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Closed: CreationZ Customized Artwork Giveaway

I consider it a great privilege to learn about the existence of all sorts of creative talent in our diverse community.  It’s exciting to see people putting their own mark on what may seem like familiar types of art and that often times it’s something they do in addition to another career or daily job.  That’s been the case with the customized artwork CreationZ by artist Zeeshan Farooq.


I asked Zeeshan to tell us a little more about himself and his work since he decided to generously offer up a giveaway for My Halal Kitchen readers this Ramadan.


MHK: Tell us more about yourself, Zeeshan, and how you came to develop CreationZ.

CreationZ: I am originally from Pakistan living in Chicago, IL with my wife Nadia, a beautiful 2 yr old daughter Ayera, and a gorgeous 2 weeks old son Musa. I am a self-taught calligraphy artist. My interest in calligraphy started at an early age. I remember drawing my first calligraphic letter in 5th grade. Gradually, it became my passion and when time and resources permitted, I started practicing more often and improved my skills. I started professional calligraphy by addressing wedding invitations. I did some Arabic calligraphy here and there to give out gifts to friends and family.  My wife said I could do better and I should add some more variety to my work, so I tried different techniques and mediums. What appealed to me and my audience was my use of bold colors and styles in Arabic calligraphy which stood out among traditional Arabic calligraphy art pieces that are mostly made in basic color combinations. I found new excitement and I switched my focus to customized Islamic work and stuck with that. I love bringing to life the perfect art piece in my client’s mind. I love what I do and I cannot thank Allah enough for his blessings in terms of talent, resources, family support, and so much more.


MHK: Can you give us some details about your artwork and products that make them unique and/or what makes your work or business unique from others in the same genre?

CreationZ: What makes my work unique is that I work with my customers from start to finish.I start with a detailed discussion of what they are looking for in the finished piece: color combinations, mediums, size, message- everything from start to finish is made as my customer pleases.

For example, I provide my suggestions along the way and in the end, we have a piece in hand which is unique and made just for you.  If you have an idea, we can start from that. If you don’t have an idea then I can provide some suggestions to initialize your thought process. Customers send me pictures of their rooms, blankets, clothes, google images, etc. and I suggest ideas based on those. I love this process because it allows me to think about some color combinations that I may not otherwise think of trying. Recently, I made a large art piece in a silver and deep purple color combination, which came out amazing! If client had not requested this color combo, I may never have tried it. I love taking different and unique requests….


Here are some more photos of my recent customized artworks for wedding presents, gifts for newborn babies, graduation gift, or personal home decor.




I also have some you tube videos that show the process of making an artwork and final pics. I think it will be great to add those links.

About the Giveaway

CreationZ is giving away one customized 8×10 canvas, a $75 value. As such, this canvas will be made to order. The randomly-selected winner of this giveaway will be contacted to describe the color combinations and other details about the canvas. The canvas will also be signed and dated by the artist.

How to Enter

To enter this giveaway, leave a relevant comment at the end of this post about what you would like to custom order from CreationZ Art, should you win. Contest is open to worldwide entrants!

Deadline to enter is July 22, 2014 at 12:01 AM CST. Be sure to read our Official MHK Giveaway Guidelines before entering, as entering indicates you have read and agreed.  Also, follow CreationZ Art on at least one social media platform:


Instagram: @creationzart

Twitter: @creationzart



website: CreationZ Art

A Bonus for Giveaway Participants

Every participant of this giveaway will receive 15% discount on their purchases at CreationZ’s Etsy Shop when they use the coupon code “MYHALALKITCHEN” at checkout. 



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  1. Maryam sami iqbal

    I would love to have Allah’s names on the blocks inshA!

    • As an American, whose father is Palestinian, I didn’t grow up in an Arab household because my parents divorced. It is now as an adult that I have found my Palestinian roots, connected with cousins and married a Palestinian. I am drawn to the piece about mercy and love because I have dedicated my career to social services to help people who are less fortunate.

  2. What if really like is one of those huge wall murals with my favorite ayah but if it can’t be then is like the small in a smaller size.

  3. Salaam, I would love to have the Ayatul Kursi, in a canvas print in traditional design, with a difference.

  4. I would put an ayat on it.

  5. SubhanAllah beautiful work.. May Allah swt bless you more in sha Allah
    It would be amazing to have kalimah e shahadah in beautiful calligraphy with. Modern touch with black, ashgrey and navy as the coulrs
    Otherwise anything from you will be much appreciated
    JazakAllah khairan kaseera

  6. Salaam, I really like your work.. I would love to have a frame of ayatul kursi in red n gold..

  7. I would love to put a verse in simple black and white with a minimalistic approach, my bare room walls would bring the focus to the painting I suppose. Absolutely love your work.

