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5 Ways to Host an ‘Eidpalooza

I’m delighted to introduce you to a local Chicago woman who is doing some fabulous and unique things to help people celebrate   special occasions or take business branding ‘Up a Notch’. She ships her personalized party favors across the country in creative wrapping, and in this post Kiran Ansari offers tips on how to really bring life to ‘Eid parties this year. 

Decorative, Customized Party Favors by Up A Notch 

With an ounce of planning and a dash of creativity, you can turn an ordinary Eid gathering into an Eidpalooza for the children – and rightly so. Growing up in countries where they see such a hoopla surrounding Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween, our children are entitled to have some fun on Eid instead of being dragged from one house to another where they are plopped in front of the television in the basement.

Throwing a great Eid party does not need to be extravagant or over the top, and technically it shouldn’t be as it would contradict with the spirit of Eid that marks the end of a month of fasting or the completion of Hajj.

Gone are the days when a bunch of immigrant families got together at a park to celebrate Eid. Second and third generation American Muslims want to add a little pizzazz to their celebrations and here are five ways you can add that oomph.

1. Pick a Theme

Pick a theme for the Eid party as early as possible so that you have all your ducks in a row before Ramadan. You could go with the classic moon theme by decorating the home with crescent string lights, cutting up fruit, sandwiches and brownies with crescent cookie cutters and jazz up goody bags and table covers with crescent rubber stamps or punches.  You could also choose décor with simple geometric designs  or learn about a new country like Morocco or Turkey to put a twist on your Eid party. Since Eid does not translate into any one specific color, you can choose from a wide palette of colors.

2. Create Save the Date Invites

Send your neighbors and friends invites to your ‘Eid party by wrapping a box of dates. You get the reward for sharing dates for Iftar plus they remember the date of your party.

3. Put An ‘Eid Spin on Party Games

Try out Pin the Dome on the Masjid, Bingo with Arabic numbers or a scavenger hunt with Eid-themed things (like henna, masjid, presents) as creative ways to take party games to another level.

4. Make Centerpieces and Décor  

Even if you are not planning a huge bash, decorating the home with the kids for ‘Eid helps keep the spirit of ‘Eid alive and makes the fun last longer. Look for paper flowers to make at your local craft store or watch videos on YouTube on how you can use duct tape or recycled materials to decorate the home. Simple streamers and “Eid countdown” paper chains can keep kids busy during Ramadan and make them look forward to ‘Eid.

5. Give out Party Favors

No party is complete without the kids taking home a goody bag full of tiny toys and candy. Take your ‘Eid party favors Up A Notch  this year by personalizing the wrappers with your children’s or family’s names. It’s also a cost effective and creative way to share ‘Eid with neighbors, classmates, coworkers and just about anyone.

The objective of throwing an Eid party is not about how expensive your china is or how elaborate the menu was. It’s about celebrating with loved ones and creating memories for your kids. After all, isn’t that what ‘Eid is all about?



You could win 25 candy bar wrappers (or 50 mini wrappers) with YOUR name or personal message. Choose from scores of designs on the Facebook page. Shipped free anywhere in the United States. Questions? Contact:

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 What is the one way you are doing ‘Eid different than you or your family have done in the past? If this is your first ‘Eid, how are you planning to make it special?


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  1. Wooow mashallah, I never thought of doing something like this for Eid. Thank you soo much for the ideas. My kids and I are definitely going to do something different this year, again thank you.

  2. We are going to make small homemade gifts for friends, family and one another. We also make good use of our Ramadan board, by reading relevant ayahs and hadith and having family discussions.

  3. Involving kids in making Eid specific decorations so they can have fun while retaining the spirit of Eid.

  4. Ths Eid my family and I plan to spend the whole day together. Usually we are so busy at masjid functions it should be fun to enjoy eatchothers company.

  5. We live in a community with no kids eid celebration :(
    This year a bunch of friends is organizing a big eid party for all the children!
    We would love to use the candy wrappers! Thank you for this post!

  6. Salaam! InshAllah we will be doing a new activity this year to conclude our blessed month of Ramadan. The night before Eid we will be packing sandwiches and packing them in lunch bags to feed the homeless through one of our city’s organizations. So as a family we will be making these and passing them out after Eid prayer inshAllah. It’s our way of showing gratitude to Allah swt for all the blessings and barakah He has continuously placed in our lives and to teach our children and remind our own selves to care for your own community and those less fortunate (As taught by our believed Prophet Muhammad(S)). :)

  7. Here at Monash Malaysia, though we observe the festival, my Middle Eastern friends clearly can’t go home considering we will only have a couple of days off for Eid. Perhaps we hostel students would simply get together for an Eid potluck like we do for other festivals (Chinese New Year, mid-autumn festival, Deepavali…).

  8. We are doing Eid with classmates with my kids. We are used to school halloween, christmas and easter celebrations…so why can’t we share the joy of Eid too? Since school starts a few days before Eid, we make eco friendly goody bags for the kids in my son’s class … and that makes the first few days of school a little more fun! We also make our own decorations and last year we made cookies and shipped them out to friends and family in the US to connect us even if we can’t enjoy Eid together. Eid without my kids is just boring. Alhamdulillah I have them!

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