allah’s name when I enter my house in sha Allah!!!

  38. i would hang it on my door to my front entrance. i have been thinking of adding some art to the main entrance. so many non believers hang wreaths at christmas and bunny pics at easter. I think presenting ISLAMIC art in a similar manner would really represents our family being Muslim. proud muslims, in a contemporary manner.

  39. What a beautiful piece! If I dont win, I will definitely be putting on my birthday list! I LOVE LOVE this. I would place it in my kitchen. We have a small breakfast table where my 2 year old son and husband sit down every day for breakfast. NO ONE is allowed to sit anywhere else. Breakfast time is our time to talk, make sure every one is in a good mood and most importantly thank GOD for our blessings. Not everyone has the chance to sit for breakfast with family.

    This piece will go in my kitchen, next to the breakfast table where we can all look at it every morning!

  40. Mashallah, its beautiful πŸ™‚ We just built our home and have nothing on our walls. I would want Allah to be the first item on any wall and I would place at the top of my staircase as a reminder to each family member why we wake up and are here everyday!

  41. I would put it in my bedroom. I only hang my beautiful kids artwork there so it is time for some adult artwork too.

  42. I would love this gold one and I will put it in the entrance hall way, so everyone sees it, it’s a beautiful art MashAllah, it needs promotion. Love it πŸ˜€

  43. Maa sha Allah ! This is so beautiful..I would like to hang it in my living room (the most busy area) of my home so that we can remember to do tasbeeh of Allah even more every time we get our eyes on this so gorgeous Wall art hanging sha Allah!

  44. I would put it in the living room, that way everyone could see it…would also serve as a great daily reminder

  45. It’s one of the most beautiful art piece I have seen I would hang it on my main door for all to admire

  46. I would put the silver in my living/dining so we can always see it and always have a constant visual reminder of what this life is all about and for.

  47. I would hang this beautiful piece of art in my family room, for the whole family to enjoy. My family room has a double story wall that we have been trying for a couple of years now to decorate. This piece would be the perfect addition.

  48. I would place it in my main foyer to see it every time I enter my house and so my guests can feel blessed when they see it too!

  49. I jst came across yor page on facebk.masha allah yor work is beautiful.i wud love to hav it in my living room as its been a couple of months since i shifted to my new home.have been on the lookout for the perfect wall art fr my living room n i think i finally found it on yor page.keep up the good work

  50. I would hang it in the main living room where we usually have talks and programmes and have guests over.

  51. I would place this beautiful art piece in my family room. It would be a constant reminder, and it will keep my family and I in the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala. Alhamdulillah.

  52. Absolutely love this artwork, also when I messaged them a while back, I could tell they valued quality and took pride in their work. Mashaa Allah, beautiful pieces, I wish I had one πŸ™‚ There is a wall in my dining room just waiting for one.

  53. First of all i want to thank you so much for given us an oppurtunity to have one of these stunning wall arts because not everybody could offer something very special for his/her home. I am engaged and we will marry with my fiancΓ© in october this year insallah. Both of us are students and unfortunately we are forced to buy necessary stuff for our new home beacause our budget is limited and decoration articles are not in our budget. I would place this wonderful art piece in our diner room to remind everybody who see’s it that everything we become is coming from Allah (subhanawataala). It would be a great reminder for our new life together and I would love to have one.
    I wish every brother and sister good luck. May Allah bless youre company! Amin.

    (Please ignore my grammatically mistakes, I am turkish and live in Germany.)

  54. Assalaam alaikum wrwb.. This wall art piece is really attractive . I would place it in a place where everybody’s sight would reach ,especially children so that they may look n admire the name of Allah n also start loving it as it’s written in such a beautiful way. In sha Allah.

  55. My fiance, is retutning to the US soon and will be living with my family when we marry. To make our area of the house feel like his home too, I am making a wall collage about us as a couple with “M β™‘ J” as the focal point. I think one of this piece of Islamic Arabic Caligraphy will be the crowning jewel of this arrangement. InshaAllah I’ll win and surprise him with this.β™‘

  56. We have printed and drawn one on our wall in the kitchen. It looks so nice. If we were to get an amazing artwork we would have it in the living room i front of the entrance. Wow it would look so beautiful!

