The Wonderful Intellibed Pillow

As adults, I think we have all been told plenty of times that in order to stay healthy, maintain a proper weight and function on a daily basis that we need a solid 8 hours of sleep every night. Yet as usual, theory is often incongruent with the modern realities of life. Being required to … Read more

The Mad Mamluks Podcast Interview

Recently I was interviewed to be on the fairly new podcast called The Mad Mamluks. It was a really fun time being asked a lot of food related questions by the three talented and animated brothers who started it and produce it: Amir Saeed, a scholar of Shariah from Al-Azhar University; Syed Imran Muneer (aka: SIM), an IT … Read more

Noor Couture’s Emerge Fashion Event

My friend and colleague in the halal industry, Noor Church, is hosting a very special event today- the Emerge Fashion Event by Noor Couture. I’m so excited to go because I love her clothes, wear them often and feel they’re perfect for the modern and fashionable business woman. At the event, she will be launching … Read more

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