April-Showers-Bring-May-Flowers Pot Pens

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As the rainy spring season comes to an end, we are welcomed with more sunshine and blooming plants! Spring has to be my favorite season – so full of life. It brings cheers and smiles on peoples faces as the weather warms up and summer is near. So what is a better way to share the happiness than to make a cheery flower pot pen craft and gift it to someone special!

The school year is coming to an end so this would make a great teacher appreciation gift. It’s simple enough to make with a child and could be given to your favorite teacher, office secretary or principal. Of course, anyone who loves pretty stationery could appreciate a happy gift like this one, too!

So let’s get started…

You would need:


  • flower pot
  • gardening foam
  • green masking tape (or green gardener’s tape)
  • a pack of pens
  • scissors
  • gift wrapping tissue, various colours 
  • knife (optional)

Most of these materials are inexpensive and can be found at your local dollar store or department store. You can feel free to get fancy with the flower pot depending on your preference. If you want to be extra creative, you can get printed or glittery tissue. 

First, using a knife, carefully carve the gardening foam so it fits neatly inside the flower pot. 

Next, wrap the shaft of your pens with green tape starting from the end. Leave about 1.5″ exposed from the tip of the pen. Repeat with all the pens.

Once complete, the pens should look like this. These will be the stems of the flowers!

Cut the tissues into 4″ x 15″ strips. Then make accordi0n folds lengthwise and cut the top into a petal shape as seen in the photo. 

Open the tissue folds and pair them up into various combinations of colors. These will make the petals of the flowers.

Carefully gather the tissue around the end of the pen and secure by wrapping the end with a piece of 3″ tape. Repeat with all the pens.

Once the flowers are complete, your pens should look like this!

Lastly, gently insert your pens into the foam in your flower pot. Make sure they are evenly distributed throughout. 

And there you have it – a beautiful flower pot full of pens! Wrap this in shiny cellophane and a pretty gift tag, and it’s ready to put a smile one someone’s face. 

Who else would you make this colorful flower pot pens for?  


Sobia Hussain is a professional soap artisan who runs The Olive Tree Soap Company located in Toronto, Canada. She creates vegan natural soaps and skincare products with an eco-conscience. She is also a writer for various international publications. Sobia loves teaching creative Discovery Workshops designed to help children discover their inner talents and inspire creativity through explorations in art and science.

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