  8. masha allah beautiful work !!! i would pick either the shahada or surah al ikhlas to be written.i would have written in a circle form i think that is so cool how artist do that.for colors probably some pretty blue color.thanks for the the art work very nice.

  9. I would love to have an ayatul Kursi or ayat kareema

  10. I would like ayatal kursi or the first verse starting with iqra.

  11. I would like Mashallah customized for my new house .My husband bought for us in December. It was Allah’s will to take him from us in March. Me and the kids will move in after Ramadan , Inshallah.

  12. MashAllah, this is such beautiful artwork. I would like to have the Shahadah or an ayat for a newly married couple so that I can surprise them with this gift.

  13. Sarah Farid-Chaudhry

    mashaAllah, such beautiful, beautiful art. May Allah bless him, and his family inshaAllah.

    I would love to have Asmaa Allah ul Husnaa to be placed in our daughter (10 months) room, so she can look at it and remember Allah everyday inshaAllah.

  14. I would love an Islamic quote about marriage and relationships for my aunt and uncle’s upcoming 50th anniversary, Alhumdullilah.

  15. I would love to have Surah rehman line for my living room such beautiful artwork mashAllah

  16. Mashallah gr8 work all of his work is amazing n I would luv get some ayat for family for my living room

  17. SubhanAllah – anything written would be beautiful. I would want ” Labaik la shareek a laka Labaik ” in gold and black with white outline.

  18. These are beautiful. I would order Ayat Ul Kirsi! Keep up the good work!

  19. I would love to order the silver and purple one! So striking! Maybe in navy instead of purple. Beautiful Work Mashallah!

  20. Wow love your work! My anniversary is coming up in September and I would love to give this canvas to my husband and as an anniversary present.. I like to have first five ayah of IQRA with black and white with little touch of red color

  21. Being born and brought up in a non Muslim country, one of the greatest joy is entering a Muslim house and seeing the Quranic calligraphy adorning the doors, walls of the halls that gives me an instant lift that I am in a believer’s Home. I would love to get the wall hanging canvas collection with Ayatul Kursi inscribed.

  22. These really are beutiful. I’d like to see something wall-sized that was the Shahada plus ayat al Kursi. Actually, I would really also love Surah al-Baqarah ayat 164, this is one of my favorite ayat of the quran.

  23. Salam,

    I’ve got no words to describe how your calligraphy is.. MashAllah its beautiful.. May Allah (SWT) bless you more.

    I would love to have 99 names of Allah and ayat al kursi canvas with purple and greyish combination.


  24. What beautiful, beautiful artwork! I’m feeling a little sulky that, as an Australian resident, I can’t enter.

  25. I would love something about hope in Allah… like “Call Upon Allah, He is always near” or something like that.
    (following on fb)

  26. I would like to order a good daily reminder, be it an aya or a hadith.

  27. M’a great work of arts made by a proud Pakistani. Would love to have one piece of artwork to display in my home

  28. ” FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE” in black an white minimalist approach on wall hanging. Your art isbeautifal

  29. Wow Mashallah beautiful work! I would love to win this and i would like to have bismillah with Allah and Muhammad in gold n silver with a touch of black it should stand out in every way possible , my second choice is all 99 names of Allah.

  30. Salaams,for 15 years I worked as a teacher & two years back I gave up my job to follow my dream to do something passionate about Arabic Calligraphy & would like to become an expert ,as nothing pleases me more to do work in praise of Allah SWT.Any help & guidance from your side will be appreciated.JazakAllah Khair.Your work is simply amazing,MashaAllah!

  31. Salam,
    I would love to have ayat al kursi for my 8 month old daughter. I read it every night for her and want her to learn it and continue reciting it before going to bed even if I wouldn’t be there.

