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FREE POM Juice Giveaway

  The makers of POM Wonderful have been generous enough to provide My Halal Kitchen with the opportunity to give away FREE POM (pomegranate) juice!

For those of you who don’t know about POM, it’s a wonderful, healthy drink high in antioxidants. Check out the POM Wonderful website for a more extensive look at the clinical research data they provide on the health benefits of pomegranate juice.

So, you’re probably wondering how you can get this juice for free. Well, it’s so easy you can do it in under a minute:

Just post a comment on this site anywhere EXCEPT the front page. Once I get your comment, you’ll receive an email from me requesting your mailing address. When you respond, your coupons will be on their way to you. The first 20 people to comment will get the coupons.  U.S. residents, only.

For my non-U.S. readers, I’ll make it up to you some time with another giveaway, insha’allah.

Did you know you can cook with POM juice? Check out this lovely recipe for Cinnamon French Toast with POM Apple Compote by Chef Akasha of Akasha Restaurant in Culver City, CA and publshed on the POM Wonderful website. I think I’ll try it this weekend!

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  1. As Salaamu Alaikum!

    I have tried Pom Wonderful before and loved it!!! It is full of flavor. I have read about the benefits of it. Therefore, I plan to incorporate this into my diet more often.

    I think I will try the recipe for the Cinnamon French Toast w/POM Apple Compote this weekend as well…..InshaAllah!

    Thank you,

    Yvonne Chism

  2. assalam alaikum sister,

    This is good stuff mashaAllah.

  3. Assakam Alaikum,

    MashaAllah – This is one of the best websites I’ve come across recently.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Jamilah Salahuddin

    Asalaamualaikum Sister,
    I buy it all the time for my family, and it is delish!!


  5. I heard about this andthat it is good. will love to try it out

  6. good suff Jazak

  7. MashaAllah , My family also loves the Pom… Your website is full of good info and great recipes. Thanks!!

  8. Assalamu alaykum,
    A friend of mine linked me to your blog and I loved your chocolate lesson on chocolate.
    Oh how I wish I can find a class like that.
    thanks a lot.

  9. Assalamalim sis,

    mashAllah great stuff. Keep it coming 🙂

  10. Assakam Alaikum, This is my first visit to your site, nice. I’ve tried POM before it is really good.

  11. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

    This is my first time on this site and I really enjoy it. May Allah bless you in your efforts. I like the Pom Blueberry. I am eager to try the recipe that you mentioned.

    • wa’alaikum as salaam, Fajr. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the site- makes me work harder to bring readers like you more good stuff, inshaallah!

  12. Assalamu alaikum! I’ve never tried POM juice but I would love to be able to. I heard of all the great benefits and I feel like I could use them. These days, it’s hard to find natural, healthy drinks especially since some aren’t really healthy and are expensive. I love pomegranates so I know I’ll love POM juice! Some say POM juice doesn’t really have such great benefits but I think they are wrong. I know POM has great benefits due to pomegranates and nobody can change my mind to say it isn’t true. Go POM juice!!

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