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How to Ripen Fresh Barhi Dates

During Ramadan, we all love our dates so much and typically lean towards the Medjool and Deglet Noor variety. Barhi dates such as those shown in the picture, are a special and very seasonal breed found available at many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean markets.

This Ramadan, you may catch a glimpse of them and if you do, grab them and take them home, but ripen them carefully. Of course you can try eating them when they’re “fresh” and crunchy, but they are silky and smooth when they bruise, or ripen over a few days. If you don’t do it right, they could simply turn to mold and skip the golden process of ripening. Simply place them in a breathable container or bag on your counter for a few days and watch each date ripen on its own time. If you wrap in plastic, they could produce mold, since that reduces the amount of air circulating around them.

Pick when each one is fresh and eat as desired. Quite honestly, they’re the most pleasurable (to me) with a good tiny cup of Arabic kahwa. It always feels like Ramadan when the two are seen together…

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  1. I have many many many many yellow dates that were given to me after the were cut down. They are still yellow and stiff, how can I get them to darken and ripen? I have some still on the branches after they were cut from the palm tree. I have hung them outside in the sun, Is this a good thing? Will they ripen if I leave them outside? I have put many in plastic bags and have left them outside. I live in the desert where the were cut.

    Thank you,

  2. I have some as well, a few did turn dark and were great, but 2 weeks later most are still hard and yellow, and they are wrinkling/drying out. Any ideas?

  3. The quickest way to ripen them is to place them in a paper bag, freeze them overnight, then thaw them the next day. They will ripen immediately. Enjoy!

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