  32. Fazna F Rushdhi

    Masha Allah, like a dream come true for I hav been searching for some time for some one to do a beautiful eye catching calligraphy for my living room. Been unsucessful so far, never thought to see some one of ur expertise bcoz ur work is truly beautiful n unique…
    Its an open room which guests come into as soon as they enter. Cream sofa with brown n cream patterened carpet. Brown / gold / turqoise blue r the colours of the throw pillows. Brown n gold vertical striped curtains. So i would like the calligraphy done with these colours in mind as background n the wordings bold black letters .. Allah with yasin, alif laam meem, taha, hameem, arounnd. And if possible to include LA ILAHA ILLALLA MUHAMMADUN RASOOLILLAH.
    May Allah bless u all for giving us this opportunity.. ALHAMDULILLAH

  33. Masha Allah brother your work is amazing!! If I win insha Allah I would love a duaa for married couple, or shahada 🙂

  34. Hi,

    I am a revert to Islam. During my first year I spent a lot if time learning about Prophet Yusuf (pbuh). The life of Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) really interest me. In April I was blessed with my first child, I named him Yusuf.
    I would love a calligraphy that encompasses the name Yusuh and the first Ayat of surah Yusuf 12:1
    (Alif, Lam, Ra. These are the verses of the clear Book)

  35. Masha’allah, what amazing, and beautiful work. I would absolutely adore a crimson and gold canvas with Al Ikhlas

  36. Salam…stunning work mashallah…

    I would have loved the last aayat of surah al baqarah…or surah humaza..or the dua prophet musa made before meeting the Pharoah – surah taha 25-28…

    On a side note may Allah bless your hand .keep up the good work

  37. MashAllah you have a true gift.
    If I win I would like Surah Fatihah please and I will give it to my mother and father in Faisalabad next time I visit them from Australia InshAllah

  38. I would like “hasbunallahu wanaemal wakeel” engraving for my living space so that I’ll be reminded everytime I pass it that when Allah is with you, nothing is impossible.
    By the way, inspiring art work Zeeshan MashaAllah. It’s the exact kind of inspiration I need.

  39. Salam
    I would love to get ayat ul Kursi or a verse from Surah Rehman for my house. And then I’d probably order two more one for my daughters room and one for my baby due in December.
    I’ll inshallah order these regardless of whether I win the giveaway but it would be nice to get win one piece 🙂

  40. shaistha ahmed hoosen

    Slmz Mashallah on the extraordinary work. I would love something with the 99 names of Allah insha allah.

  41. Nazeer Sulaiman

    I would like Ayatul Kursi or the 99 names of Allah

  42. Wiesaal Kriel Sulaiman

    I would like ayatul kursi or the 99 names of Allah shukran

  43. MashaAllah beautiful work. What a gift from Allah. During these hard times I would love to have one of your desgins with the words for ‘patience is beautiful’ in arabic… (Sabroon Jameel) on da block to adorn my walls. JazakaAllahu Khair

  44. As salaamu Alaikum, I would love to have surah al rahman “which of my lords favor will you deny.” My favorite surah!!! In a variety of earth tones.

  45. We just moved into a new house where I take care of my elderly parents. They had done the Haj the year of the great fire and lost some luggage and islamic items they had bought for us. Anyway, we don’t have anything on the walls but i would like something simple like “La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah”. It would be nice to pass down to the kids so they remember who they are with this simple yet powerful statement, as we are quickly losing our kids to the western culture. Your artwork is beautiful.

  46. Ayesha choudhury

    I think it is important to have the 1st or the 2nd Kalimah as it is a declaration that no one in worth of worship but Allah alone and Mohammed (pbuh) is the last messenger of Allah. It is important to have that as a reminder at home for my children to acknowledge and also for those who entry my home (muslim/non muslim) know that I only submit to Allah swt alone

  47. I would love to give a gift of ayat from surah Rahman to my 3 years old who has already memorized 22 surahs and is memorizing surah Rehman now a days and to my 16 months old who always say amine once we recite any dua or surah Fatiha. I would love to get her a piece of calligraphy of surah al-asr as she recites few words from the surah.

  48. Naziya Akil Mujawar

    Assalam walekum, i would like to have ayatal kursi in brown and golden.

  49. Salaam, beautiful work MASHALLAH. would love to have ayat ul kursi

  50. If poss. Allah (swt) 99. Names…

  51. Beautiful work. I would like the Ayat ul kursi in kufi style in shades of green and blue.

  52. SubhanAllah – Magnificient !

    We moved to our new house just last year and would love to have a Ayatul Kursi , in calligraphy by you to adorn our walls !


  53. syed muhammad mohtasim

    I would love to have بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم with the intention to have blessings in my home.

  54. MashAllah what a nice work, its can make my home more energitic.

  55. This is amazing. I would like Allah’s name or my fav ayah from Surah Noor or Rehman

  56. Salam 3aleykoum i would like to receive Sourate Ad-Duhâ (93) in blue and silver, i faced a hard time but al hamdulillah this sourate help me a lot :).

