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DIY Dollar Bill Bouquet

Kiran Ansari, owner of Up A Notch Gifts, knows how to put celebratory items together either on a small scale or a grand one. In this post she shares with us a great way to uniquely present a gift of money, whether it’s dollars, euros, dinars or whatever the currency. At Eid time, it’s always an ‘Eidee’, anyway!

Many people like giving cold, hard cash for Eid and other holidays. They like the recipient to have the maximum flexibility on how they choose to use their gift and don’t want to give them something they might already have or be stuck with something they will never use. Gifting cash is fine, but it doesn’t have to be boring. As the founder of Up A Notch, I try to make gift giving a little special so the recipient knows there has been time, thought and effort put into their gift. Yes, you can stuff the same dollar bills in to a blah, white envelope and scribble your name on it, but how creative is that?

So, if cash is your gift of choice, take it Up A Notch by nesting it in a personalized mug for instance. This way even if the recipient spends the cash on gas or groceries, she still has something to remember you by.

Everyone likes bouquets, whether they are made of fresh flowers or juicy fruits. And I’m pretty sure some crisp dollar bills on a stick would be very popular among all age groups.

Here is what you need to assemble this bouquet:

  1. Odd number of crisp dollar bills in whatever denomination you choose
  2. Lollipop/cake pop sticks (available in the baking aisle at grocery or craft stores)
  3. Double sided tape
  4. A piece of floral foam (you can get it at the Dollar store) or some Play Doh can work too
  5. Green gift tissue


Here is how you put it together:

Fold the dollar bills width-wise in an accordion (fan) style as neatly as possible.

Fold it in to half and put a piece of double sided tape to make it look like a flower.

Attach a lollipop stick with another piece of double sided tape.

Place Play Doh in the base of your mug or container of choice.

Arrange the “flowers” by inserting the lollipop sticks in the foam. Insert one in the center and then symmetrically around it.

When you have achieved the look you like, hide the base with green tissue. 

Tadaa! Your dollar bill bouquet is ready to delight.

Dollar Bill Boquet Craft by Kiran Ansari| My Halal Kitchen


 Kiran Ansari is the Founder and CEO of where she finds joy in helping people find personalized gifts and favors for all occasions. Follow her on Instagram @upanotchgifts and on Facebook

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