No-Bake Sweets by Saffron Road- Some of My New Favorite Things

I have to admit that when I first saw the new dessert cups by Saffron Road, I had a few thoughts, or assumptions rather- they’re adorable, they’re phyllo cups so they must be interesting and they’ll probably take about 10-12 minutes to bake in the oven, assuming they’re a frozen product.

I was wrong about the last part. I couldn’t believe that these go from freezer to serving in just twenty minutes, without any baking!

Seriously, how easy could that be? And the flavors are so unique, I’m getting more and more interested to see what else this halal food company comes up with. Have you seen some of their unique products coming out lately? They’re just what a halal home cook needs to make delicious food for entertaining and ready-made goods that just make your life and entertaining a wee bit easier (okay, a lot easier).

Let’s talk about the unique flavors and spices in these dessert cups.

boxes of tarts

Thy’re all so different, but so very good. The one thing I have to say about their products is that when they indicate there’s an ingredient in them, you really can taste it. For example, the Kashmiri Lemon Ginger is something I can tell really has ginger, real ginger, in it. I’m actually not a fan of ginger because it reminds me of tea that I make only when I don’t feel well, but it’s so good for you that I will have just about anything with ginger in it.  So can we say it’s a dessert that’s good for you, perhaps?

The Chocolate Coconut Cheesecake is made with Fair Trade Chocolate– it’s how ethical and sustainable businesses run and I’m proud fo a halal company doing just that with our desserts, thank you very much. And yes, it is good.

By far my favorite was the Salted Caramel Cheesecake. It’s name exudes gourmet baking and something every foodie would enjoy. If you know a foodie and are looking for a gift, I think this is it. Seriously. Just get him/her a box and sit back and watch. You’ll thank me later.

Now because I cook and write for a living, alhamdullilah, I couldn’t resist adding a little something to these dessert tarts (I’ve been calling them cups, but they really are tarts). When I see caramel or chocolate in any dessert already made, for some reason I can’t resist the urge to add more. Not that the product needs it, but it’s just really fun to do, eat and enjoy.

So I played around a bit with each kind and added a bit of caramel (which you can find a recipe for in my cookbook) and chocolate, not the hot fudge type, which would have been nice, but just a pouring chocolate that you can get in any grocery (there’s also a recipe for it in my cookbook).

The tarts look pretty and decorative this way so I would do it when guests are coming over or to simply feel a little decadent all by myself eating them.

Which is totally okay, just so you know. In case you were wondering if I do that, why yes I do…

sr cups with chocolate on top

So when you’ve cleared out the box, just know that the tray package inside is not just easy to clean and recyclable, but I think it’s also reusable. I would use it as a chocolate mold (refrigerator only), not freezer because it may crack. I haven’t tried that yet but they do look similar to chocolate molds found in craft stores and worth a try. Let me know if you use it for that.

So do you want to try these? Leave a comment below and I’ll pick a select number of those who comment and send you out some coupons!  Please read the guidelines first and you must be a subscriber of my newsletter to be eligible. If you’re not already, you can go to the homepage to sign up (top right hand corner). Insha’allah, in the future it will be coming out more regularly and showcase highlights from site and my blog so you won’t miss anything important.

Giveaway ends on Turkey Day  (USA).


15 thoughts on “No-Bake Sweets by Saffron Road- Some of My New Favorite Things

  1. These look great but probably wouldn’t be able to try these without a coupon…we’re on a budget! 🙂 Can wait to try these, hope I get the coupons!

  2. I love to try these desserts, specially the chocolate coconut cheesecakes, hope to find them at my local whole food store.

  3. Salaam sister! With the kind of sweet tooth that runs in my family, you can probably imagine how divine these little tarts sound! Especially since I think it’s a great fusion of two things that we love-baklava and cheesecake! Just the kind of taste I’d love to entertain my guests with! After all, who said you can’t steal a bite when they’re around?! 😉

  4. Wow! Awesome idea and look so tasty! And you can reuse the aluminum tray it comes in! Tried Saffron Road’s tandoori chicken nuggets and tenders and they were good! But we love their chick pea snacks – all the flavors were tasty. Now they have something new to try. Whole Foods will surely have it but wish we could find their products in other stores closer to home!

  5. I love Saffron Road, the company, AND all of their products. And I would not have heard of them if it weren’t for MHK ! Happy Turkey Day!

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