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#MyHalalDinner Reader Photos

Recently on the My Halal Kitchen Facebook page, I decided to ask everyone there to share what they were having for dinner, as I often do because I’m so curious about what you’re all eating! This time, however, I created the hashtag #myhalaldinner for this ‘event’ and asked everyone to submit photos and tell us what the name of the dish was since it’s always so fascinating to me and many others on the page, too.

A lot of people have been asking for the recipes to go with these photos, so if you’re the creator of any of these recipes and/or you’d like to submit something else, please do so by going to the page for Our Global Table: Ummah Kitchen Recipes section of the website. Doing so gives your recipe a chance to be featured on this website as long as all the directions are followed to ensure a complete and accurate recipe.  As stated on that page, please submit at least one photo plus your well-tested recipe with ingredients and full instructions following standard measurements. If you’re using metric, please use those as a secondary measurement option. You can go to this website to convert measurements and include both. 

I can’t wait to see what’s on your plate for the next round of #myhalaldinner options!

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