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Halal Food is Coming to Baltimore, Maryland at the Muslim Food Fest!

I can’t believe how many halal food festivals are popping up around the world and the country this summer- how exciting and fascinating for those who have never experienced halal food AND for those of us who seek out halal food as part of our daily food hunt!

I recently learned about the Muslim are hosting the DMV’s very first halal food festival. Although I’m sadly not able to attend, I am very eager to support their efforts to bring the best of halal food to everyone in the area.

Buy your tickets today!

If you’re in the Baltimore, MD area, get out and join the crowd for tasty halal food and family fun, all while witnessing history in the making as Halal Food Nation with the help of Shalimar Garden will be aiming to set the Guinness World Record for the largest kabob in the world.

Do you think they’ll be able to do it? 

I just wonder who will eat all that meat?

Wish I could be there to see it in the making…

The Muslim Food Fest will take place in Baltimore, Maryland on June 22nd from 12PM to 8PM.  Please visit their website for more information at or email us them:

All proceeds will be going towards benefiting the Al-Rahmah School Educational Trust


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  1. MashAllah! Yes because muslims can not eat Haram food. This is a very nice news for every muslim.

  2. Shareef Abdu Nur

    As salaam ua laykum. Unfortunately, I found about this festival to late but would love to attend the next one Insha’Allah. Please keep me advised of any upcoming Islamic events. Jazakallahu khairun. As salaam ua laykum.

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