  57. Asslam Walikum
    Mashallah May Allah (SWT) continue to shower his blessings on you and your amazing work!!! Amen!! If I could have anything I would like to request to have the Shadath written in ether the back and white or the gold and rust combination. In size I would like to have a larger canvas but a smaller one would be a blessing as well. Inshallah!!

  58. Salaam. Mr. Farooq’s art is very pretty!
    My family’s house survived a terrible fire last summer. subhanAllah, my father who was home at the time, got out, thanks to the fact he got up from bed to do wuuduu and thereby discovered the fire. Unfortunately, one cat died from smoke inhalation. Our house is still in the process of renovation and repair. I just finally moved back into my bedroom this month. If I win, I will commission a painting that is in a pale bright green color to represent the color of new growth, the color of Spring and renewal from the appearance of death, with white writing and pops of bright red and pale buttery yellow. I don’t know yet what verse I would want on it, probably a verse about the rain being sent down by Allah to revive the crops.
    I would love to have this painting to redecorate my newly fixed up room which still has bare walls.
    But I would love even more, for the lady who lost her husband 3 months after he bought them a house, to be the winner.

  59. Pas-Khaleel Abdul Salaam

    Assalamu ‘Alalikum.

    As a revert I would definitely like to own my first art piece to be the Shahada “the testimony”….maybe in black with gold script.


  60. Salam alejkum, your art is beautiful! If i win i would like ayatul kursi written in gold and blue background. ThAnk you.

  61. Mashallah mashallah .. UR work is wonderful…
    I ve been wanting to get something like this for a long time ..
    I would like something in borwn background with off white
    N verse from surname rehman

    (Inshallah of I won )

  62. I would love the ayat al kursi

  63. Assalamu alaikum, I would love to have ayatul kursi!

  64. Aoa, insh’Allah would love to have anything written beautifully in arabic calligraphy. JAK

  65. Mashallah love your work
    Would love to have ayat ul kursi in gold

  66. Iffath Zofishan

    Mashallah I love the work that you have done I would want the Surah al inshirah. I love the silver and purple combo maybe a bronze/copper with nice purple

  67. I am in love with Islam, Allah and it’s meaning. Allah will bless you in everything you do!!!!!
    I would love to have
    Allah is the most beneficent , the most merciful

    Please and thank you
    May Allah bless you, wife and 2 children

  68. Amazing work, thank you , I liked the word iqra in tow pcs in bright colors

  69. I would love to have bismillah for my dining area inshallah 🙂

  70. I would love to have my full name in a similar style to the first picture posted to this blog. What beautiful talent Mashallah.

  71. Assalamualyk such a beautiful work Masha Allah .I would like to have 99 names of Allah subhana wata’ala and prophet sallalahu alaihi wa sallam’s name’s in black background and golden words.

  72. Shabnam Mahmood

    ASAK. Masha’Allah what a talent! I’ve always been drawn to Ayat-ul-Kursi and would love to see how Br. Zeeshan could create this Ayat that would allow it to appear to “flow” from the frame throughout the house. Insha’Allah.

  73. I would love the ayatul kursi for my newborns bedroom!

  74. christina ahmed

    Salam, mashallah his work is beautiful, I would love a piece for my bedroom, I would ask for the shahada as I am a convert and it would remind me daily of the best decision I ever made.

  75. Nusaybah Jess Taylor

    I would love to have either the shahada are Bismillah on the canvase in red are black with gold. I would like to hang it in my home to show and remind all family and friends that I am a Muslim and proud

  76. This is beautiful work, may Allah reward you! I would love to see the verse 94:5 in calligraphy.

  77. As salaam alaikum,
    MashAllah amazing work done by brother Zeeshan Farooq. Islamic calligraphic art should be the heart and soul of art in modern day muslim home. Experienced artists like brother zeeshan and other budding artists should be encouraged in this field so islamic calligraphic gains popularity and becomes a part of every muslim home In sha Allah. JazakAllah khair ” my halal kitchen” for sharing such good work. As for my wish ………my wish is to get aytal kursi in gold color on a black background.
    JazakAllah khair and keep up the good work

  78. Salam, absolutely beautiful work! I would love to have the verse 4/5 from surah inshirah, “verily with hardship comes ease”. It is a beautiful reminder and promise from our Lord.

  79. I would love to have a bismillah or a shada inblack and gold on a white backgound for my living room

  80. I would love to get the chance to win a calligrafic shahada or ﷽
    As a convert raising my kids alone in Germany, it would be so great to lift the spirit by something so beautiful, reminding my kids of them fathers haritage.

