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Cooking Video with Halal Healthy | Making Baked Phyllo with Sauteed Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

Over the summer during the ISNA convention in Chicago I was invited by Don Tymchuck, Founder and President of Med-Diet Laboratories, Inc. to conduct cooking demonstrations at his company’s Halal Healthy booth. Halal Healthy is a division of Med-Diet , selling halal products such as entrees, seasonings and 7-day care packs for those who may not have time or the ability to cook or eat out, such as college students or the elderly. 

At their booth, I did two separate cooking demonstrations: one for Rice Paper Rolls with Shrimp & Mango and Baked Phyllo Cups with Sauteed Mushrooms & Warm Goat Cheese. They made videos of both, but the one that has been published so far is for the Phyllo Cups.

Enjoy- Bismillah and Bon Appetit!


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  1. Awesome!! Can’t wait for the next one up, and the recipe sounds yummmyyy… I’ll let you know when I try it, ia!

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