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Halal Kitchen Demos at the ISNA Convention: All Four Recipes

The ISNA Convention is over and I’m still reflecting on the wonderful experience it was.  I’m simply amazed by the level of interest and excitment everyone had for My Halal Kitchen. We set up shop at the Crescent Foods and Halal Healthy booths to conduct four total cooking demonstrations and to promote the halal recipes on this site, as well as sell our custom embroidered aprons. We gave away our signature measuring spoons, MHK recipe cards and the recipes I developed for the grilled chicken samples.

I met so many wonderful, happy and friendly people who stopped by to say salaam and were intrigued by what we were cooking up. I guess that’s what happens around food! It was so much fun to see people mesmerized by the fresh herbs decorating our demo table. They wanted to smell the rosemary, touch the thyme, and study the marjoram they’d never seen fresh before. Needless to say, we now have hundreds more subscribers to the site, growing our online community of halal foodies right here at my halal kitchen! (Scroll down to get links to the recipes demonstrated at ISNA)

MHK Measuring Spoons: Tablespoon on one end; Teaspoon on the other

Grilled chicken recipes demonstrated at the Crescent Foods booth

Day 1: Mediterranean Spiced Grilled Chicken 

Day 2: Citrus-Herb Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Tomatoes & Feta

Appetizers demonstrated at the Halal Healthy booth

Day 1:  Baked Phyllo Cups with Sauteed Mushrooms in Warmed Goat Cheese

Day 2: Rice Paper Rolls with Mango & Shrimp Stuffing and Orange-Lime Asian Sauce

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  1. awww I was in a lecture at those times! Sorry I missed ya, apperently there was a lot more sisters I knew that I didn’t get to see =( But AlhamduliAllah I learned a lot.

    • I’m sorry we missed you, Holly. I thought for sure we’d catch up. It’s ok, insha’allah another time.

  2. Mediterranean Spiced Grilled Chicken was sooo yummy mashaAllah! So many levels of flavor and you could taste each one as you chewed. Yum yum yummy! Def. trying this recipe out for myself this week inshaAllah. Btw I already used the measuring spoon – too cute! I gave one to my mom and she thinks its adorable and said ‘makes sense..these are the measures I use most often’. Great idea =)

    • Thank you so much, Shaheen. I’m incredibly happy you enjoyed it. Keep me posted if/when you make it yourself!

  3. Where can I get the measuring spoons from?

  4. Your set-up looked so beautiful that I can see why people were driven to your booth. You did a great job with the sign, just like we would do at Banana Rebublic, originial . Everything looked perfect and the bags and your tags looked very personal, like you owned a store. You really out did yourself (and I wasn’t even there to help you), but after looking at the pictures of the table and the food, I have to say that you really have to give yourself a lot of credit because you and the ladies that helped you did a fantastic job. I can see why people were all driven toward your table- it was very attractive, well-centered and organized. You guys should have won an award for the best table there! What a wonderful job! Things will now start going forward for you because you have been working hard and it shows. You are going to be the next Julia Child! Love you so much, Mom.

  5. AoA. Thanks for participating at ISNA. I have already tried the grilled chicken but it wasn’t as good as your samples! Although my family loved it, I thought it came out too herby. I missed the prep part of your demo but I see from the pictures that you don’t show as many herbs on the final chicken pieces as I had. I will try it again. Also, if you chop all the herbs, how do you remove the rosemary after marinating? P.S. I used 1/8 tsp cracked black pepper and used 3 TB lemon juice for each lemon. Were those correct amounts? Thanks.

  6. P.S. will the aprons be available in colors other than white? White will not hold up in my kitchen. Thanks

  7. Assalamaleikum Yvonne, I would love to attend one of your cooking demos. Any plans of holding one in Toronto ? Also, I was wondering if you could guide me about some blogging etiquette. I’m going to attend a Cooking Demo this week and I was wondering about the proper etiquette for blogging about it. Should I ask permission before taking pics ? Do I need to let the chef know that I’m a food blogger ? Any advice would be highly appreciated. Jazakallah Khair

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