Cooking On the Farm with Saffron Road’s New Halal Lamb Broth + a Giveaway

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some of my snapshots last month where I traveled to an Elkhort, Wisconsin farm to conduct a cooking demo for the Chicago-based halal meat supplier Whole Earth Meats.

The event was called “Eid on the Farm” and it was a unique opportunity for families could come to enjoy the scenery, food and a tour of the farmlands where real animals reside and roam around freely.

The setting was absolutely beautiful. A bucolic countryside feeling, although a bit cold to be outside, everything surrounding us was picturesque.

It was kind of like all those photos you see of rustic-themed events you might find on Pinterest, though this was real life, happening in real time.

My backdrop for the event was gorgeous. An old barn to my side and another one in front of me. I set up my utensils and got ready to prep the food and practice my demo. It reminded me of my favorite cooking show, New Scandinavian Cooking where Tina Nordstrom and Andreas Viestad are often cooking wild fish and game in the outdoors. You could say I was thinking back to those programs for inspiration here.

I was given about a lot of meat from the udhiya (sacrificial meat from Eid ul Adha) to cook with for the demo, all from the farms of Whole Earth Meats. I decided ahead of time make something in the slow cooker, a popular dish that could be easily doubled, tripled or quadrupled. One dish that was getting a lot of attention was this lamb stew recipe inspired by a Libyan dish I read about which has chickpeas and pumpkin in it. It’s an absolute hit in my home and many readers have enjoyed it, too.

It was super easy to extend and make in large quantities so here I simply doubled it for a large crowd. The very special addition, however, was the wonderful new and highly unique product, Classic Culinary Lamb Broth, produced by Saffron Road. Not only is it rich and aromatic and comes from 100% vegetarian-fed antibiotic-free lamb. And it’s halal-certified, too.

I never thought I might miss using a stock or broth in a recipe, but in this one, it completely upgraded and enhanced the flavor that was already good and hearty. We also had some fun giveaways from Saffron Road for the outdoor audience, like bags of their wonderfully-seasoned crunchy chickpea snacks which are GMO-free. How unique is that?

Bone broth such as lamb offer unique minerals and vitamins to your food, particularly calcium which comes from the animal bones in it. It’s excellent for people trying to heal their bodies from a bone break, for example, but it’s just wonderful for overall health. I love how much information about traditional foods that the Weston A. Price Foundation provides on this topic, as bone broth was an essential food for so many cultures worldwide and most gave huge importance and appreciation for this food, whether it came from lamb, beef, chicken, fish or other animals.

Because I like this product so much, I want to encourage you to try it, as well. I’m giving away coupons to the first 20 people who comment in response to my question at the end of this post. You’ll be contacted to get your mailing address and sent the coupons straight away.

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, November 26, 2013. Please see our giveaway guidelines for details.

What type of entertaining or party dish would you make with the unique Saffron Road lamb product? Give us as much juicy detail as possible (pun intended)!

20 thoughts on “Cooking On the Farm with Saffron Road’s New Halal Lamb Broth + a Giveaway

  1. For a dinner part, lamb stew during the winter would be nice. For everyday, even just having the broth with pieces of celery, onion, and carrot would be nice.
    For Ramadan, lamb broth and fava beans would be a wonderful meal to break your fast with.

  2. I think I would try a lamb stew with it. My husband is always trying to get me to make lamb, and up until now I’ve balked. But the Saffron Road products are really good, so I think that is the direction I would go (unless someone recommended me a totally awesome recipe to try instead!). 🙂

  3. I would make some lamb chops with the broth. It would enhance the flavor of the meat and result in a melt in your mouth meal. I would add some jalapeño mashed potatoes and crunchy salad with mixed greens.

  4. I would snack on chick peas while I am cooking lamb shank with the lamb broth, how wonderful would it be

  5. My husband really likes lamb shanks and lamb stew. Using the lamb broth would really add to the wonderful flavor of the dish. I also like chili but have never used lamb in a chili dish, but I would love to try it.

  6. Wow, perfect timing for this post! I was just at Whole Foods the other day looking at the lamb broth and came home to google some recipes! There is a White Bean and Lamb Soup recipe on Allrecipes . com that I saw that sounded good, though of course would sub the lamb broth for the chicken broth 🙂 Yum!

    (PS: Sorry if this is a double post – When I submitted it early today it didn’t seem like it went through. Wasn’t sure if there was an issue or if it was still waiting to be approved)

  7. I think I would use it to make a sticky creamy rice. You sautee some onion and garlic. Then brown the rice with a little butter. Then you gradually add the brother stirring constantly. I think it would be delicious! Thanks for urging me to think! lol

  8. I would definetly try the lamb stew with pumpkin and chickpeas that you suggested. The recipe kind of reminded me of a Morrocan stew my neighbor sent me the other day, the kids loved it and I’m sure they would like this one. It would be perfect for this weather.

  9. I would love to try the lamb broth and thank you giving the chance for us to try this broth. I am going to use this broth to make lamb rice and beef stew with acorn squash.

  10. I would like to make lamb pulao (spicylamb rice)with yougurt raita and salad or I will use it in making oats soup with mixed vegetables and meat in it or lamb stew yummmmm

  11. I would make a rice pilaf with this, instead of water. I think it would be a good, delicious addition to a meal!

    Loved your photos of the event!

  12. I would use the broth to make mix vegetable pulao, to give it a rich flavor. I would also use it for my favorite beef noodles!!

  13. I would use the broth to make a delicious Chinese fried rice (the rice will be cook in the broth which will give the rice a full-bodied flavor); A soup make with this broth would complement the very special dinner!

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