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Capturing Ramadan in Photos

Photographing Ramadan traditions around the world is a genius idea- what a way to educate, inform and inspire. I’m so glad much of it was captured through a competition called ‘Capture the Spirit of Ramadan’. Have you seen? 

It took us on journeys to far away places where we could view amazing images of Ramadan traditions and Islamic culture around the world.  

The “Capture the Spirit of Ramadan” International Photography Competition™ is a unique and unprecedented 30-day visual celebration that aims to educate and enlighten thousands of viewers around the world as photos are shared every day during the holy month. The competition showcases the skills and imagination of talented photographers from around the world as they share their cooking techniques and personal anecdotes about cultural and religious traditions during Ramadan.

Adopted as an annual social responsibility project by StudioBasel, an Arab-American creative arts firm, the IRPC envisions a long-term sustainable competition that will help support both seasoned and budding photographers throughout the Muslim world by giving them international exposure and at the same time offering a new positive image about Islam. In its first year, the IRPC attracted over 25,000 photographers and photography fans worldwide with over 1000 unique photo entries from 40 countries.

This year the amount of fans has nearly doubled and the amount of photo entries have tripled. The weekly photo albums are worth a browse. Be sure to follow the page to hear about the Grand Prize Jury Award winners that will be announced on October 1st. Here are the Viewer’s Choice Award Winners that were announced recently: 1st Place photo of Al Aqsa by Mohammed Dweik; 2nd Place: El Hussein, Cairo by Maha Hussein; 3rd Place East Bekasi, Indonesia by Nabila Khonsyah.

If this is your first time hearing about it you can have a look at their website here and at the beautiful photos on their Facebook page.

Which photo is your favorite?

Article text and all photos courtesy of StudioBasel, copyright Capture the Spirit of Ramadan IRPC 2012.

First collage- clockwise from large photo:

Photo by Robertus Pudyanto is of an assortment of Indonesian sweet and savory Ramadan specialties; Photo by Sabrina Abdelrahim- Serbia; Photo by Reem Faruqi, USA; Photo by Suhayla Suleman, USA; Photo by Zaynab Dieynaba-Diao, France; Photo by Tugba Yilmaz, Turkey; Photo by Saleh A. Raheem, USA (this is also another name for gaimat or luquaimat or awamma as its known in the Levant).

Second collage, beginning from the top left and indicated by row:

First row: Photo by Ermin Redzic, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Photo by Busra Yesilova, Turkey; Photo by Shofan Kurniawan, Indonesia, it shows raw grasshoppers which is eaten as a delicacy in Indonesia and many parts of Asia and the Middle East.

Second Row: Photo by Ayesha Bokhary, USA; Photo by Crisanto Fuentes, Dates in the UAE; Photo by Kailash Mittal- India;

Third Row: Photo by Ahmed Anwar- street food in Indian, mutton kebabs; Photo by Abir Arous is of A grandmother making homemade couscous; Photo by Mariam Abdulwhab- Canada.


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