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Halal To Your Door {and a BBQ Box Giveaway}

It’s one thing to have halal meats available at my local grocer, all nicely packaged and ready for me to take home to cook as needed; it’s a whole other pleasure to have it delivered right to my door- literally.  And that’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing with Taaza2u, a Chicagoland halal meat (and other grocery items) delivery service of Barkaat Foods Delivery Truck

This summer I began ordering items online and over the phone from Taaza and then receiving my box of meat varieties in a neat and clean box that was hand-delivered and brought right to my door. When I opened the box, every bag of meat was labeled according to the type of meat in the package as well as how many pounds in each one. I specified over the phone and online how I wanted each one ordered- for example, 5 pounds of ground veal (yes, they have halal ground veal) in one-pound bags. It’s amazing how easy that was.

Cooking Taaza Steaks on the Indoor Cast Iron Grill

All of the meats that Taaza offers are dhabiha (slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines) halal: beef, chicken, veal, lamb, goat. Great variety and cut to order. If you don’t want a lot of fat on your steak, for example, they’ll cut it off to your specification. It’s halal meat your way. Which I love.

Grilled Steaks with Herbs de Provence (recipe in the Ramadan Recipes App for iPhone)

This summer my whole barbecue experience was different because of this delivery service. It actually made things so easy for me that I didn’t feel like there was any extra effort to have a gathering because 1) the meat was delivered to me; and 2) their BBQ Chicken Box was already seasoned for me.

Preparing the Grill for Some Amazing Taaza Steaks

I don’t typically like anything pre-seasoned, as I like to do it all myself and prepare a marinade, but on this particular weekend I was  super busy and didn’t have anything prepared for the amount of people we were serving. The seasoned meats were great- not salty and not too spicy for the folks who really aren’t interested in spicy hot foods (although I’m sure if you asked them to spice it up more, they would probably do that, as they really strive to satisfy the customer in every way possible).

Tandoori Chicken on the Grill

In fact, my family loved the meat so much, they are still talking about it and word has spread among family members that they are going to begin ordering the meat for its taste and quality and that the delivery service is just a bonus. They are big on BBQs throughout the summer, but they also know good meat when they taste it- and they had no idea that the meat comes from local farms straight to Barkaat Foods where it is processed fresh and cut to order then delivered to customers- they just knew by the taste and how it cooked that it was not your average grocery-store meat product.

Tandoori Lamb Steak on the Grill

My father-in-law got pretty excited about the lamb steaks, which we made into tacos with homemade guacamole, pico de gallo and fresh tortillas. Delicioso…

Some meats I did prepare ahead of time, like these steaks marinated in citrus, olive oil, garlic and onion for a recipe that’s in our Ramadan Recipes App for iPhone.

They came out delicious and juicy.

Cilantro-Lime Marinated Steak




A sampling of Taaza’s products

About the BBQ Box Giveaway wants you to be able to get cooking, too so they are generously giving away a box of their Marinated Chicken BBQ Box to one reader of My Halal Kitchen!

What’s your ideal BBQ type of meat and cut? Do you do anything special to your meats before preparing to BBQ it?

To enter, please read our  Official Giveaway Guidelines page first then add a relevant comment in order to be entered.  Entering indicates you have read them. Giveaway ends at 12:01 am on August 17, 2012. (Winner need not be in Chicago to enter, but Barkaat Foods will only ship within the U.S.)


*Disclaimer- I received the BBQ products gratis from but was not paid to review them

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  1. I love to grill marinated tandoori chicken legs and thighs.

  2. I love bbq-ing chicken thighs, lately with teriyaki marinade. If you buy split thighs, the cooking time is less and the meat is still delicious.

  3. Duane Middlebrook

    I like BBQ Beef brisket the best. Chicken is just OK. I always use a dry rub before putting the meat on the grill.

  4. I like chicken, ground beef and lamb on the BBQ. We always marinate our chicken before grilling and reduce the cooking time so the meat stays tender.

  5. **Mouth Watering** What a great giveaway!

    Those pictures of the food you prepared are amazing, mashaAllah! Especially the cilantro lime, hmmmmmm 🙂

    I must say BBQ meat is one of my favorite foods. I personally love a good grilled steak seasoned simply with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. I also like kofta kababs, which I season with salt, pepper, mint, onion, garlic and allspice. Hmmm….okay fasting a talking about this is really challenging, lol!

    As a family, I’d say chicken is probably a favoite of everyone. I like to experiment with what I marinate it in: Jerk, teriyaki, garlic, curry, masala….anything with a good flavor.

  6. Btw….are those peaches or necterines that were being grilled in addition to the meat, pepper and onions? What type of peppers were those?

