Inspiration for the #ToasTiteRamadanRecipes Hashtag Event

Recently I announced our fun new event where you’re invited to share your recipes using the Toas-Tite vintage cookware product that quickly makes fun pies- both sweet and savory. This Instagrammer has cleverly used a kanafa recipe, a Middle Eastern dessert, and prepared it in a Toas-Tite. How smart is that? Apparently, it was pretty popular and a great inspiration for all of us to make quick (cooking about one to two minutes on each side) and easy things for Ramadan meals and desserts.  Take a look:


A video posted by مطبخ جنى (@janaaa1433) on

To enter, simply upload your photos to Instagram, Twitter or our Facebook page using the hashtag #ToastTiteRamadanRecipes. Don’t forget to tag @ToasTite and @MyHalalKitchen, too! To read more about this, check out this post.

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