  57. I would put it in the living room. because that’s where everybody is and I would put it above the television so you can see it all the time

  58. Wow. I am always looking for modern Islamic art work. I would put this in our dining room. This is where we spend much of our time!!

  59. I would put it in the foyer of my home as a reminder to myself, and anyone entering my home, Inshaa Allah

  60. Salaam, I would inshallah give this as a gift to my parents to hang in the family room of their home, where they spend a lot of time.

  61. Love it, mashallah! Would put it in my living room which is being repainted this spring!!! It would be a beautiful focal piece.

  62. These are absolutely stunning! It would be a hard decision on where to put it however. I would consider as the focal point over the mantel, or the biggest wall in our family room.

    I love it!

  63. I would place this in the hallway/ entrance of my home, so this becomes the first image and builds and atmosphere of my homelife

  64. AoA

    I would put this on my main focal wall in my lounge as I face it and it would be a beautiful thing to gaze upon my God’s name all the time and be reminded not to despair or worry.

  65. I would hang it in the entry way of my townhome so that the first thing people see when they walk in is this beautiful piece of art… instant conversation starter, and what a better conversation to have than about Allah & beauty?

  66. I would hang it in my porch, this way all who enter my home will be reminded of Allah swt, the omnipresent. I am proud to be a Muslim and I am sure that a focal point such as this would invoke discussion with all visitors to my home as well as remind me of my duas when entering and leaving my home.

  67. I would hang this in our entryway. I believe it would be inspirational to all those who enter and it would also act as a beautiful reminder to our family as we leave and return to our home.

  68. Salaams to all. I would place this in my kids bedroom for protection and It would give my kids a sense of closeness to Allah swt our creator in sha Allah. Kids should be told that there is nothing to fear when Allah swt is near. Xxx

  69. As salam…first of all beautiful art Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT bless u and ur family. I think I would put it on the wall next to my bed. For me it would be the last thing I saw before going to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. Reminding me to do dhikr beforeI go to sleep and when I wake up. Begin myday and night with remembrance of my Rabb.

  70. I honestly would not know where to place this gift should my name be picked at random – as Allah(SWT) is all around me, but the front entrance of my house would be the likely place to assist in greeting all my visitors with not just As-Salaam Aliakum to the ears but the name of Allah(SWT) for the eyes.
    What better greeting could my guests ask for?

  71. I love all their pieces. They look absolutely amazing. I would hang it in my living room so you could see it as soon as you walk in.

  72. I would put this in my prayer room. I’m in the process of remodeling it and this is exactly what I need. I’m doing a modern Moroccan theme. It’s beautiful, chic and very appropriate for the room. I love them and they’re also a very good conversation piece for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

  73. My husband and I have just bought our first home and with renovations on the way I would honestly say this would be a perfect final touch to every room in our house Insha Allah!

    However, to answer the question..I would propose to put our ‘first’ work of art on our bedroom wall. Seeing it first thing every morning and being the last thing we see before we go to sleep at night, will be a beautiful reminder. The remembrance of Allah will be constant..which it should be β™‘β™‘β™‘

  74. i’d put this in my bedroom, right across from bed so it’s the first thing i see when i wake up and the last thing i see before going to bed–because sleep is a microcosm of our return to SWT. =)

    • I would place this in the living room so it will be the focal point of my family since we spent most of our time there. And the focal of anyone entering my home as Allah should be the focus of everyone’s life.

  75. Salaam, This art work would be an asset in my front room on the wall that kibla is, reason being as I read my namaz five times a day and my ibaadat is done there. Having this unique art work would providea sense of security and a reminder of Allah Subhana Tallahs presence and blessings on my home and family. Alhamdulillah

  76. salam alykum

    i would really like to win this art i would hang it up in my living room where it is a constant reminder to everyone that without allah we are nothing

  77. SubhanAllah!! They are very beautiful! I would place them in my living room. So, as soon as you open the door, it will the first thing my family will see. Its a beautiful reminder of Allah swt.

