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I was recently introduced to these new moisturizing creams called GLOW Moisturizers and have discovered some new and interesting things I never knew about the science of cosmetics creation as well as things that aren’t in moisturizers that make them even better. You can read more in my interview with Safiya Morgan, CEO & Founder of GLOW.   

I was able to try the products (after requesting fragrance-free because of my allergic skin reactions) and was pleasantly surprised that first of all they really are whipped like butter- or at least they look that way, which is a whole lot of fun to a foodie (even more so than in the photo below, which looks more like whipped cream and I’ll take either one).  Secondly, I tried the Lavender Lush and found that the fragrance actually didn’t bother my skin  at all, which is a testament to the quality products they must be using. At first the product can seem a bit oily, but as Safiya told me, it really does go away in a few minutes, absorbing quickly into your skin. I wasn’t bothered by the smell because it was light enough to not overpower me or my surroundings, which I find to be a very good thing. There’s nothing worse to me than entering someone else’s personal fragrance space… 

I’ll let you meet Safiya now, as she’s energetic and very enthusiastic about telling her story and getting you to try her products and even become part of the GLOW family. She’s set up a Kickstarter program to help her grow the brand, which I encourage you to check out, especially if you want to win the giveaway at the end of this post. Find out more on the GLOW brand Kickstarter campaign page here

 Here goes our interview…

MHK: Tell us a little about yourself and the GLOW brand.

GLOW: My name is Safiya Morgan and I’ve been a huge fan of natural products all of my life! I was raised in California where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Health Science. I studied Holistic Healing for a while and I have always been fascinated with the idea that we can heal and care for our bodies with natural remedies that come from the Earth; that’s where my true passion for all natural products was born! 

Glow Moisturizers brand taps into what our customers like, so when we come up with a product we first find out if its actually something they want. We hand out samples in order to get feedback and when we realize we’ve got something people want, we start with production. 

MHK:  Safiya, why did you start making GLOW products at all and what sets them apart from other beauty products in the market?

GLOW: I wanted to make something unique, something I couldn’t find in stores. I also wanted to give people a healthier alternative to skincare than what was on store shelves and to help empower women by allowing them to sell Glow products as their own home-based business.

What makes GLOW unique is that the products are anhydrous, meaning they don’t contain water.  This improves the quality of the lotion and increases the nutritional benefits found in both the coconut oil and the Shea Butter. It also lasts very long and requires no preservatives to sustain the shelf life.

Another thing is that GLOW products contain only 3 ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea Butter and scent infusion, either through essential oils or pure undiluted fragrances. We only need to use less than .5% of fragrance so the base remains quite pure.

Glow Moisturizers keep all skin types in mind by carrying three lines:  an essential oils line made only with essential oils; an original line, with no scent infusion involved; and a fragrance line made with pure undiluted fragrance to wow your senses.

MHK: What makes your products completely halal?

GLOW: Our products are not made with any animal ingredients so they are vegan, paraben-free, alcohol-free, not tested on animals and do not contain any artificial color. Instead they are made with coconut oil, shea butter, cold-pressed therapeutic grade essential oils, and pure fragrance without added carriers oils. 

MHK: What’s the #1 thing you would recommend to people about choosing a cosmetic that is right for them?

GLOW: Don’t put anything on your skin that you would not be able to eat.  Yes, you technically could eat GLOW Moisturizers as they are just fats and plant oils. I suggest always going the safer route with anything you put on your skin- it’s transdermal, which means it penetrates your skin and goes into your bloodstream! Many cosmetics today have ingredients we can’t even pronounce, let along understand where they’re coming from.

 MHK: What are your hopes for the future of GLOW Moisturizer products?

GLOW: I want to help people attain healthy natural looking skin; and I also want to empower women by affording them the opportunity to become part of the GLOW family by selling our line of products, too. Women love the idea of making extra money  yet not being tied to a full time job that may take away time from their children and home life.

Now for the Giveaway Details!  [highlight]UPDATE- we have a WINNER! Congratulations to Leena Ali who was our randomly-selected winner of this giveaway for GLOW Moisturizers. Please be in touch with us so we can get that out to you as soon as possible! [/highlight]

GLOW Moisturizers is giving away the following to ONE randomly-selected winner: 

  1. All 6 Scents of GLOW moisturizer (8-oz. tin each)
  2. 3 body brushes for dry brushing
  3. 3 facial cleansing brushes
  4. 6 sample tins (.5 oz each)

Total retail value is $225.00

To enter, visit the GLOW Moisturizers Kickstarter Campaign page here and watch the cute video explaining who Safiya’s products helped first! I love her story and what she’s done to build her brand.  Come back to this post and leave a comment about what you like most about her story and whether or not your interest is peaked enough to try. And don’t forget to make a pledge on her campaign- even $5 can help, every little bit does!  

