Help Me Find a Halal Pastry Class in Paris!

Reader Q: I’ll be in Paris for two weeks this upcoming June. Is there any halal pastry class around Paris that you could suggest me? I really want to learn the best technique in preparing pastry. It will be better if the class is conducted in English. I really need your help. Thanks in advance. – M. A.

MHK: Okay, everyone- do you have any ideas that could help a fellow reader? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. As-salam. I am not actually answering the question, but I hope my experience would help. I am currently studying Patisserie in Melbourne, and very much like to adapt the knowledge into producing Halal products. My instructors at school are very understanding, they would let me use my Halal gelatine, or substitute to lard and such. I suggest that you talk to them and them know. All the best.

    • hello
      i am very interested in halal pastry school
      may i know the name of the school where you are studying in melbourne??
      thank you

  2. Asalamualeikom, I’m studying pastry in paris at the moment, and I can honestly tell you there ain’t any halal pastry out there. I mean if you buy a criossant or baguette there is nothing haram inside, so therefore halal. But if you’re looking for cakes, I’m pretty sure there is some sort of gelatine inside and it’s definitely not agar agar coz it costs more than regular gelatine and the outcome is different as well. And for tarte there could be pork fat in the tart dough so you have to becareful.

  3. I go to school at Ferrandi paris, it’s one of the best cooking school in paris alongside with cordon bleu and Le Norte, but again, you are going to have to deal with gelatine. A lot of stuff uses gelatine in French pastry, whether it is chocolate cake, mousse cake, or even some Lemon tarte contains a little bit of gelatine. I hope it helps.

  4. For that kind of classes you have to search for private individuals such as housewives or go to one of the oriental(north african) pastry shop and ask. They definitely will know.

    • Hye,

      Do you happen to know any housewife or private class that serve this kind of service? Its good if its halal class.

      Thank you

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