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CLOSED: Crescent Foods Big Boss Countertop Grill Giveaway

About the Giveaway

Crescent Foods is giving away The Big Boss 7-pc. Ceramic Grill set, a unique counter top cooker that goes from grill to sandwich maker quickly and easily. It comes with 3 sets of non-stick, long-lasting ceramic interchangeable cooking plates that snap in and out effortlessly. Dual cooking surface cooks both sides evenly at once so you save time.


Overview of giveaway item

  • 3 sets of PFOA-free non-stick ceramic coating plates
  • Grills food on both sides at the same time
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Removable plates for quick clean-up
  • Make breakfast, lunch and dinner all with one unit
  • Valued at $89.00

Open to residents with U.S. shipping addresses. 

This product will ship directly to the winner. Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Winner will be asked for shipping information, which will be shared with sponsoring company. No P.O. Boxes accepted.”

How to Enter

Leave a relevant comment at the end of this blog post indicating what food(s) would be most useful for you to cook on such a counter top appliance.  Please read the MHK Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering, as entering indicates you have read and agree. 


Participants must follow Crescent Foods on Twitter OR like Crescent Foods on Facebook to be eligible to win.

Giveaway ends July 24, 2014 at 12:01 AM CST.


Crescent Foods Logo
Crescent Foods is the leading provider in All Natural Premium Chicken & Grass-fed, Grass-finished Angus Beef products. They believe in the highest stands of quality including humane handling, pure feed, and no antibiotics or hormones administered. Please visit for more information. 


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  1. Would love to be able to make beef burger patties for my kids, lunch.

  2. I love to grill anything, from summer vegetables to fish and chicken for a basic salad. Grilling steak is just beyond amazing.

  3. Salam, I would be delighted to try waffles in it. 🙂

  4. Maryam Siddiqui

    Salaam, I live in Chicago and because of frigid cold winter I’m not able to grill outdoors 7 out of the 12 months. Those grill would allow me to grill all year long.

  5. I would love to cook some lamb chops and chicken. And make delicious waffles for breakfast.

  6. I just found an old recipe I had cut it out of the newspaper 30 years ago, (for anyone younger than 40, a newspaper was a how you got your news and information!). It’s for a southwestern grilled chicken that was so delicious but my husband still has trouble keeping the chicken from sticking on our gas grill. This is the perfect solution!

  7. I grill whatever I can everything from meat to even fruits!

  8. I was wishing for one of these! My intention is to grill indoors, use less energy, and save time compared to my broken outdoor gas grill from Brinkman. The gas delivery tubes disintegrated within 2 seasons! This would be perfect for grilling vegetables, beef, fish, and chicken, especially as my family size shrinks with kids going on their own.

  9. I would use it for everything that i could: paninis, waffles, chicken, burgers, steaks, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

  10. My family loves bbq seasoned chicken and I’d love to cook them on this grill!

  11. I’d love to cook chicken kebobs on this grill!

  12. I would use the grill in the morning for waffles and to make paninis to take with me for lunch.

  13. Chicken Salad Belgian Waffle Sandwich. Mmm…mmmmm…mmmm!

  14. Nusaybah Jess Taylor

    If I win I would use to make food everyday/night for my family and my friends

  15. أسلام عليكم ورحمةالله و بركات. I would love the griller as I do t own one and my kids love making grilled sandwiches,meats,and veggies. They love to experiment in the kitchen.
    Wa slm

  16. I would surely rill chicken for a quick lunch. Trying to eat clean, this would make it easier for sure!

  17. Asalamoalikum
    I really like this grill because its versatile…I dont have to buy three different things…I will use the Sandwich maker the most because I really enjoy making sandwiches and my kidz and husband luv um… I also luv the grill part because i can make grilled chicken and patties for sandwiches…
    So wanna win this

  18. Steaks and sandwiches, mmmm grilled vegetables, pancakes and waffles.. Ceramic surely means less mess and easy clean up 🙂

  19. I would love to use it for making lean burgers and steak. It could also be used as a panini press!

  20. I would love to have this grill.. I would use it to make grilled veggie, chicken n beef Pattie, sandwiches.. It is really convenient as it is a countertop and. Can be used indoors…

  21. This would be a great replacement for my old George Foreman Grill! I love making sandwiches, fish and burgers on my old grill! I’m sure they’d be just as yummy and clean up will be a breeze on ceramic!!!

  22. Would like to use this for your Cheesy Jalapeno Burgers. I’ve tried this recipe in a skillet before. Would be great to try it on a grill.

  23. Would like to make roti and pinini potato melts with cheese and chicken breast. delicious.

  24. I’d use the grill to make delicious kabobs, grilled fish and chicken and veggies. It would be great to grill all year long.

  25. This sounds like an amazing grill and perfect for indoor steaks and burgers especially when it’s too cold or not to be outdoors. Oh this would be great for some beef or chicken kabobs with veggies without drying it out. I would also love to try paninis, I’ve never tried making them.

  26. I would love to grill some chicken, and then make a panini!

  27. Maryam sami iqbal

    Would love to make my chappli kababs in it inshA!

  28. I could do anything with this. The sky is the limit. I could make burger, bulgogi (Korea. Babaque meat), kifta, waffles with different feelings, and I love making sandwiches. I could totally make any kind and every kind of sandwich.

  29. I love grilling potato wedges & Halloumi cheese. Other things I grill are Boiled egg sandwiches & burgers!

  30. I would love to cook a tomato, basil and mozzarella panini….I can tatse it now. I would also throw some steaks on it and have a indoor BBQ.

