Substitutes for Alcohol in Baking

Using alcohol in baking is widely done in many types of desserts, but there is a wonderful array of very good quality substitutes that are alcohol-free. For general substitutes, refer to the chart below. A PDF version is available at the end of this post. PDF Version Available Here

Substitutes for Alcohol in Cooking

Although it may be debatable to some whether or not alcohol really does burn-off in cooking, the issue remains to be something many people simply leave to the scientific facts and then decide what they’ll do about it once they know more. Check out this alcohol burn-off chart for more info on that.  The MHK chart below … Read more

Substitutes for Pork in Cooking

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions related to halal cooking- how do you substitute pork in so many recipes where it’s a classic ingredient in other cuisines?  Well, throughout the site I hope you’ll see just how that’s done, but  for purposes of quick reference, you can take a look at … Read more

Halal Pepperoni Pizza Bread

I love Fridays and for some reason I’m always craving pizza on Friday evenings. Maybe it’s the comfort food factor or the fact that it just seems so easy to prepare, at least if you’re not doing everything from scratch. So, you’ll be relieved to find this recipe for a semi-homemade pizza bread that you can make quite easily and without a lot of mess. If you have the homemade bread and sauce already done, you’ll be really proud of yourself; if not, no worries- it’s still a great quick meal, alongside a nice salad, of course.

I’m also happy to report that this recipe calls for using a halal, certified-organic pepperoni that does not have nitrates- super hard to find!  I have steered clear of nitrites in my food (mostly found in processed meats like hot dogs, salami and pepperoni) for a very long time because I had read way too many unhealthy facts about them. Now, researchers have recently published information that indicates a link between sausage and cancer, or basically foods with nitrites and their link to cancer. Alhamdullilah (thank God) for companies like Whole Earth Meats who are trying so hard to bring us halal, organic and chemical-free food. The least we can do back is to show our support by purchasing their products and spreading the word about them to others- anyone interested in eating better and knowing more about the origins of their food.

I used halal, organic beef pepperoni by Whole Earth Meats, shredded mozzarella from Trader Joe’s, and Pomi tomato sauce by Parmalat

Read more

Homemade Sofrito and Recaito

If you come from a Puerto Rican family, you understand that Goya products are permanent fixtures in our kitchen cabinets- without them it seems like a part of the family is missing. Why are we so dependent on them? Maybe it’s because Goya is one of the few brands on the market completely catering to an Hispanic consumer … Read more

Stuffed Tortellini Recipe Gets a Halal Substitute

Today I learned more about a renowned food writer, Marcella Hazan, than I had known before.  She appeared today on the Martha Stewart Show preparing a Tortelloni Stuffed with Swiss Chard, Prosciutto and Ricotta served with a heavy cream tomato sauce. She also talked about her new book, Amarcord: Marcella Remembers, available online. The base of … Read more

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