  78. Assalamualaikum, i am from Germany and in my City we wohnt find such Instegram, and i dint have any at home , i love to be the Winner of this giveaway! I will inshallah Place in my Hall towards khiblah in didrevtion go Mekkah. “”””””” INSHALLAH “””””””””. πŸ™‚

  79. Simply beautiful. I would hang in in front in the living room. So, everyone see this when they enter the house.

  80. I would showcase this gorgeous piece of modern art in the center of my bedroom’s wall, as I often find my gaze falling upon that part of the room; to have it met with such a beautiful sight each time it happens to do so, would be a very much appreciated pleasure throughout the daily life I live in servitude to our creator.

  81. Mashallah its a beautifull wall art. May Allah swt give you ajar and great reward for giving it away for free and a lovely way to spread the reminder of who we belonge to.
    I would like to win this insha Allah for my mother and i would display it in her living room or if my mother would prefer it in her bedroom.
    Jazzak Allah

  82. I’ve recently moved in to a new place and this beautiful art piece will fit perfectly at my dining area where it’ll be a constant reminder to us, as we have our meals together, that all that we have received, be it food, shelter, clothing or family, they are all rizq from Allah swt. JazakaAllah.

  83. I would place it in my family room right over the fireplace. So whenever someone enters that room, it will be automatically noticed, admired and the centerpiece. Artwork is beautiful.

  84. As a revert, I love to surround myself with anything regarding Allah and Islam in my soul, outside my home, and in my home. I believe that in every living thing, every landscape, and in every unexplainable thing you can find the remembrance of Allah. This can also be accomplished with art, such as the piece featured in your blog. The word Allah alone is so beautiful that having it displayed in your home not only beautifies the home but allows for the remembrance of Allah to constantly be present for anyone to view, Muslim or not.

  85. I would love to put this beautiful artwork in my foyer so that it is the first thing you would see inshaAllah!

  86. I would luv to hv this for my beloved mum, to hv it place on her bare wall of her house. Its simple but exclusive, modern but meaningful & attractive.

  87. If we are fortunate enough to win, this beautiful piece of art would be hung in our living room directly across from our front door. This way, it would be the first thing we see when we enter, but also a beautiful reminder reflected in the mirror beside our door as we leave our home.

  88. I would like to place this wonderful art in the foyer of our house, so every time anyone comes in they see and it reminds them of their duties in this world.

  89. I wouldd place this in my dining room as a reminder of who puts food on our table everyday alhumdulillah

  90. I will place it at main wall of living room of my brand new house.I just moved in this 6 month ago,that wall is still empty because I am looking something exactly like that modern and islamic peace of art.

  91. Assalamoalaikum beautiful and clean work I must say MashahAllah if ill win it inshahAllah then ill hang it in my living room I have been looking for this kind of art stuff but its always costly for me. Let’s pray inshahAllah I’ll win

  92. We are moving house inshallah if everything goes well and have been looking for the perfect Islamic art to add to the centre wall of the family room. All I have come across so far are wall stickers or art made of wood, however have been looking for something different/ unique and contemporary to go with the style of the house I would like to create. I have a young family and what a great way to inspire them with such stunning art work and definitely a piece all family and friends will be eager to order to .

  93. i will place it in my tv lounge because we spend most of our time there and placing it there will remind us that ALLAH is watching us every moment n whenever we will look at this automatically word ALLAH will be read by our hearts.

  94. InshaAllah in my hall way by the front door,so everyone in my house ,and everyone who enters can remember Allah and admire it , even the postman

  95. I just came across this product couple days ago I love how differnt and unige they hare I will place it right on top of my new fire place I would. Luv to win this in final moving into a new home and this will be great so that everyone who sits in the room will remeber then name of Allah inshalla I win

  96. I love this type of art and I like Halal Kitchen, as well. I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina and hopefully some time soon you will be able to ship giveaways to Europe.

