Why Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is Part of My Wellness Plan

Like many people I know, the past year (or two, or three) have been pretty rough on our bodies. We’re super busy, work hard and spend a lot of time on our feet. I personally decided last Fall that I would do something different over the past winter, which was to really spend more time in a sort of ‘hygge’ mode (I love how the Scandinavians do winter), which isn’t too hard to contemplate in our rough Chicago winters.  

But there was more to it than that- I needed to help my body repair from a series of unfortunate events: a car accident over two years ago in which I was bumped from behind by a truck and my back was instantly thrown out; my neck got a big dose of whiplash; and even my wrists were affected by the ‘jamming’ of the whole situation. Alhamdullilah, it was nothing worse. The consequences many months later were felt most when I tried to get a good night’s sleep. It was hard for me to get comfortable and I paid much closer attention to what I was putting under my neck and back, hoping to somehow heal the pain and discomfort and let it all go for good. That didn’t work well, so I headed over to my local acupuncturist who did some great needlework on my neck and back. That did help to bring my entire body in balance and I felt great, but I was still having trouble positioning myself at night. I realized that not getting a good night’s sleep all night long was really hurting my productivity and just left me feeling tired all the time. 

More on back support here:

Then, out of the clear blue sky I learned about Intellibed.

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They reached out to me about their product at a time when I was ripe for something new to sleep on. I thought I already had a comfy California King Size bed, but I was all ears about what this bed could do to make a difference for my back and neck. In fact, when we bought our Cal King, I really only did enough research about the size, but all the other details were so confusing. You hear all sorts of things about pillow top, Tempurpedic, metal springs, etc. As long as it was somewhat comfy and a reasonable price, what more could I ask for, right?

More about pressure relief in this video here: 

I have to say, I was a tiny bit skeptical about buying into a bed product for all the above reasons I just explained. How would I justify trying out such an expensive bed? I was mainly interested because of the facts provided about the decompression aspect of the bed (see details in above video), too. Three of my grandparents were bed-ridden for lengthy amounts of time and were susceptible to bed sores so the issue was very close to home. If only we knew about Intellibed at the time we may have been able to save them the pain and suffering of those health concerns. At this point, all I could do was test it out for my own well-being and even ask some family members to take a few naps on it. More on that in a later post…

There is a great guarantee of quality so you don’t ever have to feel like you’ve had buyer’s remorse (incredibly important for big purchases like this)- more about that here:

Since trying the Intellibed (King Size) for several months now, I can honestly say that it is one of the best things I own. I’ve had therapeutic sleep that is so very different from my previous (three-year old) bed. I feel rested when I wake up, as if the bed contoured to my body and I’m not struggling to get comfortable all night. When I’ve gone away for several days and slept at a hotel or anywhere else, I’ve really felt the difference and actually missed my new bed. I also have the pillows to go with the bed, but I’ll write about those in a separate upcoming post since they’re pretty spectacular on their own, too.

The bottom line is…

You don’t need to fix back pain to benefit from this bed, but if you or someone you love has back pain, this is THE way to go for a good night’s sleep. Just think about all those days you’ll be outdoors gardening and working outside this Spring and Summer- you’ll deserve a good night’s sleep, one that is restful and healing, therapeutic and totally and utterly comfortable. If you decide to purchase one, use the code mhksleepwell to get a 10% discount on your purchase:

Intellibed is a company I have partnered with as an affiliate because I’m passionate about their product’s quality and utility. I only share those products which I enjoy and use myself and want to share with all of you. Your purchases through this site of Intellibed products will result in a commission for my sharing of these items.


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