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If you haven’t heard of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet or the book’s author, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, you may want to pay close attention. He’s one of the first Muslims in recent history to call people to live a more eco-friendly existence, all within the practical and sensible teachings of Islam. His book also serves as an incredibly great teaching tool for those who may not be familiar with the intrinsic values of Islam as it relates to caring for our planet in obedience to the commands of the Almighty.

I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon his website,, but once I found it, I was stunned, excited and impressed with his common sense approach to living a more eco-friendly life while also serving as a revival of  the true spirit of Islam.

I truly enjoyed the whole book, but for purposes of discussing food — gardening, shopping, eating  in an eco-friendly way, I’ll briefly call attention to the points he makes about those subjects- I want you to win and read the book for yourself  (see more info below)!

Not only does Abdul-Matin advocate for urban and community gardens,  the treatment of animals during life and at the time of death are paid close attention to in the surrounding chapters. I was particularly moved by how he describes the proper slaughter of an animal- nothing rushed, but with a pause in between to reflect on the sacrifice that the animal has made for you and I to have food in our bellies.  Not only is it the polar opposite of factory farming, it’s also a far cry from the rushed method of handling animals in some of the better facilities around the country. Pairing practical and technical techniques of these types of things related to our food with the Islamic imperative surrounding them was truly a reminder of the simplicity, natural beauty and inherently green deen we have in Islam.

Abdul-Matin also dedicates several pages in his book to some of my favorite Muslim business owners. These food producers are trying their best to do things the halal and organic way, to meet the standards of tayyib, or pure: American Halal Co. (producer of Saffron Road foods), Green Zabiha and Whole Earth Meats— not only are they producing high quality halal meat products, they’re also some of the nicest business owners you’ll ever meet, all with a social entrepreneurial spirit about them.

You’ll need to get the book to read more on the fascinating topic of living green as it relates to the Islamic imperative, and chances are you won’t be able to put it down. It’s an easy read worth your time– and a great conversation piece, too.

Here’s how you can WIN a FREE copy of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet…

I’ve teamed up with Ibrahim Abdul-Matin to bring you your very own copy of the Green Deen book, signed by the author himself!

You just have to do two simple things:

1) If you haven’t done so already, you must be a subscriber to My Halal Kitchen (it’s free and easy to do:


2) follow me on Twitter:


3) Tell us your best tip for keeping a green kitchen.  Just describe in a sentence or two what you do to be eco-friendly while cooking, cleaning, or stocking up in your kitchen. The author and I will discuss all the answers and choose the one we feel is the most ‘green’ and in line with Islamic principles. No need to be Muslim to enter, just show us your best tip– most green living tips are already in line with this deen, or religion!

All answers must be posted HERE in the comments section, not via email, Twitter or our Facebook page.

Offer expires March 5, 2011

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  1. Salam, I was just wondering, so people who don’t use Twitter are automatically disregarded from taking a part in winning the book? =(

  2. I wet my sponge and put it on high for 90 seconds in the microwave to kill all bacteria in it, so it’s ready to use over and over again

  3. @Fatihah: no one is ever disregarded here! Thanks for bringing this to my attention- it was supposed to say ‘OR’ Twitter, not ‘AND’. So, please enter!

  4. Book sounds amazing… to know more about green deen….actually Islam is only the religion which teaches the basic day to day living things…..simple like nails cut to ghusul to many more… to more form that book about eating and gardening….A small pot of fresh mint/Coriander plant in the corner of the kitchen window…helps in letting aroma filled air and keeps away flees….the smell of fresh mint in the kitchen sets u r mood…..and fresh leaves are always handy while cooking…..:-)

  5. We use 50% – 75% organic. As much as possible we try to use local farms which in our case living in PA means going to Whole Foods in the winter. Spring, Summer and fall we have an abundance of farm markets.
    We made the switch several years ago to cleaning as much as possible with vinegar and baking soda 9for our children’s sake) otherwise we use brands which are Eco Friendly and believe me that’s not always easy.
    We have no plastic in the kitchen. Glass storage only for leftovers. Kids have reusable lunch wraps and stainless bottles for their water. I am more proud of my kids when it come to being green. They are never afraid to speak out and let someone know how to “green up”!

  6. assalamualeikum..i have to thank my mum if now im living in an “green”way.she teached to me to respect everything:nature,animals,flowers etc..even if she is not as muslima,me and my husband,live in a small house with a garden,have 8cats and 1 dog,eat halal food and organic meals as possible….use homemade cleansers…..Allah knows better!

  7. In our house its a work in progress. We keep adding to our habits as we learn more. Currently we recycle and it turns out our bin for it is as large as our trashcan. Kids also use empty cereal boxes (covered nicely) to hold paper for drawing. that way the paper is used (both sides) before being recycled. Would love to read more in this book to incorporate even better ideas of living green. Would love to grow herbs and veggies, but definitely don’t have a green thumb.

  8. Follow u on twitter @hybrid79 & Facebook I use abounded top compost which makes it very easy to compost no excuses:)

    sultansmom at gmail dot com

  9. We are a work in progress as well. Currently we use reusable stainless steel water bottles and reusable grocery bags. The plastic bags that we do have are used twice over. Also we purchase CFL lightbulbs and are replacing them around the house as they blow out. I hope to stop using chemical cleansers and switch to vinegar mixes soon.

  10. We currently recycle, we also have a compost going on. I follow you on facebook.

  11. Salam, I want to share one tip with you all is i keep the baking soda in the refrigerator to avoid odors. Make sure the box of the baking soda is open a bit. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    Nazia Islam.

  12. the obvious ones are use less water as possible, we usevtube light and not bulb, we sit on floor and share in a plate, try our best to use as least gas cooker as possible, solaf panel heating is available and recently stocked alot of water saving devices from water supplier.

