Gelato at Trattoria Oliveri

Do you ever just have a craving for a nice cold gelato after a long walk? Recently, after exploring our nearby forest preserves and parks (we have some great ones in Chicago) I thought a gelato would be a perfect way to end the walk and relax on a warm spring day. The only problem was finding one.

We headed to downtown Northbrook and found a commercial ice cream place and an Italian restaurant- our only two options. I really wanted to continue walking a bit instead of being confined to a sit down restaurant where we’d be confined to waiting for the staff to deliver water, then the gelato, then the check, then the change.  Then, I suddenly realized to just take a moment and really relax and enjoy the fresh, cool breeze, the beautiful sunshine and the sounds of the birds in the trees nearby. It was time to actually taste dessert.  Besides, we had a table outside. What could be better?

Our order?  A plate of gelato: Strawberry, Chocolate and Hazelnut (Nocciola, my personal favorite). It was more than enough for both of us- seems there’s always blessing in sharing, anyway. I liked the nice touch the restaurant made by sprinkling some powdered sugar around the bowl. That made it feel special.

Of course you don’t have to drive all the way to Trattoria Oliveri’s for a gelato, although it’ s not a bad idea. Just take a moment to enjoy the spring, enjoy the nature that abounds right now and treat yourself to your favorite gelato…with someone special you can share it with.

And tell me- what is your favorite gelato flavor?  I plan to bring you some delicious homemade gelato recipes this summer so it’ll help to know what flavor combinations will excite you the most. Totally halal gelato, no worries on the ingredients there, insha’allah.

Trattoria Oliveri is located at:

1358 Shermer Rd.

Northbrook, IL


8 thoughts on “Gelato at Trattoria Oliveri

    • @Emma, oh, but there is nothing like gelato- it’s not like ‘ice cream’ here at all. It is thicker, creamier and just something you must try at least once!

  1. I mostly love the sour- tangy flavors for the hot days like , lemon , kiwi , raspberry ,blackberries etc… we have really good ones back in Turkey…

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