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Introducing My Halal Kitchen by Video

I have been so eager to share this video with you! It was intricately prepared for and filmed just before heading out to the AMCC event where it was shown for the first time. I hope you like it and offer your feedback in the comments section of this post. Thank you for all of your heartfelt support that gave me the encouragement to finally make this video!

In case you don’t get the audio of this video, here is the complete text:

Asalaamu’laikum (peace be upon you)! Welcome to MyHalal  I’m Yvonne Maffei and on my site you’ll find recipes and suggestions that fit your halal lifestyle.  My recipes are quick, straightforward and easy to make. I’ll introduce you to producers of top quality produce, sustainable meats and poultry, artisanal cheeses and more. I’ll even test out kitchen tools to help make your cooking experience even better. With all this and more, you’ll always get the very best of what’s cooking in my halal kitchen. Come on over- you’re always welcome here!

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  1. Yvonne! The video is wonderful! I am so looking forward to seeing more! Mashallah!

  2. This is wonderful!! I can’t wait for your next video updates!

  3. Awesome video Yvonne!!! Now I am anxiously waiting for your next video update :)

  4. Yvonne, the video is awesome Mashallah!! And everything looks so mouthwatering!!! Congrats on the job well done.

  5. I’m looking forward to the next video and if its going to be on you tube I’ve already subscribed. I love reading you emails and testing your recipes.

  6. Loved the video at AMCC, Yvonne. So this means you’ll be joining us at Sameer’s Eats for some episodes, right? :)

  7. Now the world can “see” Yvonne whenever we feel we miss her! Thanks for making this video, so that we can more fully appreciate your My Halal Kitchen blog! Or is this the beginning of the vlog?!

  8. Job well done…what a great inspiration for others. So looking forward to more videos i’A.

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