  81. Mashallah!! Amazing! I would like something in English as well as Arabic about love and marriage. I have many Arabic pieces as well as English, but none together!

  82. Masha Allah! Such beautiful artwork! I would love to have an ayah from the Quran: Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” (13:28)

  83. MashAllah you are very talented….I would love to see SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah and Allah ho Akbar on one canvas.

  84. Mary Auker-Endres

    What beautiful work! I would love something about gentleness.

  85. I love calligraphy myself and in my life have given a thought many times to take it upset seriously. This is so inspirational. ALLAH’s verses His names His commandments are all so beautiful. I could have anything adorn my home my life but one verse that really stirs me, from Surah e Rahman … Translation is “Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both deny”

  86. This will be my 2nd time trying to win a beautiful artwork from this talented artist, inshallah

  87. Hi, I would love to win this fab prize, I’ve always wanted a piece of calligraphy artwork, not quite sure what I would have on it though – maybe a family verse or Allah bless this house & all who enter.

  88. All of your work is very beulautiful. I especially like the black on white. Any piece would be a blessing for our home.

  89. Sajedah Mahomed

    Beautiful artwork indeed! Masha Allah

    I would love the 4 Quls for our new home written in black and bronze with red, blue and turquoise accents. I’ve been hunting for a piece but nothing has caught my eye as yet 😉

  90. i m a huge fan of arabic calligraphy …i m a doctor and always with my books buzy studyng for my post graduation entrance exams….RABBI ZIDNI ‘ILMA which means O MY LORD INCREASE ME IN MY KNOWLEDGE quran 20:114 is the verse which i always recite when studyng….so i would love to have this verse beautifully calligraphed so that i can keep it near my study table and always look at it and recite the dua 🙂 in sha ALLAH

  91. May Allah increase your talent for the benefit of the ummah. I would like bismillah or Allahu Akbar on our living room wall as a reminder to keep Allah in our hearts and minds. May Allah reward you

  92. Salam,
    MashaALLAH very neat work. Barak-Allah fee-ilmik.
    I would like to get Ayat-an-Nur please.


  93. MashaAllah your work is beautiful. I would, inshaAllah, get a graduation present for my son with HasbiAllah, Verse 129, Chapter 9 in Arabic calligraphy with English translation.

  94. You have very nice pieces of art. I’d love something similar to the white canvas with black calligraphy.

  95. Your artwork is beautiful! I’d love one with a brown background and gold writing.

  96. I’d love to have one of these canvases in our home. All of them are gorgeous!

  97. Salaam!

    Great work!! I think the Basmallah in purple on the white canvas looked best, and that would be my choice! But, they are all amazing 🙂

  98. I am Christian and my husband is Muslim. We have a caligraphy of the 99 names of Allah above our bed. I would like “elwahab” because one of my favorite names of God is Jehovah Jireh – God the Provider. It is good to remember who provides all things when you lie down to sleep and when you wake up each day.

  99. I would love to have the newborn blocks for my son who is due to be born in December INSHALLAH

  100. I would really love to have a frame of Bismillah. Start evryday looking at it. Zeeshan , I must say work work too intricate and beautiful. Mashallah!

  101. Beautiful work..Masha-Allah! We are a young family with 2 kids and we have moved into our new home. I would love to have a frame of Ayatul Kursi to add blessing and barkat to our new home.

  102. Salam aleykum, beautiful work!. I would like to have 99 names of Allah, why? Well, I’m a Mexican Muslim girl, I grew up with a Muslim father, so different since I saw my world, I’m always trying to learn new things, it’s so hard to find Islamic things for me or even halal food. Sometimes it is so expensive and the economy of my country is not so good, so I started painting my own Islamic art obviously never went to any university or take any study Islamic calligraphy it’s complicated to find for me, and and I know these paintings creationz calligraphy are made with so much effort and love, just beautifu!,, it seems to me a great example and reminder to keep doing more and show this kind of art in my country, so I would have a piece of Islamic art, thanxs for sharing this amazing work. All artists Calligraphy please come to my country for an exhibition! May Allah bless you always.

  103. As a recent convert i would love a copy of the shahada on something small so that i can easily take it with me whilst travelling it would make everywhere feel more like home. Beautiful artwork 🙂

  104. As Salamualikum

    Insha Allaha I would love to have Ayat ul Kursi..

    Jazakallaha khair

  105. Who won? where are th results?

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