  97. I would hang this art in my living room so that anybody that came into my home would be blessed to see this.

  98. Assalamualaikum. SubhanAllah amazing wall art. I would love to hang it in my living room. Where everybody can have a look at it. As it will be a quick reminder for everyone to prays Allah and the beauty which lies behind his name. SubhanAllah. Surely all praise is for Allah. N one more reason because I want it To remind me and my family that Allah is always there for us no matter what and he would always guide us and he knows what is the best for us. Surely he is the best planner.

  99. Allah Azza Wajal loves beauty and there is nothing more beautiful than the calligraphy of his words ~ I would hang this piece specifically near my foyer or entry/exit in my home as a daily reminder for not only myself but my children, family members & guests as they filter in and out of my dwelling to have remembrance of their creator in shaa’Allah –

  100. I would hang it in my hall above the door to the livingroom, so that everyone that enter my house can see the beauty of the meaning of the word Allah. Also that everyone can see that i’m a muslim cause I’m dutch πŸ™‚

  101. Actually i would give it to my sister, because i have been following there work and its amazing and i recently told her about them;My sister loves stuff with the name allah on it. so if i were to win inshaa allah i will give it to her so she can hang it on her mantal. inshaa allah

  102. I’ve been looking for modern Islamic art since we are almost near the closing of our first house. I want couple of art pieces to put in various parts of the house for my kids to get inspired and realize. That how important role our religions plays in our lives on daily.

  103. I would love to put it on top of my apartment door to remind me to assalam angels everytime i enter my apartment insha Allah…. If there is no one in the house there are aangels so plz give assalam to angels

  104. Insha’Allah I would put this artwork in my living room where our family prays our daily namaaz, and it would be the focus of our purpose in life as we exit and enter our home and for those who are our guests it would show our identity.

  105. What amazing art MashAllah! I would love to put up one of these beautiful pieces in my foyer so that everytime we enter the house, it’s the first thing we see. My husband and kids will love it!

  106. They are beautiful and – if I win one in sha Allah – I would hang mine in my living room so every visitor can see and enjoy and remember Allah!

  107. Masha’allah you have created such breathe taking artwork with well defined outline.
    I work as a Primary teacher in a School. I would be honoured to win a piece of your artwork to place in my classroom for all the children I teach. The children in my class Y2 are from different cultures and religious backgrounds. The children always enjoy asking interesting question and to start each lesson of the day with this beautiful artwork on my wall would be admired and reminded of our creator at all times. This artwork would be ideal for the wall where I pray in my classroom.

  108. I liked the wall art and to be frank i had seen one of this type a huge one in my aunt’s house which she got from saudi i searched and looked for it but couldn’t find it.
    I love this type of wall art , looking at it makes me feel peaceful and i am sure would make others also feel the same way who visit my house and my family members for Allah has to remembered at all times and looking and reading it will certainly do that. I plan to place it in our living room where it would be visible to everyone and also because it is the same place where we spend most of our time.

  109. hange this in entry hallway as the person coming to my place must know that he or she is entering into a muslim territory πŸ™‚

  110. If I was to win this wonderful piece of art I would hang it in my front hall way where my family and guest come in and out of my home so each and every time they enter my home they will be reminded that All Praise is due to Allah and nothing exists without Allah knowing. It would make our home a more of home feeling for my husband and I.

  111. Marshallah I love this art work I’d love to hang the silver one in my new extension a contempory Palestinian inspired dining room. I have a wall begging for such an inspirational piece if modern but traditional art . Please it would be our honor to show off such a magnificent art

  112. Love it! I would put this piece in my dining room, so you would see it right when you enter through the front door. I’m following them on FB and twitter (@fairyfractal). Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  113. We are newly married and also a new convert. We do not have much decoration in our home and would love to have something like this beautiful artwork showing our love and devotion to Islam.

  114. I would hand it at the entrance of my apartment so everyone who walks in will see it as the first thing and add barkat in my house as well.

  115. the stainless steel is so chic and modern ! who wouldn’t love that as an addition to their home? There’s a spot at the end of my hallway screaming for something just like this!!

  116. The organic and beautifully fluid form of Allah’s name is too beautiful to be in a corner or limited to a room . It should be placed on the front door of the house for all to see and be a testimony to faith, beauty and sinplicity of our religion.

