How to Avoid Wrinkles Without Ironing Your Clothes

I am not a fan of ironing. It takes time, makes me feel hot and just simply doesn’t fit into my busy lifestyle, so I do it rarely.  How do I avoid it so much? 

As soon as the washing cycle is done with the clothes that most likely will wrinkle easiest, I remove everything and hang them up immediately. If you wait too long, wrinkles begin to take shape. What I do instead is keep hangers on hand and quickly start to find a place for them to air dry, sometimes even hanging them upside down if they are a heavier fabric like cotton.  As the fabric dries, the creases will straighten out. It may or may not always be perfect, but the wrinkles will surely be minimized. Now that, I can deal with…

4 thoughts on “How to Avoid Wrinkles Without Ironing Your Clothes

  1. Not an iron girl either. I also use steamer and never use tue tumble dryer as it wrinkles everything. Life is so much easier and enjoyable 🙂

    • hey, are you from lithuania? 🙂 i had a friend from there once and she taught me a few words like ‘labas’ 🙂

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