*Please read the MHK Giveaway Guidelines here as your comment entry indicates you have done so and understand our terms for winning.  Giveaway ends November 4, 2014 at 12:01 AM CST. 

You can follow GLOW on Facebook here and visit their website and online store here

 **This post is sponsored by GLOW Moisturizers. I received complimentary products to sample and provide feedback on the product, however, all opinions expressed are my own and not that of the product owner.



30 thoughts on “GLOW Moisturizers Giveaway

  1. I am a super fan of Natural products free from any animal fats and byproducts . I would love to win this Glow products. thanks for giving away something new to try.

  2. Its wonderful to see such quality & natural products made by Muslim entrepreneurs. I loved the story and how you helped your brother get rid of his itchy scalp! I would love to win this giveaway so that I can try this product for my own use! All the best!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. I cant wait to try this product.I love that it is all natural and smells good. Its nice that she started her own conpany and is help others in the process.

  4. Many years ago I switched to non-Alcoholic perfumes because I like fragrance and I like to pray Namaaz. I always thought there should be Halal face and body moisturizers too. I have very dry skin so I need to moisturize in every weather. I am really looking forward to using Glow Products mainly because it’s made for dry or itchy skin.

  5. I love the fact that this started out with something that she gave her brother, who in turn inspired her to take it to the next level. Also since the moisturizer contains only three ingredients there is no room for doubt as to halal/non-halal, allergens or anything else. May Allah grant her success

  6. I have always had issues with fragrant body creams. Alhamdulillah I am glad to find one of our sisters coming out with such an unique brand. I would love to try out her products

  7. I love how she helped her brother and also made a product for other Muslims to enjoy. We need more halal products in the market, natural cosmetics ate the best. I would love to try this for everyone in our family… Even the kids can use it.

  8. MashaAllah. It sounds like a great product and I would love to try it. After watching the video, I’m seriously considering selling it when that phase is ready. I think people here would love this product due to the simplicity and purity of ingredients.

  9. Kudos to this young lady for her entrepreneurship and for getting something natural and halal out in the market! I’m sure a lot of us have been looking forward to something like this. Coconut oil is one of the finest things for your skin as most people from the Indian subcontinent are aware of. Good luck to her! I wouldd love to try out this product 🙂

  10. Alhamdulillah I’m a huge fan of the two main ingredients. I also like that it has a long shelf life. I would love to support my Muslim sister and so would like to sample your products. It’s good to see that you’re getting others involved as well to earn a profit.

  11. Both of my kids have eczema so it’s nice that this works on eczema! It’s hard to find an all natural product that works on eczema. I’d love to try this on my kids. Safiya should go on SharkTank!!

  12. I have itchy skin, especially on my back. My poor husband gets the job of back scratcher. I would like to find a product that really works. I have tried higher end OTC products, while some work, I don’t know what is mixed in them. I would prefer to know what I am putting on my skin. The glow product looks wonderful and best of all – it is halal.

  13. Girl mashaAllah. My itchy scalp is just about itching to try this out! May Allah put baraqa in this and grant you success ameen.

  14. I’ve always suffered from dry skin in winter and used oils which always leave a rancid smell in clothes.. This sounds amazing.. ESP the part about the product only having 3 ingredients.. Hope to see this product on the shelves soon.. Would love to win the free ones though..

  15. Mashaallah, this sister sounds sincere. I am interested because I am a chemist myself and it is also hard to find natural halal products (there are a few brands I know in the US). I do use coconut oil to remove my makeup and I love it since it is all natural. Anyway, first I would like to try these products and see if it is really as amazing as she makes it sound.

  16. I thought the part about her helping her little brother with the itchy scalp was too cute. Would love to try something like this to switch over to as part of my everyday routine

  17. I loved the part of her helping her brother
    I would love to win giveaway as I m always I search for halal products…
    Plus I just wanna win 🙂

  18. I’ve been reading so much about the benefits of coconut oil. Love that she found it helped with skin problems like eczema. I want to order some now!!!

  19. I enjoyed learning the story behind her company and it’s cute that she wanted to help her brother solve
    his problem! Love the natural ingredients and I’m a fan of coconut oil! Would love to try and share with family and friends too.

  20. What I liked most about Safiya’s story is that she was able to get her BROTHER to use it! My brother runs away from these types of products and label’s them as “girly” or too feminine for him to use. Luckily, I have a husband who is already obsessed with coconut oil (a natural and halal product –> which is very important to us) and all the benefits that it provides for our bodies, hair, scalp and face. If I were to win this giveaway, all of the products would be put to good use in our home, especially with the colder weather coming our way! 🙂
    In any case, may your company experience continued success! 🙂 Cheers!

  21. I really enjoyed watching Safiya’s Kickstarter video on how she began her company. I like how she went through the process of experimenting with different ingredients until she was able to perfect her product. I also think it is a great idea to have people sell her products for commission, as it can provide an income for them also. I definitely would like to see her products available in my local stores since I love natural and halal products.

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