  31. I would wish to have a indoor grill, to make meal time easier with my kids.

  32. I would love this as I work long hours at work which makes it hard to get gud healthy food in me. And as a new Muslim I am learning so much and fasting x

  33. Wow! Just what I wish for. I wanted to make paninies for so long but haven’t been able to because I don’t have a grill. Would love to win it and try paninies and so much other stuff on it. Thank you.

  34. I’ve always wished there was an easy way to grill meat indoors! This just may be the solution! Would love to be able to prep meals with this for my family!

  35. IThis would definitely get used a lot in my house. My kids love hamburgers & chicken burgers. Also, use it to grill streaks, chicken kabobs, and veggies.

  36. suzan benefield

    My mother is Turkish and I miss her cooking very much! This would help me in trying some recipes she has given me. I have nothing like this and it might make me feel closer to her even though there’s nothing like her cooking.

  37. It’s looking amazing & I would like to make chicken stake & fish.i think it’s more easy to use rather then traditional way

  38. I could cook burgers this way, such as salmon and turkey burgers.

  39. I’d like to win this! I’d make tandoori chicken kabob.

  40. I can make a great panini with this! Plus many other grilled meats and veggies!

  41. Oh this would be so useful in so many way from grilling my chicken, fish and kufta. I would also use it to make waffles and pancakes from my little boy and the paninis too. I try to make everything homemade and this make process easier 🙂

  42. Adrienne Rushin

    Would love to cook grilled vegetables and seafood. I am in Florida and this time of the season, it rains most days. Nice to have an indoor picnic inside with my son.

  43. Chicken and beef

  44. Salaam! I’m gonna make sandwiches and grill chicken for my husband’s lunch! Would live to have this around

  45. This would be awesome to use on an everyday basis. I would imagine making shish tawook in it more often

  46. Never tried grilling anything. If win, i can imagine all the easy grilling i will be doing every single day

  47. Moroccan brochettes of lamb yum yum

  48. Pannins, waffles, patties , grilling chicken breast .. O my my and what not, in need of a grill pan, would love to win one as this is the first ever give away i m entering, inshAllah 🙂 jzkAllah

  49. I would love to make panini with this! !

  50. Lov to grill chicken n lamb

  51. Asalamu alaykum
    Im sure almost everyone can think of loads of recipes for this grill gourmet burgers, fish, delicious grilled chicken breast, I even saw someone mention waffles.. mmmmm. But as for me I’ll take a Steak ,one that has been seasoned to near perfection them grilled with along with peppers,garlic and onions oh yes sign me up for that.

  52. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I would love to use this to the best of my ability in my day to day life because using a grill rather than frying is a healthier alternative. Perhaps chicken , steak, other beef recipes and paninis would be made with this kitchen utensil. I need one of these very much because i currently struggle to find a good long lasting appliance to cook with. Other things i use usually don’t cook thoroughly or take a very long time. In Shah Allah i can win this giveaways. Thank you Halal Kitchen 😀

  53. Best thing it’s easy to clean, multi-purpose and makes healthy food 🙂

  54. I think this is so ideal for loosing weight

  55. My husband and I love steak. Unfortunately where we live we can not find halal steak nor are we allowed to use an outdoor grill on our balcony (city regulations). This would be the perfect tool for grilling steaks, chicken (souvlaki and shish tawook) and burgers. Who doesn’t love a juicy grilled burger? I would truly love to win this!

  56. Anything! Fish, chicken, veggies!

  57. This would be great for burgers or fish! Or veggies too! But I think its best use would be for paninis!

  58. I would use it to make burgers fast and healthier.

  59. would make the perfect lamb chops and steak

  60. everything we grill sticks, even with a non-stick coating. It would be best for ground meat dishes or fish.

  61. Waffles, eggs for breakfast , grilled sandwiches for lunch, and burgers for dinner…. it would be really nice to have it, for healthier food options!

  62. I’d love to grill some chicken breasts and vegetables!

  63. Meat, Fish, vegitables

  64. I would make burger, Kababs, grill the Fish! Thanks for the chance.

  65. This is a wonderful appliance to have in the kitchen. All of us love to cook and experiment with new recipes. Burgers and fish are our favorites. A good way to eat healthier. Clean up is a snap. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  66. I would love vegetables and chicken breast, embedded with spices…..yumm!!

  67. Would love to make some steak! Yum

  68. As Salamualaikum

    Insha Allaha ,I would love to grill waffles, chicken, burgers, steaks,fish,veggies,Kababs…..

    Jazakallaha Khair

  69. rebecca goodale

    as-salam alykum

    i would love to win this inshallaha i have been losing Waite for the past yr….i have moved to where i cant use a grill… so iam in very much need of this grill ….. MY FOOD HAS LOST THAT LOVING FEELING WHEN YOU BITE INTO GRILLED FOOD I MISS MY VEGGIES FISH AND YES I HAVE TO AMIT I TREAT MY SELF TO A TURKEY BURGER DELUX FRENCH FRIES

  70. Salam….

    I guess with this grill my options are endless. But I would love to grill a mozzarella and tomato basil panini, lamb chops and of course burgers.

    JAK and Thanks 🙂

  71. Panini’s and burgers of all sorts!

  72. Steaks and cheeseburgers

  73. I would love to grill chicken, burgers and steak!
    My family would be very happy.

  74. In sha Allah everything!! Mmmmm

  75. I would love to make lamb chops, kaboobs and grilled chicken burger with xtra cheese and jalapeño :)) my all time favorites… can’t resist. 😀

  76. I love to make burgers and grilled chicken

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