Eid Mubarak Banner Giveaway by With a Spin

Half of Ramadan is already gone, which is so hard to believe. Have you started to think about your Eid decor?
Our new online store, My Halal Market, has partnered with WithASpin to give away this beautiful Eid banner!
Here’s how to enter for a chance to win: 
1. Follow My Halal Kitchen and WithASpin on Instagram
2. Tell us in the comments below why you feel it’s important to decorate your home on Eid
This contest is open to all US residents.
Winner will be announced on June 18, 2017. 

11 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak Banner Giveaway by With a Spin

  1. The reason I think it is important to decorate our homes is that Ramadan is a very holy and beautiful time for us as Muslims and our homes should reflect the essence of our inward and outward joy in our hearts during this season.

  2. This year will be our first Ramadan in our new home. It is said that home is where the heart is and Alhamdullilah we found that place. Ramadan is a time of giving, loving and sharing; and we want to reflect that in our home to our children. Therefore we believe this beautiful banner will go perfectly on our mantel above the fireplace.

  3. It is very important to decorate your house not just for Eid but Ramadan too so the family can realise we are celebrating something together. Everyone takes part in decorating and feels like they made a contribution as most children do not fast so decorating the house for Ramadan And Eid will make them feel happy. Also decorating and celebrating the day off eid makes the day more worthwhile and special for everyone!

  4. Decorating in the US teaches our children how festive and important their Muslim holidays are too! I love seeing the joy on our kids faces when make our EID celebration so festive.

  5. I feel it’s extremely important to decorate our homes on Eid and Ramadan, since its vital to make our kids aware of our Islamic values and festivals. Considering the fact that we live in a western society and the way it impacts us, its immensely important to engage our kids in such activities which can make them stick closer to their roots.

  6. Most important I want my kids to know the importance of the month of Ramadan and cherish the memories of Ramadan life long and pass down the tradition to their kids and also tell their kids. How they celebrated and how they decorated the house. How they help their mom to prepare Iftar and passing out to their neighbors and family members. Praying tarawee, playing with cousins and most important staying up all night.

  7. I grew up in the Middle East, where the streets were decorated beautifully and children were given treats and gifts at the masjid all through Ramadan and on eid. Moving here really made me miss that. I’d love to continue a tradition of decorating on ‘Eid for my children so they can feel the same joy that I feel waking up on Eid morning. That is however not the only reason I’ve come to think that decorating on Eid is important. Just as it is sunnah to wear your best clothes and perfume, just as it is sunnah to be extra generous in Ramadan and on ‘Eid– I like to think that decorating my house within my means will bring me reward from Allah.

  8. It’s important that Muslims, especially children, have a visual connection with holy days so they can feel connected to the celebration and become a part of it. Banners and decorations help to foster that connection as well as add holiday excitement to the home.

  9. Assalamu alaikum! I’m loving the emergence of modern and beautifully festive decorations by Muslim businesses. They need our support! And I think it’s important to decorate for both Ramadan and Eid, so that we help establish family traditions that our children look forward to very year. I also help to decorate our local Masjid (which is a re-purposed building and needs to always be prettied up), so that all can enjoy during this beautiful month.

  10. I am really making an effort to decorate our home for Ramadan and Eid this year. I am a Muslim revert, but my husband was raised Muslim. We have two kids and my husband is always sad and frustrated that our children are not excited about Ramadan. This year, we made paper lanterns to decorate the doorway, colored masjid pictures, and made a calendar. We’ve been reading all the Ramadan and Eid books we could find and hosted an iftar for our friends. Decorating our house together kind of helps to remind the kids that this is a holy month and a time for being with family and friends. My daughter loves our lanterns and shows them to everyone.

  11. I think it’s important to decorate for Eid to get the kids excited about our holiday and to let them know it’s a special day for us.

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