Standing Grater

This tool is something that belongs in every household kitchen. It can be used to grate cheese, vegetables like carrots or zucchini, onions (to produce onion juice for some recipes) and more. Some of the ridges are fine, other parts of the grater have small holes particularly useful for cheese. Just be careful not to … Read more

Citrus Presses

Most of us don’t think about having citrus fruits in the winter as eating seasonally, but the fact is that somewhere from November to February (late fall thru the winter) juicy lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges are in season–in warm places throughout the world such as Florida, California and even some parts of Arizona.

To extract the juices there are a variety of presses you can use to collect the liquid and strain the seeds and pulp. They’re also eco-friendly and easy to clean.

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Five of My Favorite Useful Things | My Halal Kitchen

5 of My New Favorite Things for the Kitchen

I’ve been gifted a few things recently that I love so much and really want to share with all of you. They make great gifts because not only are they cute and clever, they’re useful and beneficial, too.
Microfiber Dish Cloths. These no-name dish cloths are not only so incredibly cute in color and pattern, they’re awesome to use. They’re super absorbent, quick to dry and you can just throw them in the wash to reuse them over and over again. At four in a pack, each cloth is 12 in. x 12 in. (30 cm x 30 cm) in size. Available at various Marc’s Stores.

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Vintage Kitchen Finds

I’m just crazy over vintage kitchen things. Though I’m not too fond of gadgets that clutter up the kitchen, I love anything that’s useful and sturdy.

I love a good thrift store, garage sale, estate sale or flea market. I love the weight of old things.

Ever notice how things made long ago are {still} sturdier than the things we have now?  Of course most kitchen gadgets today are made with lightweight materials like plastic or silicone. Sure, they look nice and make our lives seem easier, but there’s character to things from an era gone by. The colors are fun and vibrant, the sayings on towels and magnets are quirky; they just seem to resonate a more earthy presence and more time spent in the kitchen.

But wait– isn’t the kitchen what every woman wanted to escape?

Now vintage items are all the rage, not just kitchen vintage. Just take a look at and you’ll see how much interest there is in retro clothing, decor and yes, kitchenware. Don’t throw away those old Mason jars- they’re worth something to people like me…

Since flea market and garage sale season are over right now in cold climates (though I have seen some estate sales), thrift stores and online shopping are great ways to get deals on vintage items, especially during a snowstorm like the one we’re having now in the Midwest.

Though there’s more from my kitchen I need to photograph, I thought I’d share with you a couple of my favorite vintage kitchen finds, where you can get yours and some tips on shopping for the best deals.

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Halal Kitchen Measuring Spoons

These measuring spoons are a big hit with cooks! In the signature lime color of My Halal Kitchen, not only are they easy to find in your kitchen, they’re also practical and easy to use: each spoon measures 1 Tablespoon on one end and 1 Teaspoon  on the other. You don’t have to spend too much … Read more

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