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Heading to the Eat, Write, Retreat Conference

Next weekend, insha’allah, I’ll be attending a really interesting weekend conference called Eat Write Retreat in Washington, D.C.  I’m so excited about it because I’ll get to meet other food bloggers, participate in a cooking competition and learn more about the craft of food writing and photography in order to bring you the best content possible. One of my favorite food writers, Monica Bhide (author of Life of Spice blog) will even be teaching a class on Culinary Writing. I cannot wait to meet her!

In addition to bloggers, there will also be some food and product companies I’m sure you’re familiar with, too: Oxo, The Mushroom Channel, and even the National Watermelon Board my favorite summer fruit)!

I’m also really blessed to be sponsored by Saffron Road to attend the workshop. I was thrilled to be asked to be their brand ambassador at this event and thought it would be fun to share some questions and answers about why they’re sponsoring me to attend (and I thought you might be interested to know, too).

p.s. there’s a giveaway at the end my conversation with Chief Halal Officer, Adnan Durrani

MHK: Why have you chosen My Halal Kitchen as a brand ambassador for Saffron Road at the Eat, Write, Retreat conference?

Durrani: The extensive list of shared values between Saffron Road and My Halal Kitchen made for a simple choice in brand ambassador selection.  The passion to create authentic culinary experiences that are Halal and at its core stand for ethical consumerism, is a mission that both our organizations are devoted to actualizing. After all, Saffron Road and My Halal Kitchen aim to offer 100% natural food choices, which are also holistic, sustainably farmed, and either antibiotic free or organic.

MHK: What does Saffron Road hope to achieve as a result of being involved in food blogger conferences such as Eat, Write, Retreat?

Durrani: Tapping into the food blogger community is certainly a priority for our brand. We understand the value of developing real relationships with influential food bloggers such as My Halal Kitchen, as providing them with information that’s valuable to both them and their community. Bloggers are powerful marketers for brands; their words create a social echo because their message is amplified to their social graph and beyond.

The shared exploration of cooking, writing, and photography that Eat, Write, Retreat provides, is an ideal forum for My Halal Kitchen to not only educate other bloggers about Saffron Road, but the retreat also lends itself to being an invaluable educational experience – there is wisdom in the counsel of many.

MHK: What message do you want everyone to have about your company, especially those who might not know about Saffron Road?

Durrani: Saffron Road’s brand values appeal to a much larger base than just Muslims and our marketing strategy is not limited to  just the Muslim consumer – we estimate that as much as 70% of our consumers are not Muslim, but premium multicultural shoppers. A testament to our approach is validated in the book (where Saffron Road is mentioned) “Marketing to the New Majority”: “The numbers are in… and they cannot be ignored: 112 million ‘ethnic’ Americans; 36% of the country; 50% of the under 18s!”- Robert Barocci, CEO, Advertising Research Foundation

Our mission is ethical consumerism – to restore the sacredness of our food and its relationship to us, Mother Earth and our Creator. Saffron Road’s values also support our brand’s innovation as follows:

  • Ethically sourced, humanely raised meat from family farms and pasture-raised livestock
  • 100% 3rd party verified: Halal, Antibiotic Free, Gluten Free, Certified Humane®, Enrolled in Non GMO Project
  • New Pouched Simmer Sauces à less carbon footprint, reduced food waste

We are the only Halal certified brand in the world that is also Certified Humane by HFAC (Humane Farm Animal Care), insuring that the livestock we source are from family farms dedicated to humane animal care and welfare of our food and environment. We clearly demonstrated the power of brand equity in Saffron Road when we emotionally connected with Halal consumers and mostly non-Muslims via their core values. Through our socially responsible partnership with the Whole Planet Foundation, we were able to assist numerous local entrepreneurs uplift themselves out of impoverished communities and to have a direct social impact on improving humanity.

MHK: Are there any specific products you think food bloggers (who are also recipe developers, chefs and photographers) would be especially interested to learn more about?

Durrani: I think there are two Saffron Road product lines that foodies of all kinds would find very interesting. First being, Saffron Road’s newimmer Sauces because they provide the convenience of creating great meals in only a few minutes, with flavors capturing the best of world cuisine. They are also packaged in a no waste, easy to use, single serve pouch because reducing our carbon footprint is important to Saffron Road. The second product line, Saffron Road’s cooking broths, celebrate the time honored tradition of using culinary ingredients and kettle cooking, and are perfect to use in your own favorite recipes. Using 100% Halal gelatin and naturally free of glutens and MSG, Saffron Road’s all natural broths make every dish more flavorful!


Would you like to try some of the newest Saffron Road products for FREE?  Simply leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win several coupons and samples of their new Simmer Sauces!  Contest ends May 3, 2012 (12:01 am). U.S. residents only.

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  1. So nice to see Muslims working towards halal, ethical and natural food :)

  2. Thank you for this great website. It makes my life (and cooking) a lot much easier! :)

  3. A very good interview! I am now more inclined to purchase Saffron Road, impacted by this interview. I feel that I learned more about the company and it’s values than just another big corporation trying to fill a niche for profits. By the way, I would be pleased to try the Moroccan Tangine! Looks delish!

  4. you’re welcome- I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed it and can’t wait to hear how everyone likes the new products!

  5. This site has been such a wonderful inspiration to me! Thank you for all the great ideas! Salaam.

  6. I’d love to try the new simmer sauces inshaAllah. I think they would be a great quick meal (like during Ramadan).

  7. I am in love with Saffron Road since the first time I spotted them. They have great products and even better, they are a socially conscious Muslim company. The new product sounds wonderful, can’t wait to try them out.

  8. Love your tips and ideas. I didn’t know about Saffron Road products – will be looking forward to get my hands on some. Is it available in Canada ?

  9. I LOVE Saffron Road I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in the future!!

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