  117. I would place this above my tv. I have a large open wall and have been needing something for that space. It’s the focal point of my home, this will be perfect!

  118. I would love to place it above my dinning table as a constant reminder to say Bismillah and Alhamdulillah every time we start and finish eating it would also face the living room were it can be visible from all the parts in our home.Good luck all

  119. I would love to win this piece, I have been looking for islamic wall art to put in my living room for years but everything is really expensive so haven’t been able to purchase, my living room would brighten up immensely with this in it.

  120. I have a space in my living room behind my bug sofa that I’m looking to put islamic art or canvas and if I win that is where I would put it. It’s just beautiful

  121. I love these! I was planning on buying one for my sister and brother in law as a wedding present…maybe I will win it instead in shaa Allah!

  122. This piece if art is so unique and special that it needs to be placed on a wall where there is nothibg else, so it stands out. I would put it on a narrow wall right at my entrance so it catches the eye as soon as you come inside the house

  123. I would love to hang it in my foyer. It would be the first and last thing to see upon entering or exiting my home. It will also act as an announcement to people that they are about to enter a muslim home.

  124. I would love to place it above my fireplace. Its a central area which fills the house with warmt and makes me comfortable and relaxed. The feeling i also became when i reverted to islam.

  125. I would love this wall art. I just moved in to a new home and I have a wall in my living room that os calling for some art and something like this would be great. I really don’t have anything that shows our wonderful Islamic religion

  126. Truely speing I didn’t see yet such beautiful and at the same time simple and amazing art pieces. I always go for simple things and I just love these examples. Am sure there be more and as beautiful as this, In Sha Allah. If I would win one of those I would love to place it in the living room as we spent there most of the day. So that my growing daughter would feel that one more thing makes home a bit more like Islamic home. πŸ™‚

  127. MashAllah it’s so cute..I would love to have it hang on my prayer place. I don’t have anything hanging on my wall….it would be wonderful piece of art…..also would be remind me of my lord….

  128. Salams, I pray you are well. I had a majlis at my house yesterday. Alhamdulillah it went well but I had been searching everywhere for unique pieces of islamic art to hang on my walls. Due to budgetary and time constraints, I could not do anything to the room. I have a living room space with bare walls that opens to my kitchen (where the sisters sit and where I spend most of my time). I would choose to put a silver one up in the dirrction of the qibla and hope it can help myself and our guests with dhikr! JAK πŸ™‚

  129. I would place the art piece in my bedroom so that after I open my eyes, and take a deep breath, I will be reminded to thank Alllah(swt) for giving me another day to live. Then at bedtime when I look at the piece I will be reminded to thank Allah(swt) for letting me live another day.

  130. Salam, this is gorgeous, MashAllah . It would go wonderfully with my mirrored dining room, buffet/server. I would place it there , to remember to say bismillah, before every meal.

  131. I would love the silver and gold to place in the entrance door and the praying room to remind Allah most of the time, in shaa Allah.

  132. I would place the artwork in my living room, above the fireplace. It’s such a central space where we spend lots of quality time together as a family. With our first little one on the way, I’d like to have the name and/or words of Allah displayed in a place that will remind all of us always of our Lord, most High, insha Allah. I am happy with any color, as they are all beautiful pieces, mA.

  133. I would love to have it put up in the entry, for many reasons; foremost being that no evil can enter where there is Allah Subhanaotala’s name. My home decor is modern so would prefer Stainless steel look πŸ™‚

  134. I would put it up in the living room. There is a wall I’ve kept for an art that reminds everyone in the house of our beleives. I’m glad I found your page! Absolutely in love with your prices.

  135. AsSalam Alikum,
    I would put this beautiful piece of artwork in our breakfast/dining area. It will be visible from the kitchen as well as the living room. And it will constantly remind us of Allah. Perfect size for our home!

  136. Salamun aleykum!
    I would hang this piece of art up in my bedroom. Every morning and every night as I wake or sleep, it would allow me to reflect on the fact that everything begins and ends with Allah cc.

  137. This decor is so elegant and beautiful.I will love to place golden one ,in my living room that has brown and earth tones.God bless the designer!

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