I love pomegranates and I love mangos but if you notice there are hardly any cosmetic products that have these scents in them. Once you open up this container of GLOW’s Pomegranate Mango, you’ll wonder why this wasn’t on shelves earlier!

For those of you who follow us, you’ll know that we have been giving away monthly product so you can try them, too. 

Enter to win this month’s giveaway of GLOW Organic’s Pomegranate Mango by simply leaving a comment about how you feel about fruity scents in your creams and lotions. Do you like these smells? If not, why? If yes, what other scents are your favorites?

We’ll choose one randomly-selected winner from the entry of relevant comments. Giveaway ends on April 23, 2017. You can read our giveaway guidelines here

If you simply can’t wait for the giveaway or just want to get a gift for someone, you can find the other GLOW products (Lavender Lush, Peppermint and Japanese Cherry Blossom) on GLowMoisturizer.com OR shop for the products in our new online store, My Halal Market

Don’t forget to follow Glow on Facebook and Instagram, too. 

Best wishes!

To read more about the owner and entrepreneur behind GLOW, Safiya Morgan, read my interview with her here

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  1. I love fruity smells in my lotions and body products like mango, citrus, peach

  2. I hope I will get it. In shaa Allah

  3. I hope I will get it. In shaa Allah

  4. I hope I will get it. In shaa Allah sorry sent it to quick. I like fruity smells remaind s me off summer for some reason. But I like oud parfumes too. One of my favorite

  5. I used to get the pomegranate scented creams from The Body Shop as i found them to smell absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately that line was discontinued. I’m sure Glow would be an even better replacement!

  6. I do love fruity scents in creams! And I also like lemon, lavender, and combinations!

  7. Been a big fan for fruity scents! Cant wait to try this for my summer fruity time

  8. Saman Rahimullah

    I do like mango, strawberry types of fruity smells in my lotions and shampoos but don’t like citrusy smells in them. I am more of a floral smell person and loves jasmine, lavender and rose.

  9. I love the fruity smells and I also love the smells that are like Little spicy:)

  10. Salaam just saw this on fb and decided to comment, missing u Yvonne Apie! It would be nice to win this moisturizer too

  11. I love the fresh smell of fruits, so natural and invigorating. Cherry Blossom has always been a favorite.

  12. It depends on the scent. I like mango, peach, strawberry. Some fruity scents are energizing. Some calming.

  13. I enjoy these scents in any cosmetics I use. They are good aromatherapy!

  14. 1641 Abbey Ct

  15. I love fruity smells in my cosmetics. It makes me feel fresh and awake.

  16. 227 W 2nd Ave

  17. I love the scent of raspberry and also orange. I wonder what they would smell like together! I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

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