Organize Your Kitchen Using Labels

By Angela Gomez

Many of us who consider kitchen their workplace know the importance of keeping it simple and organized. The first step in the successful kitchen organization is meal planning. And, of course it is much better to write your plans down on a piece of paper, or simply use this printable weekly meal planner.


Now that you are ready to tackle the wonderful job of meal preparation, it is important to know what you have in your pantry. Using labels to label jars and boxes that contain dry food such as rice, pasta, flour or sugar, can help you keep your pantry organized, and saves you time from going through bags and bags of different ingredients to find the one that you need. I found these really cute.

When we cook food for our families we are always trying to make it as healthy as possible. Maybe one of our family members is gluten intolerant or is on a low sodium diet, so it would be convenient to label their lunch boxes with food packaging stickers that will make them easily distinguishable.

If you decide to reorganize your kitchen and pantry using these handy labels, be sure that you’ll be rewarded. Once you organize your food, you will avoid clutter, and save money and time on shopping for unnecessary supplies. And most importantly, you will have all that saved time to spend with your family and friends.

Check out the Food Packaging Labels website for more free printable labels.


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