From Garden to Plate and Halal Greek Recipes this Spring


This has been a good month, alhamdullilah (thank God).  It’s spring.  The weather has been beautiful.  The trees are blooming and everything seems so green- my favorite time of year so far. In fact, there’s so much more motivation to cook when you have great ingredients such as what is available in the spring. I was honored to contribute to a few publications that came out with some of my recipes and articles recently. I hope you’ll read them, as they’re doing great work in media that focuses on Muslim women.

At the Muslimas Oasis website you can read my article, Halal and Healthy Should be Our Focus.

In MB Muslima Magazine, check out my halal Greek recipes for Moussaka, Tzatziki (yogurt dip) and Greek Honey and Lemon Cake.

In the latest Spring issue of the UK-based Sisters Magazine, you’ll find two of my articles: The Kitchen Beautician: Avocado Mask, Apricot Face Mask and Oatmeal Facial, as well as From Garden to Plate: Recipes for Elegant Split Pea Soup, Spinach Lasagne, Sweetened Cherries with Creme Fraiche Topping and more!

Please, check them out and support their endeavors.

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