20 Must-Have Items to Stock at Home for Disaster Preparedness

Like much of the country recently, I’ve been glued to the television to find out every detail possible about Hurricane Sandy’s devastating effects on the East Coast and how everyone has been faring throughout. I’ve been reaching out to family, friends and colleagues in order to keep abreast of the situation we might not be seeing in the media. So far, so good, alhamdullilah (thank God) in that they are all safe and sound, albeit a bit shaken up by such events. I know so many other people have not had such an outcome and my heart goes out to them.

Niagara, New York

One thing that is a bit disheartening is the lack of coverage in so many other places such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and my home state of Ohio where there are still people without power and heat and many areas are completely devastated and suffered loss of life. Let’s not forget them, either.  

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Honey as an Endangered Food Source

I wrote an extensive article about how important and endangered our honeybees and our honey is to us both historically as well as in today’s world. This article was just published in the new brand new magazine for Muslim women called Jenan, which is beautifully done.

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Clean Your Kitchen Green- My New Book is Coming Soon!

I’m so excited to be able to talk about my new pocket-size book on green cleaning! After numerous edits and an incredibly patient and talented designer, it’s finally at the printer doing its first run in print format. For those of you who purchased my Spring Cleaning E-book in the past, this is a much more … Read more

Family Farmed Expo in Chicago

I have to admit, I’ve been really glued to the television and any news media outlet to catch updates on the situation in Japan.  It was hard for me to write about food or develop recipes when all I could think about was the hardship and suffering of the Japanese people and how the nuclear radiation could affect the entire world.  Currently, they are even running out of bottled water as radiation has leaked into the tap water as far away from the failed nuclear reactors as Tokyo.  Radiation has been detected in spinach and even in their milk supply.  I haven’t even heard about radiation levels in the fish and other marine life—I don’t want to think about it.  The first focus is on the people themselves—how will this affect the people of Japan, its neighbors and the rest of the world?

Last Friday and Saturday I had an incredible two days attending the Family Farmed Expo: Good Food, Good Know-How, Good Fun right here in Chicago at the UIC Forum. I needed the break in my daily routine and wanted to be surrounded by people who are doing something to change the tide of our national {and global} food crisis by providing alternatives to dependency on unsustainable farming and consumption habits. This was definitely the place to be for that.

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