  7. This looks amazing, but how do you order and where do they deliver to? All over the US? I clicked around on their site, but no order form… and the link to order qurbani is erroring. Would love to try it though.

  8. My ideal meat is Beef Ribeye steak. I like to marinate it overnight if possible or for one hour if short on time with some Johnny’s seasoning salt.

  9. this Sounds Great i love BBQ , my favorite is Lamb kebabs marinated with onion parcel y and cumin , paprika , salt , and Black pepper or Chicken kebabs with the Cuban spice and Lime! both are very delicious.

  10. I love a good steak on the grill, marinated overnight of course!

  11. Another great find for halal foods! Spotted one of their trucks yesterday in Chicago near Pulaski and Addison – definitely got my attention. Love a good tandoori chicken. 🙂

  12. I love a piece of tender grilled chicken, oh and a juicy burger! Can’t go wrong with either one.

  13. My favorite type of bbq meat is chicken. Mostly legs and then boneless pieces. marinated well with tandoori masala and red pepper and salt, turmeric powder added to enhance flavor.

    LOVE BBQ chicken with rice and lentil curry.

  14. I bbq everything. Chicken, steak and fish. Smile My favor way to prepare the chicken is to marinate it over night in apple cider vinegar and olive oil with my own seasoning blend. Then put it on the grill. This is especially good for the chicken breast as it makes them soft, moist and tender. I have never make my own tandoori chicken, but would love to give it a try.

  15. I’m certainly not picky! If it’s Halal & from the Grill it’s all good.
    Although I must say, a good 1″Thick Steak simply prepared, just seasoned with coarse salf and freshly ground peper then grilled to perfection, is the thing my dreams are made off!!
    I’m looking forward to placing my order at and I’ll definatlely be visiting ‘My Halal Kitchen’ for new recipes when they arrive.

  16. What an interesting idea , to get meat at your doorstep whenever you want it…..always thought ,it was so convenient to do that,since back home in India,its taken for granted that food can get delivered at your doorstep.If this idea catches on here, we could avoid those days of crazy rush to the store amidst the cold winter for a can of milk, meat etc.I have seen this van pass by many times, little did I guess it was the chicken leg going for a ride….Thank you for enlightening us, now if this van passes me again , you can expect a big grin from ear to ear & the relief that its reaching some home to warm hungry hearts itself is a prayer indeed:)

  17. My favorite is tandoori chicken and the marinaded one from Taaza2u is the best.

  18. I like to have Chicken wings on the barbecue. I like to marinate them for just about 30 minutes to an hour with tony chachere’s spice and herb seasoning.

  19. I love to bbq chicken legs/thighs, I usually marinate the pieces in my own homemade tandoori spices. garlic/ginger paste, salt, cayenne pepper, turmeric, garam masala, lemon juice and some yogurt. the chicken gets nice and flavorful and stays moist after you grill it.

  20. Debra Smoker-Ali

    My family enjoys BBQ and with my recent grill purchase this would be a great oportunity to use it. I love to grill lamb chops and steaks and try various seasonings but have a great dry rub that i keep going back to.

  21. On the grill, I love chicken tandoori or turkey burgers.
    Jazakallah Khair to those at Taaza2u.

  22. Sonia Syed Rehman

    It feels like a dream to have halal meat delivered to doorstep. We live in WV and there is no halal meat market in Huntington so we end up driving to Lexington, KY to get meat. May Allah flourish this business and they start shipping to other states too, ameen.
    For all muslim brother and sisters who can benefit from them, enjoy this blessing!

  23. We enjoy chicken breast and beef burgers on the grill. Usually marinate the chicken with tandoori spices. A little shan masalas a long way!

  24. I like grilling chicken quarters, marinated in regular BBQ sauce mixed with some honey, pepper sauce, and lemon rind – sweet, spicy and tangy all at the same time alhamdulillah! Chicken seasoned with yogurt and tikka masala does the palate well too.

  25. we use tandoori masala and grill chicken legs/thighs.

  26. Love to grill stak to medium well done with the gyro chicken patties… umm umm good.

  27. We dont get to much summer here in the northwest, but when we do I put the grill to work! Meats, veggies, kabobs, you name it! Marinated meats are my fav.

  28. I love to use chicken, whether whole or in parts like legs, breast, etc. I usually clean the fat from the chicken. Next I’ll either marinate the meat or rub it with spices choosing flavors I’m craving that day (could be arab, indian, mexican, etc).

  29. I love cooking chicken on the grill, especially marinated jerk chicken and Brazilian chicken thighs – although I can’t stand cleaning chicken thighs and quarters, ugh!

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