Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking by Farhana Sahibzada: Cookbook Review & Giveaway

One of the most amazing things about Indian and Pakistani food is the endless variety of delicious dishes at your disposal once you learn the foundation of flavors used in the cuisine overall. Nearly a dozen dishes can be made out of a single food item, and yet the taste is unique to that part of the world. The downside for novice cooks to this type of cuisine is that it can seem a bit intimidating at first. With Farhana Sahibzada’s cookbook Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/(Pakistani) Cooking any cook will have the perfect tool to practice and learn with east. With an extensive background in teaching cooking, Farhana manages to demystify the entire process with her cookbook, making it doable for even the most amateur of cooks.

Her cookbook not only has a ton of great recipes for common (i.e. samosas and mango lassi) and not so common fare, but it also comes with surefire tips to make the experience of cooking Indian/Pakistani food a smooth and easy process as possible. The book lacks pictures of the finished products, which may make it more difficult for those who have never seen the dishes before, but her detailed instructions, explanations of spices and great tips are more than enough to make up for that. Besides, you’ll be busy reading her shortcuts that make the experience simpler and inspire confidence in your cooking of this type of cuisine.  

For those of you who are not familiar with the Indian/Pakistani culture, Farhana provides a little personal history for each of the dishes, highlighting occasions when the dish is generally served. With food being a primary part of the culture, this cookbook does a great job of tying in both. If you ever thought cooking Indian/Pakistani food was lengthy and difficult or you know someone who really wants to learn more about this type of cuisine, it could just be a perfect gift! 

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38 thoughts on “Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking by Farhana Sahibzada: Cookbook Review & Giveaway

  1. Even though I’m quite familiar with the cuisine- learning some new recipes and shortcuts will be boost my confidence in my cooking skills!

  2. I love curry dishes but am intimidated to try and make them at home, it would be amazing to learn how to cook some Indian dishes at home.

  3. Asalam Alaikum everyone.
    I would love to win this pakistani Indian receipie book. I know basic of cooking which get better each time I try new receipie. Eating halal is hard with if some one doesn’t know to cook themselves.

  4. I love cooking and would love to explore these recipes! As a new muslim, I would love to learn more options for halal meals that I can prepare for my whole family.

  5. i was in Pakistan last year to get married!!!! I loved the foods and it would be wonderful to be able to cook authentic meals for my husband a peace of home.

  6. Assalamu alaikum,
    As a mom of a two year old and half way through a PhD in physics my life is a hectic make matters worse my husband eats only authentic Indian/pakistani food…
    No ordering a pizza after putting in a 12 hour day at the lab for me…
    This book will make my life easier..
    I hope I win it..

  7. I’d love to learn great Indian and Pakistani dishes from scratch! I’ve been using Premade spice mixes, which are ok – but nothing compares to creating these tasty dishes at home with authentic techniques and recipes! Looks like a great find!

  8. I cook my meals at home every day and It will be great to wi this book. It will help me a lot to prepare the delicious Indian and Pakistanis dishes that I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv.

  9. This looks like a great book! I’ve been in school since I got married, just finished my doctorate, work full time and have a baby on the way, inshallah! This would be a wonderful way to learn traditional cooking for people on the go!

  10. This book looks great! I cook everyday, and tricks and tips would diffently help out. My husband is from Pakistan, and the more receipes I have the better.

  11. My mom-in-law is a great cook and it is tough to fill in her shoes or even come close to it =)
    It would be nice to have some EASY recipes that I can impress my family with. My family strongly prefers home cooked Pakistani food and as a working mom of young kids, I don’t have time to improve my skills or make anything new/interesting/time consuming.

  12. My husband refuses to eat anything other than his native Pakistani cuisine. He complains that I don’t do a good job of making his traditional dishes. My problem is lack of ability to focus. I have a very active 4 year old boy and I’m the only one keeping watch on him. Standing for hours at the stove is really not an option for me, especially since this old house does not have clear sight lines into the living room, which means I must frequently abandon the cooking at the stove to walk into the other room and check on my son. I really need this cookbook for the shortcuts and tips, and because I cannot afford it on my own.

  13. I love cooking Indian/Pakistani food, but with a 6 month old it has become harder to find the time. Knowing shortcuts would be a great help!

  14. I would love to learn shortcuts. I don’t try too many new dishes especially those which take a long time. So shortcuts is definitely the answer for me. My husband and kids love to eat (and so do I). I’m not really that good at desi cuisine, so hoping to win the giveaway.

  15. As a physician in training, I have limited time for cooking.I’m always looking for easier recipes made non Shan-masala style, looking forward to learning from it

  16. It would give me some great
    New recipes and ideas for cooking Pakistani food for my sweet husband. It would be a great gift to have! These recipes sound amazing! Hope to try them soon.

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