  13. Wow, the book sounds amazing! I know that if I don’t win, I’m going to buy my own copy! Alhumdulillah, we have two ways of going green in our kitchen. The first is that we have a mint garden right outside our kitchen window. The reason this helps us go green is because not only do we almost always have fresh, crisp, organic mint, but it eliminates the use of air freshners and aerosoles, which are harming to the environment.

    Another way that we are green is that we try to eliminate as much waste as possible. We have a small container next to the sink, and anything that is organic or decomposable goes in to the container, which is then used as compost for our small vegetable garden. This has helped us immensely in our efforts to keep the environment safe. Previously, we would have about one large bag of garbage a day. Alhumdulillah, with the combined effort of our whole family, we have decreased that number to two bags in three days.

  14. Cynthia Clouser

    What is so good for me is my children are helping me with cleaning, recycling, and conserving in all the ways we can. We never waste food. We clean the kitchen as we go(cooking,prepping) and we use any thing that is a natural cleaner such as vinegar(with lemon oil) baking soda as an abrasive to clean the sink,refrigerator,and stove. Once a month one of us “spring cleans” the kitchen, cupboards and all. I put the glass shelves and storage parts in the dishwasher for extra sanitizing. We stock the kitchen with only what we need,to eliminate spoilage and waste, and shop as needed for fresh ingredients.

  15. We always use homemade cleaners, as well as making sure that what we cook is halal, and growing as many of our herbs and vegetables that we can. During the winter we grow herbs inside…and the kids love tending to the plants. They also smell amazing :) My favorite cleaner has got to be cider vinegar and water mixed together instead of using the ‘over the counter’ window/glass cleaners. To clean my microwave oven if there has been the occasional explosion, I wet a dishrag and set it inside of the oven and turn it on for about a minute and then I can wipe down the interior with generally no trouble. Alhamdoulillah :) (I follow you on Facebook.)

  16. Thanks for all the great comments with your tips so far, everyone! Please be sure to spread the word about the giveaway and just note that to be eligible for the book you must either be a subscriber to MHK or a follower on Twitter. We’re not inlcuding the facebook page in this giveaway, but sure are happy with all our friends and discussions over there! Thanks, everyone :)

  17. Salaam,
    that sounds like a great book!!
    For us, it is a work in progress. We try to use less meat (smaller portions and not eating meat every day), collect left-overs and make a new meal from it, try to use less water, recycle (paper, plastic, batteries etc) , use our own bags in the supermarket instead of getting plastic bags over and over, use old plastic bags as ‘trashbin’, cook from scratch instead of packages and ready-made meals, try to use less water. We also cook electronic and shut down the electricity and let the food simmer for a while without heating it any more.
    Well, I just hope somebody can use any of these tips. :)

  18. Salam, I usually think in kitchen of multi water use, for Ex, after i wash rise, pasta, or any starchy food I irrigte my home plants with the washing water to both save water and add nutritional supplements too.

  19. We’re still kind of new to this eco-friendly way so it’s like one thing at a time. Nevertheless alhamdulillah we now have 2 separate bins in our kitchen -and pretty much all over the house: an organic one -that later we process to fertilize our garden, and an inorganic one for plastics and whatnot. We also try to limit the usage of plastic bags and always bring our own bag when we grocery shop. Oh we plant our own spices and some herbs too so at least there’s something pesticide-free in our diet -we’re planning to plant some more plants soon inshaAllah.

    PS: I’ve already subscribed to MHK =) <3

  20. I try to do my part in saving the planet by making small changes in the kitchen and when shopping. I recycle paper, plastic, and canned containers; use a completely full dishwasher to wash dishes (not using “hot water” and heat to dry them); not using paper/plastic products when hosting guests for lunch/dinner parties; buying in bulk whenever possible; and reusing plastic bags at home and putting unused plastic bags in recycling collection bins.

  21. I compost and also I place the faucet lever on the kitchen sink in the cold position when using water. Placing the lever in the hot position uses energy to heat the water even though it may never reach the faucet.

  22. When I use butter for cakes, I use the wrapper to butter my pan instead of using more butter. Sometimes you can also use the wrapper to line the pan as it is wax paper. I also make my own cleaning solution, sanitizing solution and air freshner. That’s my green tip for a chance to win the book.

  23. Salam:In our home we try to use as much organic products as posible, and chemical free cleaners and even toiletries,which ensures,that our use of what Allah has given to us is being used in a responsible manner,and is not affecting animals, plants, other human or their eco-system, that’s what our beautiful islam teaches, and there’s plenty more we can do,if we start from home a lot can be achieved,inshallah.

  24. Elise Nonnet-Hamdi

    My green tip for the kitchen: Be creative in using the food that you have in the fridge and cupboards. So much food gets wasted or thrown in the bin as its passed its expiry date. Allah gives us food to sustain and nourish us, it’s precious. Not wasting is good for the soul and makes you a better cook too! … and generally pleases the person who buys the food too, as obviously it saves money:)

  25. pls,enligten me more abt my halal kitchen!ceeroh

  26. Razia Amathulkreem

    Assalamualikum, Alhamdullillah I use organic clearens LOC legacy of clean this cleaner is environmentally safe they have cleaner for whole house from bathroom, kitchen to laundry and safe on planet & our hands and I recycle every thing that I can my recycle bin always full I do not through any thing away also I grow my own vegatable have a nice little garden I do belive in going green. I also use ecosmart fluorescent Light bulb through out my house. when ever I have party I use regular plate & glasses ect. I do not use papper plate & glasses. I am working on to making my own cloth napkins Inshallah. I already subcribe to MHK.

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