My Interview with Golden Room (UK Website)

Recently I was interviewed via Skype by a British woman named Dr. W.J. Tuinstra who resides just north of London. She is the Editor in Chief of Goldenroom, an Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations, and wanted to talk to me about how I started My Halal Kitchen and why. I love this topic and any opportunity to talk about things that unravel the mystery behind the concept of halal and why we as Muslims embrace it.

Something interesting about the conversation is that she told me where she buys halal meat about 10 miles away from where she lives, the halal meats are cheaper and fresher than the grocery meats. I hope one day I’ll get a chance to get over there and visit.

If you’re interested to read the transcript online, please visit this link and it’ll take you directly there.


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  1. As-salamu Alaikum! I’m so very happy I stumbled upon your blog! I did a google search for alcohol-free tiramisu when I found you. I’m a Muslim convert, my husband, Usama, is from Egypt. It was difficult in the beginning of our relationship to shop for food, having to stop and read the ingredient list of things I never had to think twice about in the past. Now, of course, I know what’s safe to get for everyday items but I do still check labels on things I’ve not previously purchased. Finding alcohol substitutes is always tricky. But I love turkey-ham and turkey-sausage. Turkey-bacon is okay, but not quite the same as its haram counterpart.

    Thanks again for sharing your info!
    Ma salama

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