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Eat Right During Ramadan and Win $25 of FREE My Halal Kitchen Products

I’m more than happy to participate in a very beneficial project for women and girls. It’s called the Heart Women & Girl’s Project committed to empowering women and girls in interfaith and community settings by building self-esteem and leadership through health and wellness.  Last year, I gave a presentation to young girls at their first ever health workshop for Muslim girls in Chicago. I talked about eating right, showing healthy snack options, and gave a few sample recipes for lunch and after school bites. The girls were animated and interested in the subject and I could tell the workshop was something the girls not only needed, but wanted.

In support of this wonderful on-going project,  I’m giving away a bundle of My Halal Kitchen products– an apron, measuring spoon and recipe card. To enter, just go to the HEART website, and read my article, Eat Right and Feel Great During Ramadan (and a few sample recipes for iftar and suhoor). Leave a comment with your own favorite Ramadan recipe and you’ll be entered into their contest to win these goodies.

Here’s a sneak peak at the article:

Eat Right and Feel Great During Ramadan

This year, fasting is a bit of a challenge considering the high temperatures and long summer days to endure without food or water. With the right planning and intention to keep our bodies healthy, fasting can actually be much easier than we realize. Use these tips to eat and hydrate in a healthy way, giving you the energy and endurance needed to get through the month while maintaining a healthy body.

Guard Your Suhoor

  • Make enough time for it and make sure it’s a healthy one.
  • Eat a complete meal with a variety of fruits, whole grains and protein, such as beans or eggs. Choose from leafy greens, and water-rich fruits such as watermelon, peaches and papaya.
  • Avoid refined sugars and too many carbohydrates, which can leave you feeling exhausted by mid-day.
  • Drink plenty of water or real juice, but don’t overstuff yourself with these, either.

Don’t Sleep the Day Away

  • This is particularly important after the suhoor meal because digestion and circulation cannot occur if you spend half the day in bed.
  • Additionally, you will slow yourself down by sleeping during the daylight hours meant for being productive.

Conserve Those Calories

  • Avoid too much talking—yes, talking takes up a lot of energy and can actually bring on headaches. You need as much of your energy to get through the day so avoid unnecessary and long-winded conversations, especially futile ones that have nothing to do with work, family or the deen.
  • Take it easy when doing errands or working around the house by maintaining a leisurely pace. Walk, don’t run and you’ll avoid losing the energy needed for your ibadah. We should remain productive, but choose our energy output wisely.

Break Your Fast Calmly

  • Don’t be in a rush to eat. You won’t digest your food properly and could make yourself sick. Instead, break fast with a healthy room-temperature fluid like water, pure fruit juice or warm milk, as cold drinks are hard on your system. Have a couple of dates, figs, and a handful of nuts. Then, pray your salah and return to the table for a nice meal.

Ease Into the Iftar Meal

  • Warm the stomach and slowly acclimate your body to food by having soup as a first course to the iftar meal. It’s not only easy on the stomach, but it also prevents over-eating with heavier foods that generally come afterwards.

To continue reading this article and enter the contest, please visit the HEART Women & Girl’s Project website

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